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38 November 7th, 2013 Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott On How Nikki Tells Dylan She Is His Bio-Mom! And How About A Nikki/Stich Affair?

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

Finally, Dylan (Steve Burton) will learn that Nikki Newman is his biological mother in the upcoming November 22nd episode of The Young and the Restless! 

TV Guide Magazine’s Michael Logan went straight to the source/portrayer of this current bio-child cover up, Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) for some answers on how the Intel gets out to Dylan about his mother, who was sexually molested in a cult as a teenager and he was the product of it!

Plus, there is an even a hint that perhaps the chemistry between Nikki and the guy who many were hoping would turn out to be Nikki’s long lost son, Stitch (Sean Carrigan) could actually end up in each others arm for a new fling for the Newman socialite?   Here are a few excerpts!

Melody on how Dylan finds out he is Nikki’s son:  “She sets out to have a nice family dinner and tell everyone at once. She has the best intentions. But it all turns out pretty tragic.  Nikki thinks she has come up with a good way of having everyone informed in the kindest way possible. If it were me, I would think, “‘ can only go through his once. It’s too emotional! Let’s sit everybody down at the same time and get it over with.’  Nikki had intended to reveal the news privately to Dylan but that opportunity never comes up.”

Melody on if at least Stitch and Nikki might have an affair:  “I’m not denying there’s chemistry. Anything can happen, as we know. Don’t forget that Nikki once fell in love with her gynecologist and married him. [Laughs] If she can do that, she can do anything.”

So what do you think about how Nikki will tell Dylan she is his mother?  Would you like to see Nikki hit the sheets with Stitch?  Weigh-in!

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  1. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    The revelation of Dylan being Nikki’s son is quite enjoyable. I do love that. I possibly would’ve preferred it to have been Stitch, but hey, we can’t get everything we want. As for Nikki having an affair, I’d rather it be with Jack. Their reunion was too short-lived, and I prefer her with Jack than Victor. The Victor+Nikki saga needs to be over longer. Their pairing, especially this time, is far too perfect for my liking. I don’t see Victor as her great love story.


    Kim Huck replied

    Yes but we all know Sharon and Dylan have the same father. When will we see that? Doris and Nikki got pregnant at the same time. Dylan and Sharon are siblings


    Ruby Crouse replied

    Sharon and Dylan will be brother and sister. That I can’t wait to see. Love Sharon. She deserves to be happy. Dylan will protect her. Nick is falling in love with Sharon again. Oh well Adams loss. Chelsea is a huge snore. Nikki and Victor must stop being so evil to Sharon they belong in a home


    David G. replied

    Nikki and that man who I rather not mention. Victor have treated Sharon terrible. Dylan will stick up for Sharon. Its loving to see Dylan and Faith already having a big uncle relatonship. Can’t wait till they find out about being related. Sharon needs family :)


    Tommymissing you replied

    Nikki with Stitch. Oh no I feel bad for Stitch . That is even more unrealistic that a good nature person like Dylan could come from a Nikki Newman who is rotten to the core to people. Look how she treats Sharon. Please this story was wrong from the start. But I do love if Sharon and Dylan are siblings. They both can use good normal loving support. With the rotten things Chelsea has done Dylan needs a sister


    Danielle J replied

    Love Sharon and I can’t wait till Dylan sticks up for Sharon ahahahaa serves those Newman right. They are so evil and ruthless and would serve there own children for Thanksgiving dinner if they could. I really wish they did not rewite the history I mean really come on Nikki having kids she forgets to tell aaaaaallllll the men she bed and wed? Victor loved and adored Sharon then they made the grave mistake of forcing the character Sharon to be framed for the murder of Sky L. and then Victor lied and made Sharon think he loved her. He thought of her as a daughter! Who was the one who thought that was a good idea to ruin there loving relationship as daughter and fatherish?

  2. Claire says:

    Not sure about her and Stitch… but I liked the rekindled connection Nikki had with Paul when he was helping her. I always liked Christine with Danny better than Paul and Christine… so I wouldn’t mind seeing a Nikki/Paul affair


  3. Jessica says:

    I think this whole storyline is beyond stupid and very boring at best.


    Joshua replied


    The iconic Nikki Newman would never sire a son as boring and bland as DULLAN!


    Diane replied

    I agree, Steve Burton, to me has always been bland and boring. He’s the same in every scene on GH & Y&R. They made a big deal about bringing him to Y&R, I guess they have to do something with him now.

  4. Brenda says:

    Dylan being Nikki’s son is fine. The inter action that will happen between the Dylan, Victoria, Nickolas and Adam will be great. Dylan will hold his own there. But don’t like putting Nikki with Stitch and an affair. There needs to be one power house couple with a solid storyline – and that’s Victor and Nikki !! Stop with trying to find the PERFECT couple.


  5. Johnny says:

    Seriously….enough flings. They don’t even make for drama anymore….they just make for stupidity. If people in their 60′s and 70′s can’t commit to each other after 4 marriages it is time to pull the plug. I never really got the Victor/Nikki thing….he treats her like utter crap and always has. I have preferred her with almost anyone else…Jack…Paul…even Deacon. But people seem to think of them as endgame so let them be that. Let them solve their problems together…they can fight and bicker and be estanged as real couples are….but they dont always have o cheat and divorce!


    Patrick replied

    “I never really got the Victor/Nikki thing….he treats her like utter crap and always has”


    Right On!

    reason, i’m so over – have been – always will: Nikki, finish him off & Move ON

    enuf already!


    @Johnny: i like your forthright approach

    I still say…. Nikki and Paul….. Yum… adult… playful… sensual… romantic

    i stand by… that Christine finding out… would be gangbusters….

    I say this… when I watched Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) emmy reel (this past year)… with her and Christine arguing… I was blown away with Lauralee Bell’ acting… she was spitfire and hellraising – she wouldn’t back down to Phyllis


    su0000 replied

    It is a SOAP OPERA and soap people , no matter how old, worn out and run down, they are all there is to build the core of soaps, breaking up and affairs drama stories around lol no matter how old, they will never ever have a happy ever after, never..
    It is soap 101- never a happy ending :)


  6. Kim says:

    Leave Nikki & victor alone. Every now and then people do make it work in a marriage. I think it’s stupid to bring a bastard son in the picture for Nikki.


    Joy Margetts replied

    I agree with you. An unknown child after all the years she has been in GC? The writers must have been really desperate for a s/l to come up with that one. This is a do over of the Katherine/Tucker s/l but isn’t as well done.


  7. Iakovos says:

    I abhor the idea of any Victor/Nikki affairs. I am more than tired of either of them straying, not to mention their hasty revengemarriages. The victor/Sharon pairin’ was more than ridiculous as was the what-was-that-about? Nikki/Jack marriage blunder. Victor and Nikki should stay together and perhaps be the couple who is older (sorry, but true) and wiser and tries to advise their children about what life’s mistakes and triumphs. Give them plots other than affairs. This Newman dance is done. Let them be now. They have had their turns on the affair wheel, more than enough. Repetitive. Boring. Beyond forgiveness by fans of Y&R.


    mollie replied

    Well said! I agree. The affair part of their relationship whoa is o-v-e-r. Write something interesting, wise and playful for them. I always enjoy a good mystery story (not like the who’s-my-son mystery, but a who-dunnit type of mystery) .


  8. Mary SF says:

    O please NO— if Nikki is going to have a fling with a one of her doctors it should be with the older one, the one that was first on her case, not Stitch. I mean, if they were passing him as a possible son for Nikki at one point– would they really hook them up? I wouldn’t want to see it, and it would seem too unbelievable at this point in her life– the older woman younger man thing may work in your forties but when you are pushing 60 and beyond—-it is just sad. Personally I just rather see her and Victor stay married — it would be completely novel and unexpected– letting a married couple just be married. Didn’t we have enough of the ick factor when we had to watch Victor hook with Sharon last year , so no, no, no to Nikki and Stitch.

    If you want Stitch to be in Nikki’s orbit, why don’t they say she gave birth to twin boys and it turns out Stitch and Dylan are really brothers—each going to different homes, a stretch for sure, but honestly that makes more sense to me than a romance between her and this guy


    mollie replied

    Correct ! Ick factor with Nikki and Stitch. I do NOT even want to see her have an affair.





  10. Harlee says:

    Nikki is way too old to be having affairs and let Victor\Nikki alone and be the grand couple of Genoa City. I seen Nikki have affairs off & on since 1978 and it’s time to put it to rest, nothing exciting about another hookup between a cougar & younger man and YR just finished one up with Lauren…OH but I forgot JFP and shades of Shelly are doing nothing but GH’s material and even worse….UGH!


  11. su0000 says:

    This story might be a watcher..
    however; Dylan/Steve Burton will out play/out act Melody Thomas Scott /Nikki, hands down..
    When it comes to the depth of acting and presentation, SB/Dylan will bring this story home not MT/Nikki..
    It’s good to see SB get a gripping story..

    Dylan will take us on a drama journey through this story..
    Nikki will be soft nasal speaking in tears,weak and losing it through it all..


    Beacon replied

    You are delusional. Melody is twice the performer Steve will ever be. He’s only lasted on the soaps because of his looks. He’s wooden.


    jaybird369 replied

    EXACTLY!!!!! WOODEN…YEP…that’s one way of describing Steve Burton. Steve Burton…who has the acting range of a department store mannequin…LOL!!!!! Gimme a break already!!!!!!

  12. lisa says:

    It will be an interesting dynamic ,bringing Dylan into the Newman family fold.
    I don’t want to see Nikki in an affair with Stitch – but with Katherine having passed I think she needs a new confidant,Stitch could serve as that or Paul for that matter.
    As for Victor – I love Eric Braeden ,but Victor needs to be taken down a peg or too – he’s such a sanctimonious overbearing windbag.


  13. Tommymissing you says:

    Nikki and Victor are toxic. They need to back off being cruel to Sharon! Sick of Nikkis better then everyone else attitude


    Patrick replied

    it’s downright embarrassing for Sharon Case.

    dumbing down to the writing… ad nauseum…

    and…. ??? what? after all these years…. the way he’s written…

    victor is still a formidable talent… and engaging actor….

    duh! duh? what a joke…


    in the blink of an eye….. cbs/sony/Y&R will be trotting out anything PR campaign…

    ad nauseum

    the #1 network and #1 daytime show… so many yes people….

    “oh, the chemistry” give me a break….


    Patrick replied


    Another, PR campaign

    I like the fact that… if it’s true… Sharon may have more family, around… unfortunately, it’s SB…. I’m sorry folks… the mere fact that he has to talk… and ACT… is his misfortune….

    on GH… in his black machismo…. prose… appear sullen… sexy… and he’s still that… his blue eyes stagger…

    but.. thats about it… I cringe for…

    as for Stitch…. I know it’s way too soon…. but ???? !!!!! what about a Stitch and Chloe pairing…. heck… even Sharon….

    the camera loves his masculine sexy… drop dead good looks and he can ACT

    I miss Carmine

    Kudos to THEE couple… who remain supreme….. Billy and Victoria… I salute them… both personally and professionally.

    kudos to their sterling delivery of a couple… weathering the storm… the turbulence.. that’s unhinged… and love survives

    the masters themselves… are definately LEAD…

    and this isn’t a dig in any way shape or form… but… this story would not have it’s bearing and or legs… to show… had it not been for Amelia Hienle.
    I simply mean in a supporting important role… for this story to have any wings.

    a very understated… woman in love… tortured with agony… for HER husband… and that’s tears enough… but…the love of a child… irregardless.. Delia was just as much hers… that longing… empty vessel that beats for… Billy, Delia, and her other children… and hopefully…. soon to be

    Patrick replied

    *the masters themselves…. are definately LEAD… Billy and Adam

  14. joann says:

    Sharon and Dylan , that would be awesome for them to be siblings. Nikki and Stitch, No way, in my opinion.


  15. k/kay says:

    Who started this rumor about Dylan & Sharon being brother & sister? Steve Burton does have chemistry with Sharon Case everybody else he has been paired with is a snoozefest. I am still trying to figure out the hate for Sharon concerning Victor I think he is the one who wanted to marry her for some reason MAB thought we wanted to see Brooke Logan in Genoa City she was wrong and it just about ruined the character of Sharon and in a lot of peoples eyes it did. Once the secret comes out about Nikki being Dylan’s mom she will be put in the background and it will be all about Dylan/Steve Burton.


  16. Carly says:

    I love Nikki and Victor together like a real family! Let the younger ones break up, have affairs, etc. Nikki having any affair right now after Victor has stood by her with her MS. etc will cheapen the character. Now that Catherine is gone, we need someone (couple) to look up to and hold the family together. I hope that Stitch affair is NOT going to happen!


  17. Robert Elliott says:

    I do not like the idea of Nikki and Stitch getting together. Why would the writers want to do anything like that. For one thing she has a serious illness. The most important thing is stitch is her long lost son best friend. Why would she want to start off on the wrong foot with her son Dylan. I know that would upet me more than anything if my mom had an affair with my military buddy. A buddy like stitch is closer than a brother. How is that building a relationship if you are going to sleep with you son best friend. That story line is really wacked


  18. Gloria Zimmerman says:

    I am so sad to see billy leave I hope this can be reconsidered …. About stitch and Nikki if he isn’t her son I think a love affair would be good for her with victor being so mean on learning about her son


  19. Wanda says:

    Why can Sanctimonious Sharon not get what’s coming to her? Everyone is always in her corner – she can do no wrong! PLEASEEEEEEEEE!!! She sleeps with Billy on his wedding day, burns the ranch down, destroys the company, and takes Summer away from her family…just to name a few — what planet are you on to justify her actions?


  20. Melissa says:

    I wished stitch was nikki’s son not Dillon!


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