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9 September 14th, 2016 Y&R’s Kristoff St. John Video Interview: Neil’s Heartbreaking Scenes & Working With Nichelle Nichols!

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Soap fans can look no further than the recent 11,000th episode broadcast of The Young and the Restless for a future Daytime Emmy-nominated performance.

That’s because Y&R’s long-running cast member Kristoff St. John (Neil) broke viewers hearts when Neil came face-to-face with his dying mother for the first time in decades.  Neil’s mother, Lucinda, was played by Star Trek legend, Nichelle Nichols.  In their two-person scenes, Neil learns why his mother abandoned him as a young boy all those years ago.  For Lucinda had her own demons and battle with the bottle, just like Neil did years later.

On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman caught up with St. John during last week’s Y&R 11K episode on set celebration at CBS Television City  where he found out how it felt for St. John to tape those heavy emotional scenes, and what it meant for him personally.

When discussing the actual filming of the episode, where Neil comes to visit his dying mother, Kristoff revealed: “I was a hot mess that day.  I didn’t think up that part of the story, but the story was mine.  I was estranged from my own mother from the time I was 4- years-old.  I had met her again at 24 and talked to her once or twice then, and didn’t talk to her again until 20 years later, and she lived for six months after I found her.  So, I never got the closure that I wanted with my own mother by actually going to see her right before she passed.  So the scenes with Nichelle were very much that.  I had the closure with Nichelle that I should have, and could have had, with my own biological mother.”


St. John went on to say that after the cameras stopped rolling, following the dramatic on-screen mother and son reunion, that the waterworks did not stop there:  “That was one of those rare occasions as an actor where I could not stop crying after taping, and Nichelle just held me for a long time.  I just know when I finally came up for air, she was staring into my eyes and she said, “Are you OK?”  She also said to me several times, “That was beautiful  … your beautiful”  I put it right back on her and I said,  “It’s because of you.  You’re beautiful.”

Watch Kristoff talk Neil’s heartbreaking scenes and being part of the ensemble cast of The Young and the Restless as they celebrate yet another milestone in the iconic show’s history after the jump.  Then share your thoughts on Kristoff’s scenes with Nichelle Nichols, and the personal impact it had on the actor himself in the comment section below!

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  1. James R. Poissant says:

    This will definitely be on Kristoff’s reel and most likely will take the statue although I didn’t like that Neil’s reunion with his mother was so short-lived. I would have loved seeing Lucinda interact with other characters in Neil’s story but what Nichelle and Kristoff gave us in what they had to work with was emotionally powerful and really packed a double punch. Glad to see Kristoff being given material to sink his teeth into.


  2. Lisa says:

    The scenes between Neil and Lucinda really were moving – I sobbed and wished for so much more from and for these two people.


    Celia replied

    Same here, Lisa. And, I am not a Neil fan. So, his performance really did a number on me.


  3. toscanti says:

    i cried with him! Wonderful performance by both actors!


  4. su0000 says:

    I struggle to to not FF when Neil is on my screen, but I lose the battle lol and FF him..
    He gives me the creeps / shiver ..


  5. Bart says:

    The whole short story arc was nothing but hollow and contrived. We, the viewers, knew NOTHING about Neil’s mother, yet for two short days we were supposed to feel for her and Neil’s broken relationship?



    jaybird369 replied

    Bart…yeah, dude…I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!!!! And, those ‘two short days’ is FURTHER PROOF that Y&R continues to SHOOT ITSELF IN THE FOOT!!!!! Beyond dumb as hell.

    Have a good one, Bart.


  6. Kevin says:

    Day one of Kristoff’s death bed scenes with Nichols was incredible, his best work ever. Day two, the writing – Neil sobbing the word Mommy (twice) was almost laughable. One out of two ain’t bad…


  7. soapqueenforever says:

    I loved the whole me storyline wih Neil and his mother. Kristoff St. John is a such a phenomenal actor, who I feel is under used on the show. Every scene he did with Neil and Lucinda, I had to watch with tissues, because the tears didn’t know when to stop. It’s a shame her time was so brief. It would have been nice to have a matriarch in the Winters family. Wonderful acting by both!! Powers that be use more of the amazing actor that is Kristoff St John. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE


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