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11 September 20th, 2013 Y&R’s Jess Walton Talks On Katherine’s Memorial Episodes, Jill’s Love Life & Regime Changes!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Jess Walton (Jill) has been delivering Emmy-worthy performances all through the passing of Katherine Chancellor (the late Jeanne Cooper) storyline  on The Young and the Restless, and while the vote seemed to be split by the fans on if the memorial episodes in Mrs C.’s honor were up to snuff or not, Walton discussed it, and other hot topics with MSN Entertainment Canada.

From the recent head writing and producing changes, to Jill’s love life, to the Nikki/Jill bonding moments and more, to her status with the CBS soap, reading what Jess has to say is an interesting read.  Here are just a few excerpts below:

Walton’s reaction to many fans feeling that it should have been Jill’s bio-son, Billy (Billy Miller) who should have comforted her during her emotional moment at the memorial, but instead it was Cane (Daniel Goddard):  “The trouble is, is that Cane was involved in her storyline at that time and that’s the choice that the writers had made. I would have loved for it have been both Cane and Billy, myself! I would have loved to have seen all of her grandchildren there as well. But, we did have a lot of people there, so I guess they had to make their choices.”

Walton on the decision by former Y&R EP, Maria Arena Bell, and current EP, Jill Farren Phelps, to write off Jill’s last flame, Colin played by fan favorite,Tristan Rogers:  “That was my very favourite romance for Jill, ever! I was completely aghast when she let him go. That was actually a big part about why I left.”

Walton on her status with Y&R which is currently recurring:  “That’s a personal choice. I’m supposed to retired, actually! I had left the show because the last regime didn’t really show much interest in Jill. When Jill Farren Phelps took over, she made it very clear to me that she really was interested in the character of Jill and wanted to bring her back – which is why I came back. But I’m still supposed to be retired! (Laughs) Although, it’s not working out that way!”

So Y&R fans,what do you think about Jess’ comments on the Cane/Billy memorial moment debate?  Was Colin the best man ever for Jill?   Do  you think that Jess should be nominated for a Daytime Emmy for her recent performances in the 2014 race?  Comment below!

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  1. Derrick says:

    Wow………..Jess didn’t like what MAB was doing to her character. Someone has spoken up!


  2. jasper says:

    Love Jess Walton & Tristan Rogers and really miss Jill and Colin.


  3. Eliza says:

    I wish Jess would return, I’m hardly watching these days and I’ve watched since I was in grade school from the very beginning. Losing Katherine Chancellor was hard enough but losing Jill along with her completely cuts the connection from the beginning of Y&R, and a whole bunch of characters, and a rich family past. We’ve lost a whole family , 1/3 of the show without her.

    I realize Y&R can add relatives to Kay & Jill with the stroke of the pen, but without the familiar faces it doesn’t have any impact. Devon doesn’t have a connection to Nina, Chance, Phillip 3, Amber, Mac, Brock, Larry Warton, and many many others, only Jill. Devon can be wealthy, and they can name a park Chancellor, but neither can carry on the family or it’s history, only Jill can do that.

    Jill needs more on-screen time to have those moments with Billy and all of her family. We need to see her business and love life too. Jill’s the only original character remaining so many of us have followed her forever and just playing supporting isn’t really satisfying. If she doesn’t want to work full time I think Y&R should schedule her differently, 2 or 3 REAL stories a year rather than appearances every month.

    I’d love to see Colin & Jill again too they were terrific. Colin could easily be transformed into a grey character by saying he was working undercover for the government all along. Genevieve’s death could trigger his return to Genoa City. But first we need more Jill!


  4. k/kay says:

    Tristan Rogers was great I do not know what is wrong with MAB or JFP you have a great actor that still looks great for his age and let’s get rid of him so we can still have some more non-stop Victor /EB. I mean has that guys storyline or dialogue ever changed? I am not a Cane fan they are screwing up big time Billy is her son end of story. Where the hell was Brock at the reading of the will we give all the money to Devon really? Please send this character to live with Tucker another character we did not need. Jess Walton is over 60 therefore she will only be used as back-up for storyline for the young boy toys this is JFP we are talking about. If you had to put a GH employee in my face 24/7 it should have been Tristan Rogers.


  5. Jared says:

    I adore Jess Walton. She had the unenviable job of taking over an iconic over-the-top character previously portrayed by Brenda Dickson. I remember Jess’s first episode, and I knew that day she was indeed Jill Foster Abbott. The Jill/Catherine feud took its twists and turns through the late 80′s and 90′s; and in the early 00′s, we were rewarded with the mother/daughter story, which, for me, was a beautiful outcome and propelled and fueled this story for many more years. That is, until the destructive forces of MAB un-did history. This was such an important story for me, because I’m a VERY long time viewer, and it’s hard for me to watch today, because all of the jarring undone histories, rapidly aged characters and new undeveloped character. That being said, I love the opportunity to see Jess Walton’s Jill onscreen. She is another example of beauty, grace, class and talent.


  6. Mary SF says:

    I also think Billy should have been the one to comfort Jill, but since we rarely see the two on screen interacting as mother and son, I guess I can understand why it was Cane. Also Katherine did ask Cane to look after Jill in her letter to him, I suppose he felt more compel than Billy to be there for her.

    I don’t know if Cane’s father played by TR was her best romance, but they were definitely fun to watch. It was nice to see Jill soften up at bit, and have fun for a change. In recent years they have written Jill as always angry or full of self pity, it was getting a bit tiresome to watch. So that romance was a nice change of pace for Jill and for us viewers.

    As for an Emmy, sorry, I don’t think she really did anything out of realm of what she normally does to warrant one. There a few actress on other soaps that have just blown me away,which imo would be more deserving, but the point is moot, because if Heather Tom enters the race, she will win— right?


    k/kay replied

    Totally agree about the emmy business but yes Heather Tom has the ego of course she will submit herself. The awards are a joke anyway and in the scheme of things they do not mean anything. I was not impressed at all with Katherine’s memorial service all it has turned out to be as we all know is for a long lost son Dylan to be even more front and center these gals MTS & JW go on and on because JFP throws them a bone but in the end it will be all about her pets as usual.


  7. Joshua says:

    It was an okay interview. She keeps bringing up the fact that she is supposed to be retired so we really can’t gripe if the writers keep shoving Cane down everybody’s throats even though he is related to no one because at the end of the day, beggars can’t be choosers — she is supposed to be retired REMEMBER? lol


  8. Charles says:

    Jess Walton is the best actress on the Y&R, less the death of J.Cooper .She walks in a room and her presence, commands respect.She was fantastic with T.R.They really should bring him back.She will get an Emmy nomination,Heather Tom who????She is overly dramatic,storyline is too.


  9. kalamaty says:

    Jess ROCKED her scenes, but, she always has! She had to bring it and she delivered on so many levels. Emmy, you had BETTER be listening!!!


  10. Bart says:

    Jess is and always will be a class act – now it’s time to make Jill the grande dame of GC!!


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