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0 September 10th, 2009 “Y&R’s” Kristoff St. John fall cover story “Diabetic Shock” in Real Health Magazine!

RH_Fall_cover.jpg“Y&R’s” Kristoff St. John is the cover man and cover story for this fall’s issue of Real Health Magazine. The publication focuses on health concerns and issues facing the African-American community. The article, “Diabetic Shock” written by Michael Fairman, details and looks into Kristoff’s struggles dealing with his ex-wife Alanna’s diabetes Type 1, and the impact it had on his life, marriage, and his concerns for his young daughter, Lola. St. John’s long time friend actor, Dorian Gregory, a life long sufferer of diabetes is also featured in the article as someone who gave advice and perspective to St John. A must read for family members of loved ones who deal with their significant other or famly member dealing with a potentially deadly and life threatening condition or illness.

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