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22 March 23rd, 2017 Y&R’s Jess Walton Tells Fans: “Jill Isn’t Going Anywhere!”

Photo Credit: Lesley Bohm

Viewers of The Young and the Restless can breathe a sigh of relief after a tweet from now Lead Actress nominee, and two-time Daytime Emmy winner, Jess Walton (Jill).

After speculation arose following a tweet from her on-screen love husband. Tristan Rogers (Colin) where he intimated that there were no episodes planned in the future for Colin and Jill by tweeting: “Glad you all liked the end of that storyline. There are no plans for this couple to reappear so they’ll be away for awhile,” Walton offered up a different explanation.

Jess tweeted: “Thx for your tweets. Jill isn’t going anywhere! Just taking some time off & awaiting the birth of my 3rd grandchild. Love  & all of you!”   Walton has previously tweeted: ”Be watching for Jill and Colin in June, bucket list finished?!?”

As many know, Walton lives in Oregon where she does take periodic time off from Genoa City to be with her family and lives a private life out of the rat race of Hollywood.

So, glad to hear Jess says she and Jill are sticking around? Comment below!

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  1. Celia says:

    Glad to hear that!! Love you, Jess…and ‘Jill’. Here’s to you!!


  2. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Jill is the next Katherine and Y&R would suffer serious damage to the show had they let her go!!!


    Timmm replied

    GH would have killed her off!


  3. Iakovos says:

    Happy news for Ms. Walton! Glad to hear Jill remains integral to Y&R… as it should be! There is much story to be told for this complicated fun-to-watch character. We will wait for Jill and Colin to return and we will wonder what drama awaits them> Hmmmm…


  4. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    When I saw Tristan Rogers’ tweet, I nearly dropped one in my pants, because I could not fathom how they would write Jill out for an indefinite hiatus, especially given the importance of her heart attack storyline. So, it warmed my heart to know that Jess Walton is taking some time-off to go back to Oregon to be with her children and await the birth of her third grandchild, which is why she opted to go to recurring status.

    June is a little bit more than two-months away, so I await her return. My only wish? Tristan and the character of Colin does not return with her.


    Timmm replied

    Colin sucks just like Cain! Jill needs a Murphy type in her life!


    JK replied


    Rhonda replied

    Tristan Rogers is a force of nature and I really love him.
    But his whole story since day one has been predicated upon his being a con artist and his being in love with Jill.
    I had always hoped that Colin would someone get involved with Newman Enterprises or Jabot Cosmetics. I would have liked to have seen him as some top level executive or better yet, a corporate raider.
    What I wanted for this character was to see him play with the big boys, Jack and Victor.. I was hoping the new EP and writing team would recognize what an amazing resource they have with Tristan Rogers and turn his character around.
    I was disappointed that they kept him doing the same old dance. Tristan deserves so much better as he is an amazing talent.

    Nanci replied

    I’ll look forward to Jill’s return!
    And I agree, wish Colin would not come back.
    Jill forgiving such a huge thing was a turn-off, and
    Colin being rewarded afterward with a world vacation??
    I get that she loves him. I get that she finds him fun.
    But there are guys who are fun and interesting, but who
    won’t drain her bank accounts or send her to the hospital!

  5. Mo says:

    Glad that Jill and Jess, Tristan and Colin are sticking around. However, I do think it’s poor that they had Jill, a recent heart attack victim, go off on a cruise. Jill needs to be doing cardiac rehab.


  6. Barbara from Atlanta says:

    I don’t know about this. Walton is fine but this is the second time in less than 4 months that Jill has simply vanished from the show because Walton has something going on in her personal life.

    I commend Walton for being very family oriented and wanting to be around for the birth of a grandchild. However, Jill is really suffering from the “here today, gone tomorrow for months” approach that Walton is taking to playing her. Jill left for a cruise in December and, plotwise, it was jarring as the character was in the middle of trying to get an interest in Fenmore’s. Now this. How exactly are the writers suppose to give Jill anything worthwhile if Walton takes off every couple of months???

    I’m going to catch grief for this but………………

    Walton has given Y&R many years and (while she was never my favorite Jill; that honor goes to Brenda Dickson) I commend her loyalty. However, the ONLY original character remaining, Jill, is really suffering because of this. Jill should be a “tent pole” character around which the plots flow. Walton’s coming/going so frequently is holding Jill back.

    The writing regimes over the past decade did a horrible job writing for the character. However, veteran writer who know Jill and appreciate her history have returned. These writer surely would use Jill more often (and in a more pivotal way) if the actress playing her was available on a consistent basis.

    If Walton won’t commit to a more consistent presence, I am all for an appropriate recast! This “here today, gone tomorrow” approach isn’t cutting it. Walton definitely deserves to take a break if she wants to do so; however, the character of Jill definitely deserves more than Walton is giving her these days.


    JK replied



    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    Walton is Jill when she is there. The issue is that Walton is NOT there enough.

    Rather than saying “Jill isn’t going anywhere,” the headline for this item should be “Jill is hardly here anymore.”

    If Walton wants to retire, that is fine. She should just do so and let Jill and the viewers move on from her. The current situation is unacceptable.

    dante williams replied

    Hey Barbara from Atlanta,

    I have to say I’ve been feeling the same way. I fully agree, and I commend you for writing what you feel and it in no way insults the show, the character, the fans or Mrs. Walton herself. I agree with you fully and many times the writers were blamed for Jill not being on the canvas enough when she herself made plans to be off the canvas for an extended period of time. I will say though I love Brenda Dickson but Jess brought more dimensions to the character and showed us her reason for being, and she’s been on long enough that she has become my favorite Jill and I love every scene she’s in and I’m beyond happy they finally have been writing for her the past year but it is jarring her leaving so much. However I do have to say that it would have to be someone extremely good to replace Jess Walton after 30 years.

    I would say that I love Jess and her portrayal of Jill enough that I can wait a couple months, but you make a great point; she would be in the middle of all the storylines just like Victor if she didn’t take all these breaks, and this is coming from a fan. It’s hard to say for me which would be better; because not just anyone can play that kind of role, so I will say that until such time as they even consider a recast and it’s an actress that I know in my heart can give the role justice I will just wait until June or as such time as she vacates the role to make a decision (I make it sound like I’m on the board at CBS lol) in my mind as to should she stay or make room for someone who can truly play the part and on a regular basis, since she does it so well and never misses a beat when she returns, and that takes loads of talent in my book. Your concerns are very valid and I agree about that; she needs to be on all the time because she’s the OG of the show (original gangster). I really don’t know what the answer would or should be…


  7. heidi says:

    Great for Jess and Congratulations on her upcoming grand child!

    Could we please get Tristan over to GH to help Anna please?


  8. Helen says:

    I have enjoyed Jess since she joined Y & R, I live not too far from she and her husband ~~ hoping to have a ‘sighting’ one day :)


  9. Ron says:

    Happy to read that Jill is not being written off. As others reference, she is the only original character from the 72-3 opening of the program. I had hoped she would become all she despised in Katherine from 40 years ago, but don’t see that happening now that she’s had the heart attack and the life-altering changes. So, writers, let’s see how Jill grows in the most mature of her years to come! And, after playing the character for so long, I think Ms. Walton has earned the say in when she wants to tape shows and when she wants extended time off.


  10. Timmm says:

    Jess is lucky to pick and choose. I know over at GH Kimberly McCullough does this sort of thing and gets ridiculed! Any of us in any of our careers would love to do this! BUT, most of us are not entertainers. Jess is so important to Y&R and fans want her full time to be the “Katherine” of the show now. IF she cannot commit after her grandchild is born, I would search for a replacement. Same with Robin on GH, if Kim stays away, thats her choice but I would cast Chloe from Y&R who is leaving to replace Kim at GH. I know, Chloe is off contract at Y&R but it appears she can sign elsewhere.


    Barbara from Atlanta replied

    “IF she cannot commit after her grandchild is born, I would search for a replacement.”

    I completely agree with this.


  11. JK says:



  12. dante williams says:

    I really wish Jill would return without Colin. He needs to stop stinking up my screen with his special brand of smarminess. He makes me so ill constantly blackmailing Devon, even plotting to destroy his own son’s marriage, or stealing Jill’s money. Btw, her leaving again means that they need to explain how she left when Colin spent all of her money and all she has is that stupid ring from some ex that died over 30 years ago? How is she affording this long a%% trip; what funds is she using? I”ve been wondering that for weeks and I wish they had a good answer for it. I expect lesser soaps to skip those beats, but not Y&R and definitely not the current writers who I know believe in not only character driven story but they’ve filled in blanks I didn’t even know needed filling because they are that good.


  13. kalamaty says:

    Thank GOD! I was so upset to read the tweet from “Colin”. The character of Jill is absolutely integral to the show and NO ONE can possibly replace the fantastic Jess Walton in the role. NO ONE.

    I’m thrilled for her new family addition and can’t wait until she storms back into GC! She is absolutely hilarious/brilliant in the role. That Emmy is hers to win!


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