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20 February 8th, 2012 Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott on Nikki/Jack pairing, Sony contract talks & her new web series!

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It has been quite clear that since the return of Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki) to the number one soap, The Young and the Restless, that fans have been much happier seeing their favorite flawed heroine hitting the bottle, getting mixed up with Victor, and all the other ramifications of her return! (Although everyone was over the “Who Killed Diane?” story by now!)

Now in a new interview with TV Guide, Melody talks about the future of the Victor/Nikki pairing, which if you follow what is about to go down may not be happening anytime soon, but who knows with these two, right?  In addition, the star opens up about her Sony contract talks that kept her from returning to the series for several months, the Daytime Emmys, a reigniting of the Nikki/Jack romance and an exciting new web series, which she is a part of!  Here are a few excerpts!

Melody on post-Valentine Day with Victor drama:  “As we know, it’s never really over for Victor and Nikki but it’s my guess she’ll get hooked up with Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman] again and they’ll probably marry. She’s visiting him in the hospital every day and being a really good friend. [Laughs] We all know where that leads! When Peter and I first saw those scripts we could read between the lines. But it’s just my speculation.”

Melody on if her Sony contract talks prove that anyone is dispensable on Y&R and if her negotiations were meant as a scare tactic to her cast mates: “I don’t know. It all could have been done intentionally to make other people afraid. Maybe it should shake up a lot of people. There were very few actors who had wonderful things to say to me when I returned. Whatever. Anything is possible. Anyone can get canned in the future and the reasons for that are never revealed, as we know. The one thing I will say is that we have too many people on the show.”

Melody on the upcoming web series called Laid Off, in which she will appear: “It’s about three guys who are roommates in New York and they all lose their jobs the same week. Shirley Jones and Marty Ingels are also in it. One of the roommates has watched and worshipped Nikki his entire life — he started at his mother’s knee — and he has constant fantasies about me. But I’m never really me. I get to play a different character in every episode, all urged on by his obsession with me. I pop up as the plumber, and a pageant mom screaming at her kid and a Martha Stewart-type cooking host. I could be a nun. Anything in the world. It’s really cool.”

So soapers, what do you think about a renewed Nikki/Jack pairing? Would you be for it? Do you think Nikki should stay with Victor?  Post your thoughts!

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  1. Nancy Melman says:

    Love her glad she is back.


  2. tasneem says:

    Glad she’s back more than anything I want Nikki off Victors orbit Jack let’s her be her an individual Victor needs a strong women like Genie she can say NO and can fight tooth and nail 2 fight for wat she wants


  3. kay killgore says:

    Maybe it is me but I had heard their is extreme tension on the set and one veteran made a remark about her being a Diva etc. Just could be gossip! I am glad the character is back and I think we need to give her and Victor a rest and pair her with someone else like Jack keep the rivalry going.


    Jenna replied

    It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall behind the scenes. I can see how MTS could come off as a diva as she plays one.

    On the other hand, she is amazing on Twitter. I have been lurking for a while and she follows just about anyone who requests that of her. Plus, she interacts with many of her fans. She devotes blocks of time to it. Also she is quite friendly with a bunch of the women fans who assisted in getting her back to Y&R. She seems pretty down-to-Earth.

    I don’t know who the “veteran” was, but there are two sides. I hope it’s not true.


  4. Iakovos says:

    I always thought Jack (in the personage of Peter Bergman) and Nikki were better suited than Victor and Nikki. To be honest, I am tired of the years of on and off between the two and I never bought they are the love story for the ages. At this stage of the game, the Newmans should be done with the shenanigans and face turmoil together. Lately stories have Victor insufferable and Nikki immature. When Jack and Nikki were last together, it was good. And why would Nikki take back a man who regards marriage so poorly and wed his sons’ former wife? Ewwwww!


  5. Jenna says:

    Wow! I know she mentioned the morale was poor as far as the Christmas party showing, but “very few actors had wonderful things to say” upon her returning. That’s really sad. I hope they can fix this problem and trim the fat with some of the unnecessary talent there.

    I, for one, am ecstatic that she AND Nikki Newman are back. I know Victor and Nikki are the end game, but as long as this show continues, she can be paired with Jack or anybody else. I mean you know that even if she was to be with Victor right now, they would only get to be happy for a second.


  6. JustSaying says:

    “The one thing I will say is that we have too many people on the show.”

    Is she right or is she right? Ha!


  7. Jan says:

    I love Y&R, but I’m sick of the same ole people hooking up. I’d rather see the show bring in new actors for the regulars and have new relationships. I liked Emily with Jack and I like Genevieve. I am SICK of the whole crazy Patty thing. Kick her to the pych ward and let’s move on. No, I don’t want Nikki and Jack together. Give Nikki a new relationship with a strong man that can compete with Victor.


  8. Barbara says:

    Something is up with this show. I saw an interview with her at the Daytime Emmys (during the period when Nikki was missing from the show). Thomas seemed irked with the producers. Frankly, I’m surprised that she may have signed another contract. She follows it up with comments such as “few actors … had wonderful things to say to me when I returned.”

    Several weeks ago, I saw Corbin Bernsen’s tweet, saying that he was returning for a few days on the show but also implying that the set was not a pleasant place.

    Between the generally poor writing and unwise casting choices over the past few years, coupled with these types of comments, I’m thinking that bad decisions are going to drive this show into the grave. It really is sad.


    Iakovos replied

    I used to LOVE Y&R, now not so much, but I watch. There are toomany people and they are the same. The near incest is too much and I am tired of the reliance of quickie marriages and silly and underwhelming stories (Cane’s twin? the endless Patty craziness? the Diane Jenkins murder? the I Married Victor Newman paradeof brides? Anything Adam? Hello!). Bring on a blizzard or tornado or — the recssion! — and send some of these people packing. Bring in a solid strong new core family that is not already related to anyone and let some new alliances, new corporate stories (we can follow), and unlikely alliances begin.


  9. kay killgore says:

    I agree but to get all of that MAB and crew are going to have to exit . And because she is Bill Bell’s daughter in law it won’t happen. I do not know why the actors take up for her well I do they want to keep their job. Yet MTS blames Sony go figure!


    Jenna replied

    I know what you mean. And it seems right now the ONLY couple that is happy is Michael and Lauren, although I heard there are plans to test him with Avery … good grief! There are no happy couples anymore.

    I’m sure Sony just wanted to cut some of the fat, so to speak, to help with the budget. I have grown tired of Maria Arena Bell myself.


  10. Avelina says:

    I love her. She’s an awesome actress but I want Victor and Nikki together. They are the definition of soap supercouple


  11. Ted says:

    I missed Melody during 2011 and have celebrated her return. But you can register me as NOT being pleased with the storylines AT ALL and yes , there really are too many characters on the show!

    I’m sooo discouraged with the way soaps are “going” these days, that yes, I even envision our beloved Y&R headed for “trouble’ if the writing doesn’t improve.

    I admire the actors, but wonder (quite often) how they face a day in the studio working with the bizarre scripts they’re given. –Hats off to them. What troopers.


  12. Scott says:

    I don;t think it’s any secret that actors and crew are unhappy at Y&R and there’s one reason for that unhappiness: Maria Arena Bell.

    MTS is right, as of right now, she’s someone who could be thrown around by MAB right now. And there are too many people on the show. I see Y&R steadily losing its star if MAB continues at the helm.


  13. kay killgore says:

    Jenna I was scratching my head on this one not going to mention the blog by name I know she is friends with Sharon Case, Joshua Morrow, Eric Braeden, Ameila H? so I do not know but I think you always have clicks just like any job and I would think the people you are in storyline are sometimes the ones you get close with. The only real fight I remember was between Eric Braeden & Peter Bergman it got physical back in the 90′s Bill Bell told them to knock it off and patch up their differences or they were both gone.


    Jenna replied

    It’s funny how things like Twitter give you a little insight. I mean the “following” list alone speaks volumes.

    I have also heard of fights between Michelle Stafford and Victoria Rowell. Then I hear things about how Billy Miller can’t stand Amelia Heinle.

    I don’t believe everything I hear or read. Some things are obvious. I guess as much as SOME fans cannot separate the actor from the role they play, some actors have a hard time separating their character from their real life. Then again, some actors and the characters they play seem to be identical.

    I’m glad Braeden and Bergman knocked it off. Y&R would be a lonely place without their larger-than-life alter egos.


  14. kay killgore says:

    I will also add I don’t think Y&R helped anything by adding big names with large salaries I think the veterans resent that more then anything and that is who MTS was talking about ! All I have to say on this subject!


    Christine (formerly known as Jenna) replied

    Yeah, who would blame them?


  15. Ashleigh says:

    What will it take to axe Maria A. Bell?! She is
    THE reason Y&R is suffering! I am SO
    glad they finally got rid of Angelo & Angie,
    but they need to also dump Chelsea, Anita,
    Sophia, Daisy, Genevieve, Sarge, Ricky,
    Harmony, Carmine, Avery, etc… Dead
    wood, ALL!!! I want Nikki/Victor, but he
    needs to be softened in the writing of his
    character. And I love Sharon & Adam
    together. With him, she’s strong &
    independent, with her, he’s kind &
    gentle. I hate that MAB makes his ALL evil–
    no-one is all evil, not even Adam… And I
    love Nick/Phyllis together, & Michael/Lauren,
    & Kevin/Chloe, but they need to axe Eden!
    (along with the 12 mentioned above)… But
    the main one who needs to go is MAB!! If her
    husband, Brad Bell, cares about his parents’
    creation, he will get her to leave, the sooner
    the better!! :-) I think I hate her most of all!


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