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16 February 11th, 2016 Y&R’s Justin Hartley Shooting Untitled Dan Fogelman Pilot For NBC From 20th Century Fox!

Photo Credit: Alan Thicke Twitter

If you caught Alan Thicke’s tweet on Wednesday you may have noticed he commented and shared a picture with the man playing his on-screen son in his latest project! That man happens to be The Young and the Restless Justin Hartley (Adam Newman).

Thicke tweeted, “My latest TV son, @Hartleyjustin Fun on Fox! #boyswillbeboys @FOXTV #justinhartley”

As previously announced, Hartley is one of the main core characters of 8 people who all share the same birthday in this dramedy pilot currently known as the Untitled Dan Fogelman Pilot. The pilot ensemble also includes: Mandy  Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling Brown and Ron Cephas Jones.  What we know of Hartley’s role is that he plays Kevin, a handsome and successful television actor with an underlining boredom in his ultimate bachelor life.

According to Backstage, the production of the pilot under 20th Century Fox has been shooting in New York from Jan 26th and wraps this Friday on February 12th.

As for Dan Fogelman, he is the executive producer behind Fox’s Grandfathered starring John Stamos and ABC’s musical-comedy, Galavant.

What do you think of Alan Thicke playing Justin Hartley’s dad in the pilot project? What do you think of the premise and Justin’s role in it? Comment below!

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  1. Mo says:

    I doubt I’ll be watching, but good luck to them.


    Bette replied

    Sharon and Adam please put them back together. :)


    CC replied

    Happy Valentines Day to “ALL” The Young and The Restless from the 1990′s cast those we lost and still have. Love you and miss the rest . Stellar cast then . The days of romance in the afternoon and writing. DRUCILLA , NEIL ,SHARON NICK MRS C, AMBER , BRAD, ASHLEY , TRACY BRAD, COLEEN . AUNT MAMIE . JOHN, SOME MORE LIKE GLORIA. THOSE ARE WHAT PUT THE BEST YEARS OF #yr ON THE MAP. # LOVE IN tHE AFTERNOON A HOUSEHOLD NAME


    TERRANCE replied

    sharon and Adam please agin and agin . Love the Shadam years


  2. Anne G Steele says:

    Will watch for it.


  3. Geena says:

    Sounds like he’s playing himself hahaha. Good luck to him.


  4. joe says:

    Justin is one of the better actors on Y&R, they were lucky to get him, and I figured sooner or later, he’d move on to something better. I hope this works out for him!


  5. damien says:

    hopefully y n r can keep him and make it work so he can do both shows!…if the brass can work around a nobody character on the show like dylan, surely adam s character can be accomadated!


  6. su0000 says:

    With Dan Fogelman producing it, it will be a hit..
    All his series are doing very well..
    Y&R might lose JH , ya betcha !


    sonniorsolita replied

    “All his series are doing very well…” Have you seen the disastrous ratings for season 2 of “Galavant”? LOL.


  7. Mary SF says:

    It’s only a pilot, it is has a lot way to go before it might be picked up as a series– and even if does it might be 2018 before it airs and then whether it will be picked up for more episodes after the initial order if it makes it that far is a big question mark– so I think we can enjoy JH on Y&R for a long while yet.


  8. Karen says:

    Sure hope Alan’s bad habits don’t run off on him! LOL Good Luck Justin!


  9. Mellisa M says:

    Well. it doesn’t surprise me that Justin Hartley would eventually move on from Y&R. If the show is picked up and is shot in NYC, there would be little likelihood of his staying on the soap. Good luck to him and the show. Y&R will have to find another Adam, just like they’ve done with the character of Billy Abbott.


  10. Nikki says:

    I love Justin Hartley’s acting and I never doubted for a minute he would get into movies. If he leaves it will be a sad day for Y & R but I want to see Justin get ahead. If I knew Tom Cruise I would call him myself and have him watch Justin and I know Justin would be the next J.Renner in Tom’s MI movies. Congratulations Justin great work you deserve moving on.


  11. Tani Sterling says:

    Well, I felt Adam and Chelsey held Y & R together for the past year. However, don’t get angry, it never seemed to me that Adam was a great actor; good, but needing a bit more help. His speech pattern is so quick, continuously, that the possibility of being the new Brad Pitt did not seem to be something that was going to happen. Hey, for him, I hope it is.

    I did feel that the producer had better watch out or they were going to lose Justin. You all seem to know a lot more than I.

    It felt that in the last programs Adam has looked tired and not as attractive. Perhaps two jobs took a toll.

    Last week the program seemed very slow; perhaps transitioning. I still can’t understand how Victor seems to know who the father of Sage’s baby is. I missed a couple of days.

    I like Hartley very much. The preview of new Billy was pleasing, but after seeing a few episodes I am not sure. So many changes at once can make it difficult for viewers.

    Best to all. Reading comments each weekend is fun for me.


  12. Judy says:

    Love Justin Hartley. Great actor and so handsome. I hope he does well, but I sure hope he doesn’t leave Y+R. Love watching him. I only hope they will keep Adam and Chelsea together. Great chemistry.


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