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15 August 21st, 2012 Y&R’s Marco Dapper Talks On Being Shirtless, Marcy Rylan & Admitting He Was A Reluctant Soap Star!

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When The Young and the Restless cast  super hunk, Marco Dapper as Carmine Basco on the number one soap, no one knew what to expect, but he has made the role a bonafide love interest for rich heiress Abby Newman played by the cuter than cute, Marcy Rylan!

In a very candid interview with Michael Fairman for Frontiers, the young star opens up about his original impressions of the stigma associated with working on a soap, taking off his shirt in front of the camera, working with his co-stars, and what might happen with the regime change of Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith at Y&R.   Here are just a few excerpts!

Dapper on how he would define his character of Carmine:  He is misunderstood. He’s the kind of guy that acts first, and questions later. He comes from Jersey. I think Y&R was riding the Jersey Shore wave with this, but to my happiness without the bad clothing choices. [Laughs] Those aren’t there. The Ed Hardy is not part of the plan. Not to name names. [Laughs] But, Carmine is not your typical Jersey Shore kind of guy. When I got to wardrobe they were like, “Well, we like what you are wearing now.” I was in a T-shirt and jeans. I am a various T-shirt and jeans kind of a guy. They asked me, what brands do I wear? So I wrote down some brands, and literally they went out and got the clothes! It literally looks like my closet at home. It was great. I thought, “At least I will look decent!”

Dapper on finally having a shirtless scene on Y&R!  Actually, it took me 15 episodes before I was shirtless! I thought that was great. My buddy kept asking me, “Did you take your shirt off yet?” I was proud to say, “Well, actually I haven’t.” I thought, “Good. They are using me not for my body, but then 15 episodes in … It happened! [Laughs]

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Dapper on the relationship between Carmine and Abby:  “It’s young lovers being smitten, kind of hot and fast. I think it is what everyone wants love to be. That very passionate, hands-on, touchy-touchy, can’t get enough of that person, that we all enjoy. We have had bedroom scenes and they were fun and went well!”

Dapper on what he thinks will happen to him and the character of Carmine once Jill Farren Phelps and Josh Griffith take over at Y&R:  “I hope everyone gets what they want from this whole changing of the guard. I have had people ask me if I will be canned because of the new writer and new EP. I was like, “That is a possibility if they are cleaning house, and they are going to have to get rid of some old items and new items that they don’t need.” Soap fans are very loyal and very protective. So when a new guy like me comes into play with things, most of them aren’t so ready to open their arms. They are very stubborn and that is fine, but I think the powers-that-be are looking at that going, “What can we do to improve ratings?”

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Dapper on his original attitude about being sent out for a role on a soap and how he has a different outlook on it now:  “My manager called and said he had an audition for me for The Young & the Restless and I said, “No! Pass!” And my manager calls me out, swear to God! He is like, “Marco! This year you are supposed to say yes to everything. That is supposed to be your whole mentality.” I go, “OK. You are right.” I decided I was being a snob and a brat. I decided to go to the audition and try it out. I guess one thing led to another and I kept being called back. Then I realized at the chemistry read with Marcy Rylan that I had so much fun with her, and she was a good actress. So I guess my “snobitute” was unwarranted. It opened up my eyes a little bit. When I got on set I then said, “I was an asshole and judging!”

Make sure to read the entire interview on Marco and check out some exclusive images from the Frontiers LA photo shoot, and then let us know what you think of the guy?  One of your favorite hotties?  Do you like Carmine and Abby together on Y&R?  Would you like to see Marco stay on Y&R?  Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Scott says:

    If he got cut, I wouldn’t be upset. I don’t like the character of Carmine.


  2. Robert in Jersey City. says:



  3. boes says:

    So this dope thought he ws too good for a soap? Seriously? Other than a good bod, so far he hasn’t exactly lit up the scream with his overwhelming talent.

    It looks like there is another twit in the house like Emmy Winning Jeff Branson, another “artist” who is too good for the soaps, except when he can’t get a job anywhere else.

    When dolts like these two can offer up a body of work like Jeanne Cooper or Peter Bergman or Debi Morgan, or the other ACTORS on this show, maybe then he can talk. Until then he should just zip it.

    There are thousands and thousands of pretty faces and six pack abs walking around Hollywood. And people like him confuse that with talent. With an attitude like that, Mr. Dapper will be lucky if he has any lines other than “Do you want fries with that?” in a few years.


  4. Blake says:

    He’s so hot, so is Carmine and Abby together. I love his shirtless scenes and he’s such eye candy and a decent actor that I hope he stays for a long time!


  5. Blake says:

    I also love that he owns up to prejudging working on a soap and then had to eat his words. Good guy to do that.


  6. toscanti says:

    I like him and the character, just waiting to see how JFP is going to jack with my show.


  7. mo says:

    A job’s a job buddy. Yeah, it’s not like he’s been lighting my TV on fire. He’s okay, but like others said, wouldn’t cry if he left.


  8. kalamaty says:

    I think I’m pregnant!! Love the pictures and the interview! What a freakin’ hunk this guy is! Definitely the hottest guy in daytime right now; loving him on screen with Marcy! We want MORE MARCO!!!!!!


    Robert in Jersey City replied



  9. Shia says:

    He’s Hawt!!! Too bad they paired him with that boring overacting twit. Didn’t like her on The GL either. Everything about her is annoying. Please recast.


  10. Chaz says:

    Glad he was honest enough to admit his preconceptions were wrong. I actually think he is good in the role. Carmine isn’t meant to be a front burner, carry a whole show kind of character. Given time he could be a decent recurring character.


  11. Brian says:

    He’s hot and he’s sexy and he’s funny. He should be on a sitcom skewed young. He’s like a Joey from Friends but smarter. Seems like he’s off Y and R but I hope he shows up soon on another show.


  12. Terry says:

    he disappeared for awhile & now he is back & I really like him. he obviously left an impression & is back without Abby. I would like to see his character expanded.


  13. Barb says:

    I think he should hook up with Lauren. I think it would be a good match. A young guy with an older women.


  14. cherri says:

    Keep Carmine, seriously…I’m in love with him LOL no lie


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