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17 May 26th, 2010 Y&R’s Joshua Morrow on if Summer is really Nick’s or Jack’s!

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The Young and the Restless Joshua Morrow (Nick Newman) caught up with TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco, for an insightful interview from the man who has to play that he is consistently torn between women…Phyllis and Sharon.   While Morrow gives his thoughts on Phick vs. Shick fan bases, his contract dispute at one time with Sony, and his thoughts on Y&R’s doppelgangers, it is  however, the big question that Morrow  was asked, “What is his take on who the biological father of Summer really is?”  It’s a plot point that had been dropped since Nick’s amnesia episode a few years back that could eventually spell more trouble for Phick.   Here are a few excerpts:

Morrow on if he remembers that Nick’s amnesia happened around the same time the DNA results came in for Summer: “Yeah, I remember. Dude, I would have bet my house that Jack is Summer’s child. And she still may be. And probably is. When all that went down I thought when Nick regained his memory there would have been some eureka moment. But maybe it’s still a memory that still remains repressed for Nick. I’m sure they are holding that story point for later.”

Morrow on if he thinks the Y&R writers will make Jack, Summer’s real father: “From Joshua’s point of view, I think they will, but you’re right — it’s gone on way too long for them to reveal it now. The way Nick and Summer bond … Well, it’ll be tough if he reveals he’s not her dad now. But I’m a betting man and I’ll bet anything that she’s Jack’s baby.”

Morrow on Phick fans freaking out if Summer were to be revealed to be Jack’s. “Yeah, they would. Y&R missed the boat to tell that story when Nick got his memory back. The fans would have forgiven Nick at that point but now it’s just cruel to withhold that information. To give away any tie that Nick holds with Phyllis would be a huge mistake. To get rid of that would be detrimental to Phick, who was brought together essentially by one mistake, which is Summer. Jack and Phyllis could always have another baby.”

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  1. Doe says:

    Well, why bring that issue up now. It isn’t pertinet to any story. The only thing that would be good about that would be that Jack doesn’t have a child of his own. So, why tear Summer away from the only parents she has known? She has had problems early on in her childhood. I say, leave it alone!


    Lee replied

    I think the whole point is that Nick sees Summers romantic attraction to her possible stepbrother and is afraid Summer is going to get involved with Kyle which she is now actually planning. Think what kind of disaster this would be if she is successful and then finds out that Kyle is her stepbrother.


    Harlee replied

    Not stepbrother but half brother

    Lee replied

    Yes your are right! Still a disaster if it happens. I can’t imagine what both of them would feel and Nick would be fully responsible.

  2. Devoted Fan says:

    Doesn’t he mean that Sharon and Jack can always have more children? If I recall correctly, it was a miracle that Phyllis got pregnant and carried Summer to term.


  3. bottomchef says:

    Bad storylines, bad acting, history rewrites, that’s why soap audience has dwindled. Then you factor in the kind of crude reporting Nelson branco does, it’s enough to drive people to quit soaps.


  4. Richard says:

    I hope it does get revealed to be Jacks daughter instead because I have always hated Nick & Phyllis as a couple.I can’t believe it’s gone on this long!


  5. Margo says:

    Summer is Jack’s and too bad it has taken so long that Jack has missed her baby days and Nick being Nick is attached. …but with the lie comes Phyliss who he should have never messed with.. younger viewers [and evidentally Y&R writers ] don’t recall her past horrors…most seriously in trying to run over Cricket she nearly killed Paul. She is the DEVIL!! If
    writers ever need a recount of the past re: y&r call one of the many old timers with minds like a steel trap. We don’t forget or forgive the Phylisses of the world.


  6. Lexi says:

    I would love it if Summer was Jack’s. She could see both of them as her dad.


  7. DivaBleu says:

    Summer is Jack’s. She has blond hair like Jack, not red like Phyllis or even brown like Nick… yep… Jack’s kid…


  8. audrey says:

    I will be glad when it comes out that Summer is Jack’s child. There will be no more ties between Nick and Phyllis. That way when Sharon and Nick get back together there will be no more Phyllis.


    Phickfan replied

    who want sharon after everyone in the family has had her. that makes for great dinner conversatons.


  9. Wanda says:

    Summer will always be Nick and Phyllises “Super Girl”………No question in my mind. If there was any doubt it would have been revealed when Nick got his memory back. The character of Nick is not my favorite at the moment………He needs some growing up to do.


  10. Laurin says:

    I’m sorry, gang, but I’m telling you–I’ve been watching Y & R for decades. I’m telling you this storyline is going to be reintroduces at the most interesting time. It may not be any time soon, but it’s going to come out. You guys know Y & R will let a secret fester for YEARS before it comes out. You might as well get ready for Summer to be revealed as Jack’s!


  11. Robin says:

    I have always been a fan of Y&R since my high school days of Snapper. It has always been a fascinating soap. I would really love that this child Summer would be Jack’s baby. I don’t like Phylis with Nick, I only like him with Sharon and she does not belong with Victor, he only needs to be with Nikki and she does not belong to be with jack. Let Jack and Phylis be together, they are both bad seeds.


  12. Jill Frasure says:

    Has anyone thought about the Kyle/sumer relationship and what would happen if they had relations and later found out they were brother and sister?


  13. verna stine says:

    i too have said from the very begining that Summer was Jack s. I don t think that they will have relations before it s found out. Look at Cricket and her half brother years ago. The writers never have let it get that far. Did any one see that off balance kiss Summer and Kyle had on Friday after their date? I would love for Summer to be Jack s just so Phyllis can blow a gasket! Never cared for her and Nick. She will have lost her so called connection to Nick.


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