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20 May 8th, 2013 Y&R’s Jess Walton Issues Statement On Beloved Scene Partner & Dear Friend, Jeanne Cooper!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

What is Genoa City going to be like without its true supercouple?  For decades fans have watched with delight as two of the best actresses on daytime television would battle it out, throw cake at each other, love each other, be there for each other, and steal each other’s men!

With the passing of soap icon Jeanne Cooper today, Jess Walton, (who was Cooper’s long time scene partner and one of her dearest friends) issued the following beautiful statement that best exemplifies the kind of grand dame that Jeanne Cooper was.

Jess Walton:  “Jeanne Cooper was one of a kind. No one who has ever known her would disagree with that statement. Her life force and energy were legendary. Many a time I marveled as she outlasted the rest of us on late night shoots. She was a moving, inventive, and powerful actress. She was a loving mother and grandmother.  She was part warrior, part rabble rouser, part truck driver and part Diva, all wrapped up in one Great Lady.  Most of all, to me, she was my friend and I loved her.  For the last 26 years, hers was the face I most wanted to see when I came to work. Hers was the energy I most wanted to bounce off of on stage.  Hers was the voice that kept me in stitches .  And because of all that, hers is the presence I will never in my life forget.”

Soap fans, we know you will miss the scenes between Jess and Jeanne.   Share your thoughts on the passing of Jeanne Cooper today, and what you thought of Walton’s statement on the kind of actress and lady that Jeanne was!

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  1. Michelle says:

    Such beautiful words from Jess. May Jeanne dancing amongst the angels for eternity.


  2. Colleen Green says:

    Such sad news. Jeanne will be truly missed. Rest in peace dear Jeanne


  3. heidi says:

    That was beautifully said… she is a true friend. I will miss the two of them and their crazy relationship. Y&R will not be the same without Jeanne. She will be missed. My thoughts are with her family and her friends.


  4. michele says:

    What beautiful words that Jess said about her friend. Jeanne (ms c) was one in a million. I have watched y n r since I was 5. I’m 39 now. She will be missed. <3


  5. Kim Cheung says:

    To the cast and crew of Y&R
    I haved watched your show for a long time
    My condolences. To you all
    Jeanie cooper will be missed
    She was an icon
    The show will never be the same. Without her.
    She was a legend
    Kim Cheung :)


  6. Carol J Wallace says:

    I remember reading in her memoir about co-stars that were let go suddenly for whatever reason would walk up a staircase in whatever scene they were last seen in. They never
    came back downstairs. It was a running joke. How appropriate for Mrs. C to
    do the same thing. I’m sad at her passing but I know she is just beginning
    her second act. We were blessed and honored to have known such a great woman.
    Goodnight Duchess, sleep well.


    Mary SF replied

    Oh wow, did not know that– it really does give that scene between her and Jess by the stairs so much more meaning. Looking back I think both of knew it might be their last scene and you could just feel this sadness in the vibe the two were giving off. And it also explains why GH did the same thing when saying goodbye to Edward and Lila- when they had their look a likes going up a staircase, never to come down. It is making me tear up just thinking about it. Thanks for the insight.


    vbeachtime replied

    Yes, that scene on the stairs was amazingly touching. Now, realizing it was their last one together, I feel weak in the knees. The same applies to the coming home from the hospital scene where she & Murphy were on the sofa & Cane, Lily, Chloe & Esther welcomed her with a toast.
    Jess, your statement is a beautiful tribute to a beloved friend & colleague. I’ve watched Y&R for 36 years & feel as if I’ve lost a close family member. She was an amazing woman who led a full & rich life. Thank you, Jeanne for all the years of entertainment ! Much love and may you rest in peace.
    Valerie Sawyer

    Patrick replied

    what a second act this should be.

    she imparted so much knowledge with her being.

    she knew her children would know… just as we fans have garnered her profession.. and likened her personal life just as much.

    she imbues the best of us.


  7. Dorothy Kort Jadlowiec says:

    I have watched and loved Jeanne Cooper on YR since the first day she appeared on screen. I will miss her there every day from now on. My loving prayers are now for her family.


  8. MarilynVA says:

    A beautiful statement by Jess Walton about the beautiful Jeanne Cooper. She will be missed on my TV screen for a long long time Thanks for the memories Mrs C.


  9. Michele says:

    I’m a very sorry for everyone in the cast & crew for their loss. Jess’ words were beautifully written & heartfelt. I will miss seeing Jeanne on the screen, she has been a part of my life for over 30 years. Maybe it’s silly but I feel the loss in my heart.


  10. Margie deal kimbrell says:

    The fabulos Mrs.C will be missed. She has been part of my life since the show began. She was the light of the show. Jess hit the nail on the head about her. All soap fans will miss seeing the two of them battle it out to only love one another in the end. Jeanne’s time in this world has come to an end but her memories will live forever in our hearts. All of us who watched her and loved her will never forget the wonderful, lovable Mrs. C.


  11. patricia capps says:

    The last scene with Jess and jeanne says it all. You could hear in Jess’s voice, it was so much more than acting.


  12. Don says:

    Oh Jess.

    You have my deepest sympathy. I know you and Jeanne were the closest of friends in real life.


  13. lisa says:

    Beautifully stated Jess.


  14. Brandy says:

    Such beautiful words from Jess, I knew that scene at the stairs was her last scene because I could see the pain in Jess’s eyes. I said that is not acting that is both of them saying good bye to their working relationship and preparing for a good bye for now in the coming months. I watched it several times and teared up every time. I cant imagine how hard it will be for Jess to come to work each day with her friend and co-worker not there. \We the fans support you and will never forget Jeanne, Mrs C the Dutchess and when we see Jill on our screens we will also think of her and of Jess. Thank you for sharing your words with us during this difficult time. HUGS


  15. Brandy says:

    I also want to point out that it was the perfect scene for it to be her last because it was just her and Jess and that is so very fitting and I couldn’t think of a better ending.


  16. Lady J n Pa says:

    With a very heavy heart, I say R.I.P. As a very long-time viewer of Y&R, I’m so sad . May the family know just what a gem you shared with us over the years


  17. Patrick says:

    Jess Walton -

    “Good Lord” – “her’s was the face I wanted to see.” Tears… emotionally choked up here.

    Respect for her tour de force… it was her nature… in her being… to stand with.

    What a presence to share and know.

    Your time with family in Oregon…. is yours.

    you’re a part of ours and we’re with you. Thank You Jess.


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