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10 March 9th, 2011 Y&R’s Maria Arena Bell speaks on the fallout for Victor Post-Arbitration!

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So what shall become of Y&R’s Victor Newman now that his children one-upped him?  Well, according to the series executive producer and head writer, Maria Arena Bell,  he is going to go through some very turbulent times and some big twists and turns, now that the all-powerful mogul lost the arbitration hearing this week on the number one sudser. Bell spoke to about Victor’s reaction to his children getting billions from him by being awarded their trust funds, and the impact it will have on the Newman family.   Here are some excerpts below!

Bell on if Victor will seek revenge on his children, or, if Victoria, Nick and Abby will mess their victory up all by themselves:  “What will happen next is more complicated than that. It’s a little bit of both. There will be interesting twists and turns in what he decides to do, and the turns their lives take now that they’ve come into this money [will be interesting]. It definitely is going to be interesting to watch, and I feel like it very much tracks what happens in real life with these major financial dynasties.”

Bell on if the verdict cleaned out Victor Newman all-together: “It’s a pretty major settlement. It’s going to cause a major, major shift in how Victor’s going to operate in the future. It has major ramifications for Newman Enterprises itself and for the man himself, having really felt like he’s gone to war with his children here. And in essence, he feels that they bested him in this moment. It’s going to have enormous consequences down the road for him.”

Bell on if the Mighty Victor could actually have a full-on meltdown: “Meltdown is never really the word I would use to describe his behavior, you know? I think he’s much more of someone who, against all odds, will hold it together and find a way. But it’s an interesting choice that he makes. By the end of the week there will be a startling decision on his part, because he always has to take action.”

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  1. Sondra says:

    He has been walking all over people since I started watching this show. (In 1990) I would like to see someone else win for a change. Like Tucker and Jack.


    liza replied

    So only older men have the business smarts to win, and own/command large companies?

    I would like to see Katherine, Victoria, Jill, and/or Lauren have some victories. Katherine was a major player in Genoa City until Tucker knocked her down. I would love to see her turn the tables and regain her power and then some.


    Sondra replied

    I didn’t mean to imply that only men have business smarts. I don’t care who it is as long as it isn’t Victor. Maybe Abby will outshine them all with a cable show. Or maybe Phyllis and Sharon can start their own PI business. Possibilities are endless, if only writers would quit writing same old storylines. Victor’s going to get it all back….business as usual.

  2. Doe says:

    Well, that settlement was way over expectations. Personally, I think it was excessive. Now I suppose the major players are all going for Jabot and Beauty By Nature. Should be interesting to see who ends up with what. It really is so unrealistic. Victor lives on a ranch with a very small living room. Puhleese!!!!!! The set designer should aim higher, don’t you think? And what about Nikki and Victor’s love scene. I’m kinda nauseous… But, I still go back for more!……


  3. kay killgore says:

    The startling decision is he gets married to Diane! The actress is only 38 in real life Eric Braeden is 69! It would have been much more beleiveable to bring back Susan Walters she is 47 plus Kyle was born before Abby! Maria Bell history is important longtime fans don’t forget!


  4. Kalamaty says:

    Victor can spew all he wants about how he “built this empire from the ground up; I was in an orphanage; no one helped me”…. blah blah blah. He has – for umpteen years – been an arrogant, self-righteous, self-serving megalomaniac who walks all over those he claims to love and has shown complete disregard for the feelings of those closest to him. I don’t feel one bit sorry for him!


  5. ikay killgore says:

    Eric Braeden turns 70 in April. Maura West who plays Diane turns 39 in April. Thirty one years age difference she was all wrong for this role. I can’t beleive Eric Braeden likes this storyline. It looks like abuse of a child. I can’t stand to watch this! All levels of sloppy casting and storylines!


  6. Susan says:

    This Y&R storyline is stupid and boring. Victor’s brats have been raised with privilege and money. They have never had to do a days work in their whole lives.On top of that Billy bought (stole) a baby. Absolutely no repurcussions for that. When Billy and Victoia’s illegal adoption is uncovered, Victoria is going to come crawling to daddy for help. Victor is not going to be able to help, because of the stupid lawsuit.


  7. janet nelson says:

    Very disappointed w/the story line
    Been a fan from day 1..but you are slowly losing me.

    I flip to CNN when some of the new characters (who cannot act)
    are on.

    WHY has this show become a black soap opera?
    Every leading important role now is a black actor.

    ie: esq, surgeon, (couold not even pronounce his lines correctly) all in power positions.

    Why not just have a total black soap?

    It is too obvious what you are doing & that is why you are losing viewers.

    Cane story getting stale.
    Nothing to hold my interest or to look forward to tune in tomorrow.

    Possibiliites w/Adam & Phyllis playing detective..make it more..get new exciting characters & new writers wouldn’t hurt either.


  8. Jolene Beth Morgan says:

    I guess that i am a wierd duck because I love acting, the art of acting, and hence I love great actor’s like Olivier, Poitier and Eric Braeden. I don’t care if an actor is white or black, it does not matter. A truly fine actor, and one of America’s very best is Samual L. Jackson, the fact that he happens to be a black actor just does not make any difference to me. His acting is exquisite, period. And Hello we now have a black president, in case know one has noticed. And what that means is that if a person is talented, and works extremely hard, he can be any race, and become whatever he want to be.


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