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33 September 14th, 2014 Y&R’s Kristoff St. John and Shemar Moore Named Power Performances Of The Week!


This past Wednesday and Thursday, we already recapped in individual posts here and here the return of Shemar Moore to The Young and the Restless after almost a decade as Malcolm Winters.

We told you about the scenes that transpired between Malcolm and his elder brother, the now blind Neil Winters played by Kristoff St. John.  While some fans have written to us and shared that either  … they did not see the big deal of the scenes … or they thought the scenes were not all that, we strongly have to disagree this time!

During Shemar Moore’s highly anticipated two-day return to the CBS soap opera, the Criminal Minds star illustrated what a great actor he has become with a subtle, not over-the-top, and controlled performance that was filled with heart, love, and emotion,  Malcolm was to be the voice of reason and reality for his older brother, which showed in story that as time has moved on, the shoe is now on the other foot.  This time it’s Malcolm who is all grown up and being responsible.  When Shemar as Malcolm turned to leave as he exited for the last time for now, and said goodbye to his family, we reached for the hankies.

As for St. John, he couldn’t have been better, and just may have an Emmy reel with these scenes.  First, the Winters brothers took a stroll down memory lane complete with retro clips as Neil remembers the good times, and the bad times, with Malcolm and the women in their lives.  Later, Neil finally opens up and admits to Malcolm that he is scared that he may be permanently blind, and that he realizes he can’t go through this alone and needs to lean on his family, especially after Malcolm gave him a good talking to!

Watching these two actors work together showed a strong connection and bond that is still evident between them even almost a decade later.  And that through their work, they were able to make Shemar’s short visit to Genoa City emotional and memorable … and it reminded us of classic Y&R …  something that we always long for.  It is for these reasons that On-Air On-Soaps names Kristoff St. John and Shemar Moore this week’s Power Performances of the Week!

Do you agree with our picks? What did you think of the scenes after all was said and done? Weigh-in below!

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  1. su0000 says:

    I watched, it was fun..
    It was not all that powerful, no way..
    Shemar Moore was on screen around 20 mins time, total..

    It was good, and really fun to see Shemar Moore’, but naww not all that powerful..
    Think they got exciting confused with powerful .. but good :)

    It was also GH’s Stavros Cassadine Return ..

    Malcolm Winters return thread-
    Shemar Moore’s (Malcolm Winters) on his return received 28 comments posts ,,

    Stavros Cassadine Returns-
    Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly) on his return return received 157 comments posts..

    Just saying :( )

    Both were an awesome return, but neither had a powerhouse return; well Stavros did, actually :) ..:)


    Timmm replied

    I agree, Starvos was great!


    Harry replied

    I liked Stavros better as a popsicle.

    nicole replied

    Here is the difference between Y&R and GH:

    I choked up when Neil admitted that he was scared as a viewer I felt and identified with the emotion on screen.

    As for Stavros it was so cheesy, and campy the acting so OTT that I don’t understand bhow the Cassadines are supposed to be scary.

    I will take genuine emotion over camp any day.

    As for thead counts Y&R viewers are too busy watching the show instead of posting on boards hence the show being number one and having 1.5 million (min) more viewers. :)


    Harry replied

    Nicole, nicely done. Of course I agree with you.
    And Su000? You counted the amount of responses Stavros’s return garnered? I have two answers for that 1. Michael Fairman only wrote one blog for Stavros’s brief return while he wrote at least four blogs about Malcolm’s return. If you add up all the responses (which I will not do) I am sure the amount of responses might be more evenly matched.
    And two, and most importantly, if you read the responses about Stavros’s return a majority of them are negative.
    I don’t subscribe to the doctrine than any attention, even negative attention, is a good thing. That’s why I never throw tantrums.

    PatF replied

    As is usually the case between performances on GH and YR…YR is subtle and moving. Powerful.

    GH is campy, and over the top. Cartoonish.

    So yes, I agree with Michael’s comments.

    Just a matter of taste for soap watchers.


    su0000 replied

    Y&R is dull dull dull ..
    It is always drama from someones near death or death ..
    And then they keep the dead drama going by calibrate the death yearly off and on..
    Neil had a moment and cried, well that is ordinary soap stuff no big feat..
    It was very short scene of less than 2 minutes to be powerful lol no way..
    The whole 2 day thing was a total of about 20 mins of Neil and Malcolm..

    Soaps have been campy, known for their campiness since day one.. that is why non soap watcher make fun of the soaps.. GH is dark drama with a ton of variety..

    Y&R is a depressing soap.. Lack any humor or variety..
    the same 12 people on screen for way too long in their year long dull stories ..

    It was not a powerful performance, it was as a soap scene with emotions , mostly flashbacks, and Neil cried , a common thing in the soaps..
    I have never seen one cry better than the other..
    being Y&R has been total fail for a year anything different with a bit of oumph would seem as being great LOL ..

    but- it was different, and good..

    su0000 replied


    nope, not even close–

    GH Stavros Cassadine (Robert Kelker-Kelly)
    return got 172 replies in ONE thread..

    Y&R Shemar Moore (Malcolm) Return had 3 threads;
    one got 7 replies
    one got 23 replies
    one got 11 replies.
    :) :)

    nicole replied

    Of course I agree. PatF..

    @su0000 GH isn’t dark drama a dark drama is Breaking Bad or Fargo. GH has cah occasional dramatic scenes.

    And soaps weren’t always campy they actually started out being slice of life stories. The campiness we see now started in the late 70′s.

    Y&R also has humor it is just derived from characters and dialogue as opposed to OTT situations. I also have no problem with characters marking the death of a character, it is real it is what makes the characters relatable.

    I don’t have a problem with some camp, my issue with GH is they seem to have forgotten about characters and writing something that is remotely grounded. The balance is off.

    Harry replied


    Since you seem to enjoy counting, why not count the negative comments vs the positive ones on Mr. Fairman’s blog pertaining to Stavros’s return? Kidding, please don’t do it. I am sure you have better things to do with your time. The unfortunate truth of human nature is that we are more likely to comment about something what displeases us more than we are likely to comment about something which pleases us. The truth is most people did not like the over-the-top campy writing which was afforded to Stavros’s return nor did they like his odd and awkward acting. As I pointed out earlier, even TV Guide’s Michael Logan, GH’s biggest cheerleader (next to you) Tweeted about how bad it was.
    And the reason Mr. Fairman and others have given Malcolm’s return so much attention is that the actor has made a name for himself outside of the soap opera genre. I am sorry to break it to you, no one outside of longtime soap viewers, really know who Robert Keller Kelly is anymore.. Another reason Malcolm’s return garnered so much positive publicity is that the actor is good, and the scenes given to both he and Neil were subtle, yet powerful, and a throwback to what got us hooked on soaps in the first place.

  2. Linda Hult says:

    Omg best two days of Y & R seeing Shemar & Kristoff together was awesome . There acting was the best since the last time together. It made you feel like it was real life and not a soap. The ending with Malcom leaving brought tears to my eyes and I can only hope he does more guest appearances. Great job you two
    Linda =^..^=


  3. su0000 says:

    I tried, but just can not see the powerful of it lol
    1st day was 8? minutes of flashbacks, mostly, not powerful
    2nd day malcolm chided Neil, nothing over the moon, and it ended with Neil crying.. All of that took about 9 minutes, total ..

    It was fun and excitingly different to have Shemar back, I liked it!! :)


    wolfsmistress replied

    That “crying” is called a breakthrough … Neil FINALLY admitted that he’s NOT strong enough to handle being blind for life, which he’s actually afraid he may be, but never wished to admit it, even to himself. Only to his brother could he finally, FINALLY admit that he was afraid. That he was scared to death that he’ll never see again.

    It was an amazing, touching scene, and both men should be praised for their acting skills, NOT the amount of time they were “on screen.”


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    Those were emmy winning scenes…

    Harry replied

    If only he could have cried as means of being defrosted after having been frozen for decades. Those would not be tears, that would be the ice melting!
    See? That’s what Ron Carlivatti would have done.

  4. Michael says:

    Completely agree! And I agree with you Michael that Kristoff St. John should have himself a dandy of an Emmy reel come next Spring!


  5. Timmm says:

    I cannot stand the Winters family including Cane and wasnt excited about Malcolm coming home but I take my hat off to Shemar. He was great, he made Neil great, and for TWO days, he made the Winters family relevant. Congrats to both!


    Iakovos replied

    I agree with you, Timmm. And how wonderful to see a character come back obviously changed and mature. Apparently you need to leave Genoa City to do that because those that stay are stuck living recycled stories that do not allow for growth or change (Victor? Nikki?). It could be very interesting to see that growth and change as it happens, but it was gratifying to see a character come back more mature and aware. I agree, for once, the Winters family seemed relevant.


  6. Harlee says:

    This was great use of history, family, flashbacks and FIT into the story. YR has been dreadful on some except Shick & Winters.


  7. Mark says:

    It was ok not that great


    su0000 replied

    It was good..
    But- not powerful..
    It was a total time of near 20 minutes which half was flashbacks..
    People were excited to have Shemar back for a total of 20 minutes, and being that Y&R has been empty for awhile it seemed like a powerful thing just to have something different and worth watching..
    Nothing worthy of an emmy, it was a good soap should be….
    But- Y&R is getting a bit better :)


  8. Derrick says:

    Agree………Was powerful!


  9. Sandy says:

    Malcolm deserves recognition for his performances. I thought he would be loud and proud but he was more wisdom and class. He deserves the emmy.


  10. Harry says:

    Yes, those were emotionally charged scenes for sure. Not only is all the positive attention a testament to those two actors’ acting ability, it’s also a testament that soap opera viewers are hungry for character driven scenes which utilize the characters’ history and their relationship dynamics (all soap producers and writers need to take note).
    Mark, I understand why you say it was not so great. If these scenes occurred 10 to 15 years ago it would not be such a big deal. The fact that scenes such as this one has become an exception to the rule is what makes it stand out as being kind of great.


    su0000 replied

    good grief Harry..
    1st day it was mostly 8 minutes of flashbacks, no big deal..
    the 2nd day it was a total of 9 minutes of scolding and crying..
    Y&R gets a bit of a badly need boost by having Shemar Moore back for 20 minutes time..
    and some it see it as powerful greatness .. lol

    It was nothing out of the norm with the exception of Shemar Moore on screen.. :) :)


    nicole replied

    It is not about quantity it is about quality. The scenes could have lasted 8 minutes altogether and it still would have been good.

    People liked it and felt something why the need to try to discount our opinions.

    You like GH great. It isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.

  11. Chris F, says:

    And once again someting psitive is posted……and everyone pisses all over it..YEEEESH


    Harry replied

    Not everyone!


    Chris F, replied

    true…not everyone….but many

    Harry replied

    I’m sorry, Chris. I liked it.

  12. 4ever DAYS says:

    I wish the three day visit by Charles Shaughnessy and Patsy Pease as Shane and Kimberly to DAYS a few months back had the coverage they deserved!

    Shane and Kim are legacy characters who came back to help their daughter, Theresa!!! Where was all the hoopla for them?

    I’m sure the coverage for DAYS is not fair…until there is equal coverage for DAYS, Michael Fairman is actually Michael Man! Is that fair?

    I hope the Y&R fans are happy with all this coverage…This DAYS fan is upset!


  13. wolfsmistress says:

    Having watched Shemar Moore through his origins on Y&R as Malcolm, and his growth as an actor on movies and Criminal Minds, I have to agree with Mr. Fairman that, this go-round, Moore was the voice of reason as Malcolm, the younger brother who has grown up and become the man who loves his brother, unconditionally, even though they have both hurt each other over the years over women and slights, and he’s there for him, only a phone call away, any time, day or night.

    To be able to relay that kind of emotional power in such a short time on the show proves that Mr. Moore has had tremendous growth as an actor, and Mr. St. John played right into the scenes with his own greatness.

    THIS felt so similar to the old Y&R days when Bill Bell was writing for the actors, and it felt like home.

    Not since Christian J. Le Blanc and Greg Rikaart did their scenes as Michael and Kevin, after Kevin had been beaten nearly to death in jail and Michael was sitting by Kev’s hospital bedside, saying how much he cared and that he was sorry he’d not been there for Kevin when he was a child have I felt any closeness between characters as siblings.

    Moore and St. John should be praised for their work, and yes, I hope both get an Emmy … St. John for Best Actor and Moore for Guest Starring role. Lord knows Mr. St. John hasn’t had a lot of good writing for himself before this in a long time….


  14. PatF says:

    Yes, the usual suspects pissing on anything YR.

    Why anyone comes onto a YR thread and tries to garner support for GH is beyond me.

    The shows can’t be compared. And that’s fine. Just stick to what you like…or what you claim to defend.


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