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44 November 13th, 2014 Y&R’s Kelly Sullivan Chats On The Mysterious Sage, Sally Kellerman, and Justin Hartley!

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Former General Hospital favorite, Kelly Sullivan debuted on The Young and the Restless in her new role of Sage Warner back on the October 28th episode of the number one daytime drama.  Since then, viewers have seen that Sage is assisting in the care of Adam Newman (Justin Hartley) who is on the mend from all of his surgeries and his facial reconstruction post-car crash with Billy Abbott (Burgess Jenkins) almost over a year ago!

On today’s episode of Y&R, we were finally introduced to film and TV legend, Sally Kellerman’s new character of Constance Bingham, and as we witnessed, Sage seems to be working for and taking care of the elderly woman, as well as Adam, or “Gabriel” as Constance calls him.

On-Air On-Soapscaught up with Kelly Sullivan to get the low down on: what she thinks could be going on with Sage, what it has been like for Sullivan working with the likes of the oh-so-talented Hartley and Kellerman, and how she landed her new role in the outskirts of Genoa City, after being in the running to play to play Phyllis Summers, the role that eventually went to Gina Tognoni.  Here’s what Kelly shared!

So, we have now seen you on a few episodes of Y&R as Sage.  It’s kind of hard to figure out exactly what her motives are.  What can you reveal about the character, and how you are playing her at this juncture?


KELLY:  Sage is a badass.  I am trying to figure out why she is doing what she is doing, because she is coming across  a bit like (singing) “What I did for love?” and there is always something else going on underneath there.   But they don’t tell me anything, because they don’t want me to either play towards it, or they just don’t know yet.

You are working with both Justin Hartley (Adam) and Sally Kellerman (Constance) in this very gothic dark set!  Not bad! (Laughs)  But, how fun! 

KELLY:  It’s fun!  I am working with Justin Hartley and Sally Kellerman, who is a superstar!  She is the nicest woman, and I can’t even believe it.  She is like, “Hey, girl,” whenever I see her at the studio (Laughs).

What is the relationship between Constance and Sage?  She clearly is wheeling the elderly woman around!

KELLY:  As for Sally’s character of Constance, she is in a wheelchair, and I am like her driver in the scenes!  I probably smash Sally Kellerman into three set pieces every day. (Laughs)  Sage is pretty much in a bad situation there, wheeling Constance around.  I think her character is like Sage’s pseudo-grandmother, who she loves and adores, and who she is in charge of taking care of.

Photo Credit: Tom Cullis Photography

It must be difficult to have to look at Justin Hartley all day on set!  I feel so bad for you, and the demands of your new gig! (Laughs)

KELLY:  He is so ugly! (Laughs)  He is so awesome to work with, and we have been getting to know each other.  Adam is Sage’s first guy connection on the show, and it’s very mysterious.  The writers thus far are not wanting to have any sort of point of view on it, as far as a relationship between the two of them.

Now in comes Chuck Pratt Jr. as the new head writer of Y&R.  You got the part of Sage prior to him coming on board.   How do you think the incoming head writer might affect where your character goes?

KELLY:  When they announced Chuck was going to now be the head writer of Y&R, I don’t even think I had worked a day on set yet, just what I call the “hands” episode, when you just saw my hands! (Laughs)   I hear really good things about him, so we shall see.   I have not personally spoken to Chuck yet, but I am sure at some point I will, when it becomes clearer what I am doing as Sage and why?  The “why” is always what people want to know, right?


Did the writers or the producers tell you that Sage would be connected to anyone else in GC?

KELLY: No, but I have been told that it will be revealed within a short time.  It kind of has to because why is she here? (Laughs)

You were originally up for the role of Phyllis, and that role ended up going to Gina Tognoni, and yet they created a new role for you.  How did it all go down?

KELLY:  First of all, Gina is a badass!  Basically what happened was, Gina Tognoni and I both tested for the role of Phyllis, and I knew right away I didn’t get the part.  They called me when I was driving home.  They said, “We love you, but it’s not happening.”   I said, “No, worries.” Then they told me that the writers on Y&R love you so much that they want to write a character for you.  Then a couple months later, they called me and said the character had been written, would you like to do it, and I said, “Hell, yes!”   I am so flattered and honored to be at Y&R …  I can tell you that!


So, what do you think is going on with the Sage?  Is she truly trying to help Adam get back to his family and Connor and Chelsea? Or, does she have a thing for the guy?

Are you intrigued by the set of scenes that has Constance, Adam AKA Gabriel, and Sage in this sort of gothic hideaway?  Glad to have Kelly on Y&R?  What did you think about how Y&R wrote a role with Kelly in mind?  Comment below!


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  1. Robert says:

    I ove Kelly and I hope they find away to make her part of the show permanently! I love the gothic look they have going with Sage,Adam and Constance, all that red color to me signify who Adam truly is. I would love to find out that Sage is related to one of the core families on the show;she can easily fit with Lauren and Jill as a Fennmore or she can be related to the Baldwin family, she can even be a daughter of Victor’s.


    Johnny replied

    You may be right Robert, I read on soap opera Digest that sage is related to some one in Genoa City.


    Meg replied


  2. Alan says:

    Why do I smell a rip-off of the Nola Orsini/Tad Martin storyline from All My Children? I’m guessing Sage found the injured Adam, Constance believed him to be her long lost son and had his injured face reconstructed to resemble said son.

    And of course Constance’s real son will show up in Genoa City (just like Ted Orsini showed up in Pine Valley) and Justin Hartley will play both characters…


    Jimmy replied

    Or someone kidnapped the real Adam and replaced him with this guy, so if and when Michael Muhney ever returns to Y&R, he can play the real Adam and Justin Hartley’s Adam will turn out to be someone else.


    Mary SF replied

    Close but since he called her ‘grandmother” she must think he is her grandson Gabriel and was given Gabriel’s face, but obviously Sage knows he is Adam because she is helping him spy of his family– but since I didn’t watch AMC this all new to me, so if what you said is true then I look forward to it playing out. But with a new head writer coming who knows how much will change after that.


  3. Sandra says:

    I am really excited to see what stories will be told, and how people will relate. And today was great, hearing Adam say ‘grandmother’. And now we need to see who Sage will be. Can’t wait for Adam to stir things up. And I really want some good things for Sharon. Maybe Adam will continue being her friend, and bring that old green eyed monster with Nick. Ha.


  4. Johnny says:

    I love Kelly Sullivan, she is a wonderful actress. I am glad that the Young And The Restless gave Kelly another role. Gina Tagnoni is terrific as the new Phyllis.


    Harolyn Cumlet replied

    Yes, would love to see their two characters interacting, Kelly’s and Gina’s. Love them both and suddenly I am interested in Y&R again.


  5. talli says:

    I think this YR suds is trying to do something that it can’t carry. With so many new people casts and recasts, it’s getting out of line and purpose.. I think it’s trying to keep its head above the eventual flood that takes it all away. Too much repetition in every scene and amongst top characters. Going from one scene and hearing the latest gossip and facts to the second scene hearing the same thing over again gets tiring. If you have clarity in hearing, once is enough because on that scene you hear the same moan over and over. All soaps have an agenda… It’s Soooo sorry when they are all the same… Just different actors, towns, and soap name. It has come down to fact: no originality…I guess that’s why it’s called soap. Nothing new about that and ingredients are the same.


    su0000 replied

    JFP saw how great GH is doing by bringing in new characters and old vets back..
    So- she is attempting to do the same..
    Y&R has had a surge of new faces and even vtes..
    The opening of Y&R speaks volumes .. lol
    JFP is struggling and following GH’s lead.. It’s interesting to watch LOL
    Both JPF and Pratt were with GH, together- there will be a Y&R change, and that is a good thing.
    It’s already starting with all the new characters.. :)


    Talli replied

    Well said but you forgot to mention originality. Watching what happens with another soap and then following its lead us not original. It’s repeat or copy. Sometimes that IS a good thing IF you can branch out into unknown territory. Right now, it’s not really happening. With each NEW character a NEW story line should happen with a slight nod to the old. I’d personally like to see something so wild and far fetched to happen thT it causes a LOT of disturbance and set this soap back on its feet.

    k/kay replied

    I never thought I would say this in a million years but JFP is way ahead of the game that’s why they call her the Dragon Lady always two steps ahead. Who won the emmys at GH who won the emmys first year at Y&R she is ruthless if nothing else I respect that.

  6. Mark says:

    I love the gothic quality of the storyline so let’s hope Pratt doesn’t ruin it


  7. Eileen Hargis says:

    I think they were smart to grab Kelly. She is so talented and her story seems interesting.


    adrianna replied

    i know right


  8. Jenny Brooks says:

    Adam referred to himself as Constance’s grandson. Does that mean Constance is Hope’s mother or that she is delusional? Is Sage related to Constance and therefore also related to Adam? Lots of questions that need answers. Kelly Sullivan is a great actress. I hope the Y&R writers do her justice!


    Jimmy replied

    Unlike they did with Maura West as Diane Jenkins… that was a catastrophe and I was so incredibly disappointed because Maura is phenomenal, look at the work she’s doing on GH. Then again, she came on to Y&R as a recast, Kelly has a brand new character, so it is slightly different. Still, I hope Y&R offers her a contract and keeps her around for a long time!


    davidevansmith replied

    Adam asked Constance if she wanted to MEET her grandson, meaning Connor, meaning Adam is supposed to be Constance’s son.

    Could there be a Constance/Connor connection in the name? Oh no, Chelsea named Connor as a family name from Dylan’s when she was passing the baby off as his.

    Could Constance be related to Hope Wilson and actually make Adam her family, even if he’s her nephew and a lookalike to Constance’s son Gabriel? A resemblance helped along by a little reconstructive surgery? Constance could have been Hope’s sister who married into a wealthy Bingham family.

    Sage’s last name is Warner, but I think the Fenmore women could use another connection to the canvas. So I like Sage having a connection to Jill/Lauren.


    k/kay replied

    The only reason MW did not work out at Y&R is because she was playing a character that was at least a decade older. Bad casting!

  9. steven cates says:

    I love Kelly – I just hope she gets to be a contract player and sticks around!


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    I’m sure they’ll give her a contract; when her casting was announced, it was said Sage had potential of becoming contract.


  10. Jimmy says:

    Kelly is a fantastic actress, GH really lost out when the wrote her character out. Just like they lost out when Sean Kanan left, but I’m not complaining because I love him as Deacon on B&B.

    So far, Sage hasn’t made a huge impression, mainly because we know very little about her, but I assume that will change soon. I just hope Pratt doesn’t mess with this story, I’m intrigued to see where it will go.

    As for Kelly as Phyllis, I’m glad it didn’t happen. She looks too young for the part, and Gina is doing a phenomenal job so far. I really hope Sage sticks around though, and Kelly gets a contract! Y&R needs to nail down some great performers after losing Billy Miller, Michelle Stafford, Michael Muhney and Elizabeth Hendrickson. Gina was a great hire, as is Kelly.


  11. Nanci says:

    I don’t care at all for that gothic, dark, dreary room . Just makes me look even more
    forward to seeing Adam outta there and back into town .


  12. mfarris70 says:

    Common soap writing practice is to introduce new characters a little at a time. Y&R is bucking that trend by introducing a slew of new characters, mostly in the 25-39 age demographic that advertisers love. An interesting strategy but I don’t think that changing a show to attract young viewers will have much success.


    madluv4u replied

    I miss the days when you would hear a voiceover saying, “The role of so and so will now be played by so and so.” Didn’t take 3 months to get the new person in the role. No big build up. Just hey – here they are.


  13. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    I always guessed Kelly could’ve gotten the role of Phyllis, and she was one of my top picks, so I’m happy that the series picked her up in the role of Sage. Gina is rocking Phyllis, and Kelly is doing fantastic as Sage. I cannot wait to see her acting come alive, because she’s a powerhouse actress.


    Rob replied

    Gina has made me almost forget Michelle Stafford’s Phyllis.

    Best re-cast in eons.


    Scott (ATWT Fan) replied

    Gina has definitely brought something brand new to Phyllis, and has melted in quite well with the rest of her castmates.

  14. Timmm says:

    She is gold. You know GH got to great actors from Y&R BUT Y&R hit the jackpot with Kelly. She could be a character that could be around for twenty years if they write her right. She should have won an Emmy as Connie/Kate on GH. I still think Sage is going to be a remastered Skye. I think her and Adam got a BOGO on plastic surgery!


  15. k/kay says:

    JFP ought to research the old files and make her the daughter of Snapper & Chris Foster that way she could tie her into being connected to Jill I had long forgotten about that character’s existence until someone else brought it up on a soap site.


    Bobbi Hicks replied

    That would be a great plot line, k/kay! I’d love to see some of the ‘old’ characters brought back. I’ve watched since literally Day 1 and miss the interaction that seemed more family like from the old days. Think they should bring back Snapper and some of the others…would love it!


  16. Iakovos says:

    Lots of great theories here. I just want a solid compelling (original?) story. Top talent is great but as the poster noted with Maura West, the plot was poor and it did not matter. I hope they are careful about revisionist history and copying stories. I would even forgive plastic surgery (ugh!) for a winning tale.


  17. Pamela Pamela says:

    Now we know! So Constance’s grandson tried to save Adam but he died in the process and Adam is pretending to be him! Sage knows who he really is and it’s helping him until they can get to Genoa City! As to who she is related to, it’s anyone’s guess. Does anyone have a daughter that we haven’t seen yet? Does Jack have any other offspring we haven’t seen for a while, like Kemo?!


  18. Mary says:

    I still don’t understand who that woman in the wheelchair calling Adam by the name of Gabriel and calling him her grandson. Will someone please explain?


    TheRealAdamNewman replied

    I’ll do that job! You see, Gabriel was probably the man in the car instead of Adam, and Sage made sure that this lady believes that Adam is her grandson.


  19. Mary says:

    Will someone please explain who the woman in the wheelchair is who calls Adam her grandson by the name of Gabriel. I must have missed something.


  20. Patrick says:

    I am truly unspooled that Kelly Sullivan gets all the attention

    as she should

    she has echelon and top tiered with : quality : Eileen Davidson, Maura West, Michelle Stafford, and she pulls no punches, no holds bared, on top of her game… everyone compliments… Ms. Kelly Sullivan… you radiate and generate electric.. heat come asunder

    “Thank You” for bringing your YOU

    GH is a thing of the past… you made your mark… it’s game on.. trigger absolute… you elevate whatever production hails

    I’ll be watching for you on fridays


  21. Lois says:

    Loving Kelly’s character, can’t wait until every comes to a head with Jack.


  22. TheRealAdamNewman says:

    I think I know why they’re doing this storyline. Adam is a wanted man and if he goes back as himself, not only would he be thrown in jail for faking his death and killing a child, depending if he’s the real killer, but Billy might make sure that he and Chelsea, if she doesn’t leave him for Adam, custody of Conner. So this storyline, Adam can make sure that no one suspects that he’s Adam Newman, not even Chelsea!


  23. Patlynn says:

    I loved her as Connie on GH.. found it to be a lose for them..
    BUT this Sage Warner… I am excited to see adventure with her.
    Heroically of course.. We need a good Y&R adventure that only Sage an Adam
    could journey.. I have been a fan sense the 70′s….
    2 Thumb’s Up


  24. Gary says:

    I think Kelly you do a great job on y & r . You make me wish I was nick aka Joshua morrow.your eyes make me melt and I can’t get enough of you on the show.


  25. Dianne Smith says:

    I am so upset that Sage died in that car crash! What are the writers thinking? This was heading to a great story line and I wanted Sharon to give the baby back to Sage. I will really miss the character, Sage. I think she is a wonderful actress and I wish her all the best. I hope that I see her on prime time soon!


  26. Jordan Seitz says:

    I will miss sage so much


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