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11 November 12th, 2011 Y&R’s Jeanne Cooper will be back on-screen just in time for Christmas Episodes!


Earlier this week, soap icon, Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) of The Young and the Restless took to her Facebook page to announce that she will be returning to work next week after she had to take a medical leave and was temporarily replaced by the Emmy winner Michael Learned, best know for her role on The Waltons and most recently to soap fans for her role on General Hospital.

A Y&R spokesperson has informed CBS Soaps In Depth that Jeanne will be back on air as Katherine just in time for the Christmas Holiday,  and to look for her return on the Friday, December 23rd episode.

Cooper had told her fans on Facebook:  “As most of you know I have been under the weather for quite some time now. But the good news is that I will be going back to work next week. Boy I did get hit hard with a nasty bug! Thank you all for your well wishes. They mean so very much to me. I love to all and hope to be able to post more often. Much, much love, Jeanne.”

We can’t wait to see the one and only Mrs. C again!

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  1. lisa says:

    This is fantastic news , so looking forward to the Grand Dame’s return.


  2. kay killgore says:

    Glad you are back and well again you can’t hold this Dame down! Now start writing her as the Katherine we love not Jane Wymans character from Falcon Crest MAB you got that!!!!


  3. Brian Greene says:

    Welcome Back, Jeanne–We Sooooo Very Much Love You!! :) :)


  4. kalamaty says:

    Welcome back, Jeanne…. only been a short time, but feels like forever!! The GC canvas is just not the same without you… nothing against Ms. Learned. She’s wonderful, but there’s only one Grand Dame of Genoa City!! :) The bitch is back, ya’ll! :)


  5. lynn wyeth says:

    I wish you well & have missed seeing you on the Young & Restless. You Are the making of the Soap. Take Care


  6. Deloris says:

    Get well soon,we miss you.


  7. Catherine Avery says:

    Even though Olivia has replaced you it still isnt the same Hope you are well and get back soon My 92 year old mother and I watch just about everyday and cant wait to see you back Ms Learned has always been my favorite in The Waltons I love to watch the shows especially when the whole family was on Please take care of yourself and we all love you Cathey


  8. Tom Golden says:

    welcome back, you were missed


  9. Jonnie Allred says:

    I am so happy you are back!! It was just not the same without you…NOBODY can fill Katherine Chancelors shoes, BUT YOU!! Welcome back….and hope you stay well….Love you!!


  10. Jean Bradley says:

    Welcome back Jeanne! Michael L is not anywhere near the actress for your role! She just seems to be reading! Missed you a lot!


  11. ANNE CAMPAGNA says:

    Welcome back Jeanne
    I missed you very much and hope you are feeling better
    Love you


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