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13 February 4th, 2011 Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper and other soap legends on Oprah Wednesday!

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So now it’s all making sense, right? The fantastic Oprah Show was looking for the ultimate soap fans on their website earlier last week, and now it has been announced that on the February 9th edition of The Oprah Winfrey Show that many soap opera legends will be her guests, with a full hour devoted to the soaps!

Leading the list of names is none other than The Young and the Restless, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor), but tonight we are also hearing that All My Children’s, Susan Lucci (Erica), Darnell Williams (Jesse) Debbi Morgan (Angie) and Michael E. Knight (Tad) will also be part of the special episode.

If that’s not enough, there is more big news.  We are hearing that General Hospital’s Tony Geary and Genie Francis (Luke and Laura) will be re-united on Wednesday’s soap-studded line-up as well! Make sure to check times and local listings in your area! It’s all to much for us soapers to take!

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  1. Sally says:

    How about Victoria Wyndam, Erika Slezak, Kim Zimmer, Deidre Hall, David Canary, Suzanne Rogers Susan Flannery, and Eileen Fulton.

    I wish all the soaps would take a cue from OLTL. Vicky, Dorian and Echo are so enjoyable to watch. I can’t get enough There is something to be said for talent.


  2. mmc says:

    I hope they have some of ATWT Vets like Larry Bryggman,, Don Hastings,, Kathryn Hays, Eileen Fulton, Marie Masters, Liz Hubbard, Colleen Zenk,Anthony Herrarra, etc.then i hope she has a show with the most popular younger group, especially with the sweet and gorgeous Van Hansis who I’m still missing terribly!


    Donna replied

    sorry no ATWT


    mmc replied

    That really stinks…not only were we cheated out of a good ending for a 54 year old soap, but now we’re still being dissed by omission.What a shame and a disgrace…..ATWT had some of the best actors thriugh the years.I’m surprised at Oprah , but I guess the old saying is so true ….out of sight , out of mind!

  3. Ann says:

    Are there any from OLTL on this show? Can you tell us,Mr. Fairman?


    Donna replied

    sorry no OLTL


  4. Donna says:

    i was there it was great!!


  5. Kalamaty says:

    Thank “Dear God In Heaven” that Jeanne is getting some national regonition for her work on Y&R! Can’t wait for the show on Wednesday!


  6. David says:

    I would love to see Melody Thomas Scott, Kristian Alfonso, Peter Reckell, Maurice Benard, Laura Wright & Vanessa Marcil be a part of the show.


  7. LUMILY says:

    I watched this today,it was all about AMC and a little of Y&R,,, I thought it was going to be about the 6 soaps thats still on the air?


  8. Kalamaty says:

    I’m sorry, but I feel that La Lucci is sooooo overhyped. So she’s been on AMC for a hundred years… big deal! The only notoriety she had was not getting an Emmy so many years in a row. If they are deeming “legends” by that statistic, then Melody Thomas Scott should be one, too! She is, without a doubt, the most overlooked performer in daytime. She should soooooo get an Emmy nom this year for lead actress. I will boycott the show if she isn’t, and I’m not even close to kidding! Seriously… I’ll go straight for the Vodka.


  9. mmc says:

    Even though Y&R is not a show I watch often, i do think Jeanne Cooper deserved more air time.Sad that she was left to the end.And while luke and laura might have been the super couple all those years ago….it was Luke and Reid from ATWT who became the super couple in 2010!!!!


    Kalamaty replied

    I couldn’t agree more. Shame on Oprah, and her staffers, for sticking Jeanne Cooper at the end of the show – for approximately 2 minutes – and severely editing her segment down to a bunch of nonsense. But, by all means, let’s parade around the completely overexposed and overhyped Luke, Laura and Erika and her has-been husbands. YAWN! A real travesty.


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