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9 March 16th, 2011 Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott on Emmy snub, Nikki hitting the sauce & Nikki’s new man!

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How fun it is! We all wait for poor Nikki Newman to be pushed to the edge so she will crack open those tiny little hotel room bottles of booze and begin to drink herself into oblivion! And no one does that better then The Young and the Restless‘, Melody Thomas Scott!  Now with Victor marrying her nemesis, Diane, and finding out that Deacon set her up to become a boozy mess along with Meggie, that is enough to drive anyone for a drink…or two… or three…or…

The legendary soap actress caught up with TV Guide and talked about  her shocking Daytime Emmy snub for Lead Actress in the pre-noms, a new man headed into Nikki’s life, and playing Nikki falling apart at the seams. Plus she reveals how she lost some thirty pounds post neck surgery and looks better than ever.  Here are a few excerpts!

Melody on the Daytime Emmy snub:  “There are many reasons why an actor wouldn’t check the box opposite my name on an Emmy ballot! I totally get it! I am many things, but a politician isn’t one of them. I don’t rally. I don’t campaign.  Here it is in a nutshell. My daughter Elizabeth gasped when she heard [about the pre-nom ballot]. “What? You’re not on the list, Mom?” I replied, “Oh, honey, that’s old news. I guess I forgot to tell you. Don’t worry about it.” And then I went into the kitchen to work on Baby Shower Central. (NOTE: her daughter is expecting twins)I’d rather have two angel babies than two angel wings!”

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Melody on if Nikki will remain a drunk and manless:  “Well, I don’t mean to tease you… [Laughs] well, actually, yes I do! Deacon may have a little competition coming his way.  There’s going to be a third man in Nikki’s life. I can’t really go into detail or tell you his identity yet but it is very unexpected.”

Melody on an upcoming disturbing episode to her where Nikki lies to her kids and Katherine that she has been drinking: ” I felt horrible! It was like a punch in my stomach. I realized this was a line Nikki has never crossed. She has never deceived her children. She has never sunk to that level. It was a hugely impactful moment for me. And then her best friend, Kay [Jeanne Cooper], is also sniffing around thinking Nikki is drinking, and Nikki is lying to her, too. So it’s all really horrible and really dicey. It’s not looking good for Nikki at all.” (Laughs)

So soapers, who do you think the new man could be in Nikki’s life? Let us know!

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  1. Katie Louise says:

    I am upset Melody was snubbed. She is more awesome and amazing each year! She has kept me glued to Y&R! I happen to love Nikki away from Victor. Melody looks gorgeous these days too! Ok, I am so looking forward to Deacon getting some competition! I wonder if it is this new guy coming on the show as the veterinarian (ok, I read rumors and spoilers).
    Congratulations on her daughter having twins! No way is Melody going to be a (ok, I’m sputtering around like Phyllis on Y&R) grand_____.


  2. ethel says:

    i really think this 3rd man will be jack abbot & if it is i can not wait to see how it plays out!!


  3. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful, classy interview ! MTS deserved the nom, but I love how she takes it all in stride ! :)


  4. eileen caverly says:

    They could put Niki with anyone as long as it’s not Victor. Victor is starting to look a lot older and I think Niki should be with someone younger. Only one thing that Niki needs, because she is a sharp woman – get her some good undergarments.


  5. kay killgore says:

    I knew it was all politics she has ben great this year! Classy enough to not whine about it! GO Melody!


  6. Ann says:

    I think the mystery man is Jack too. In Victor’s Christmas episode, Jack and Nikki were married so I’m thinking that was a huge hint of what is to come. Jack would be awesome helping Nikki in her recovery.


  7. Kalamaty says:

    That’s an awesome interview! I love how she is so non-chalant about not getting the Emmy nom, but it sucks for her fans because we would love to see her get the accolades that she SO richly deserves for her years long portrayal of Nikki. BTW…. she is looking EXTRA gorgeous these days, now I know why!! Right on Melody….. she is absolutely fit and fabulous at 55!


  8. mike says:

    My guess is Tucker, the actor doesn’t have chemistry with anyone else on the show why not try Nikki.


  9. notme says:

    Good for you classy Melody, you don’t an award to know your work is appreciated, Love You!!


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