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18 September 17th, 2016 Y&R’s Melody Thomas Scott Video Interview: Nikki Being Victor’s Co-Conspirator, Justin Hartley’s Exit & Thoughts On EP Mal Young!

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The Young and the Restless Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) just was in major cahoots with her husband, the mighty Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) on recent episodes of the CBS daytime drama series.

In fact, Nikki helped reunite Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) with the on-the-run husband Adam (formerly, Justin Hartley) shortly before his “death”, and assisted Victor in his attempt to send his son, wife, and his grandson away to start a new life somewhere else.

Now, Nikki’s son, Dylan (Steve Burton) is on the case to implicate Victor in Adam’s “death” and getaway.  But Nikki visited her son and informed him that if he tries to put Victor behind bars, then he will have to put his mother behind bars, too.  Which are you going to chose to do?  On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Y&R icon, Melody Thomas Scott, at last week’s Y&R 11,o0oth episode on set celebration at CBS Television City.  During our chat, Melody expressed her enthuiasm of this new “covert” Nikki helping the man she loves!

Melody related on Nikki helping Chelsea reunite with Adam: “Wasn’t it great when you found out Nikki was in on it?”  She went on to say, “That’s new for her (Nikki) … she’s usually naked, or she’s drunk, or she’s cult member, but she’s not really covert.  I do like her like this, and I hope there is more to come.”  Speaking of the end of the line for Adam as played by the exited Justin Hartley, Thomas Scott shared: “I love and adore Justin Hartley … and, if I were younger (laughs) …. no, he just got engaged! (Laughs).  But I do love him, and he is so funny.  Justin is such a wonderful actor.”

As to what the future drama will come the way of Nikki Newman, Melody related:  “I had a very good chance with Mal Young, our new EP who I adore.  He has been here like ten minutes it seems, but he already understands this show very well.  He’s been watching it for years In England, and he knows what this show is suppose to be about. Mal is starting to make changes to correct some things that have gone on over the years.  I am just putting my trust in Mal.  I am not one to tell the writers what to do, and never have been. I hope Nikki does become involved, in perhaps, more of Victor’s shennigans.  I think that would be fun … being partners in crime with him.”

For Y&R’s 11K celebration, Melody acknowledged that none of this would even be possible without the fans of the enduring series: “Without their support, we would not be celebrating another milestone of this incredible show.  Thank you, Bill and Lee Bell (Co-Creators, Y&R)!  But it’s the continued support of the fans that keep us here, and we so appreciate it, and we are very blessed.”

Watch Melody’s interview below.  Then let us know if you would like to see Nikki continue to be covert with Victor and assist him in his efforts to protect his family and his business interests?  What did you think of the sentiments shared by Melody on Justin Hartley, Mal Young and you, the fans of the series? Comment below!

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  1. jaybird369 says:

    Oh, for God’s sake…WE GET IT!!!!!!!!!! Victor and Nikki are, like, back together for, like, the ZILLIONTH TIME…Adam is “dead” (for now)…Dylan The Bland will (once again) charge in on his ‘Macho Horse’ to (G-A-G!!!!!!!!!!) “save the day”…ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!! Again…we get it. Y&R…just move on already……….


    Timmm replied

    Well Jay, Victor needs a punching bag. Billy is not Billy and Adam is gone so I huess he will take swings at Dylan now! PS: Travis is way to weak to go up against the Black Knight!


    Timmm replied


  2. Trapper says:

    I have always loved Nikki and Victor together. They’re a force to be reckoned with. I look forward to watching them finally achieve the potential that no one else has really pursued.


  3. su0000 says:

    I noticed;
    I do NOT FF Y&R
    I DO FF 50-70% of GH

    I can not tolerate the loooooong say nothing conversations in GH ..
    They talk too much saying nothing.

    Y&R has sharp controlled conversations that connect deep to the story.

    Melody and Eric are gold, a true Super Couple !
    Y&R rocks !!

    ((its a shame– what has been done to GH is a crime/murder and a sin))


    Katherine R replied

    I FF’d thru most of GH too.. Especially ANYTHING to do with Sonny’s daughter’s… and Alexis … yawn…


  4. beacon says:

    He’s been watching it for years In England, and he knows what this show is suppose to be about.” – Y&R has never aired in England, though….


    Wendy replied

    I just checked historically the airing of YR in Europe with Wikipedia and it has aired in the UK in 1992 with earlier episodes from 1987, several different channels aired it until 1993 and then it was put into a Primetime slot until 1995 when it was then aired with the shows 4 years behind current shows in the US. It was finally delegated midnight time slot until 2010. Since then it’s not been shown. Hope this helps. Do check the Wikipedia information as it’s expansive.


  5. Wendy says:

    No more Nikki the drunk victimized wife; hopefully she will become the strong woman she’s always had the potential to become as the character. Too many years watching Nikki struggle out of the depths of emotional abuse in her multiple marriages to Victor and the abyss of alcoholism. Now let’s see her even begin her own company or a home based business of some kind. After all, there are enough dollars to fund any venture she’d want to create. Let’s see the balance change where Victor is riddled with his own guilt for past deeds and decreased confidence with a stronger wife. Have hoped for this shift for years. Anyone else agree?


  6. soapqueenforever says:

    LOVE Nikki Always have. And I completely love she was riding shotgun this time around with Victor. What a nice change. I thought it was going to be another merry go round of fighting over secrets and lies, and Nikki winding up somewhere fighting over whether or not to down drink. Loved seeing this side of Nikki and I hope there’s more to come. I hope she is right about the writers changing and fixing past mistakes. Looking forward to seeing what’s next. Let’s just hope that when and if there are changes they are for better and not worse. And on a side note I am hoping they are working on a Sully reveal. How much longer can Sharon and Mariah keep lying before one or both of them crack


    Katherine R replied

    Nikki needs to be more fun.. like when she and Sharon used to be in cahoots.. this show needs a little comic relief… I like that she and Victor are on the same page.. :D


  7. Lulu says:

    I love the Victor and Nikki partnership. It should have been done years ago. I don’t like Sonny and Carly ; however, she’s always with him no matter what, because she knows who and what he is.


  8. Scoma60 says:

    Sigh….I’ve just given up on Nikki. She’s in a toxic and emotionally abusive marriage to a sociopath. She’s thrown away every ounce of integrity to whitewash every heinous act Victor’s done. Nikki & her kids are just awful.
    How am I supposed to root for a woman who continues to debase herself? If I was writing YR I’d have Nikki grow a brain and enter therapy to find out why she keeps rolling over for an egomaniac prick like Victor. Divorce him and find your strength.
    It’s 2016 and weak pathetic women (and adult kids) are just not root-worthy anymore.
    Killing off Victor would definitely be a step in the right direction.


    jaybird369 replied

    Scoma60…VERY, VERY WELL SAID!!!!! I TOTALLY SALUTE YOU!!!!! Also, Victoria is nothing but whiny, self-absorbed and EVEN MORE ANNOYING…Nick is nothing but a moronic and dim-witted JACKASS…Dylan is such AN EMBARRASSMENT as a so-called cop. To me, Nikki’s kids are AWFUL PERIOD!!!!! A-n-d…as a mother, Nikki is NONE TOO SWIFT herself!!!!! Oh…and most of all, I ESPECIALLY AGREE WITH the last sentence in your post!!!!! Victor’s, uh, ‘time’ in Genoa City should have ended a long time ago!!!!!!

    Take care.


    Harry replied

    I wonder if back in the day of answering machines if Nikki got cut off with a beep because of her tendency to whisper her speech?
    “Hello, Victoria? This is (sigh, whipser) Mom. How’s college? You like your dorm mates? I sent you a care package and whisper…whisper…..whisper and I wanted to tell you that your father….whisper, whisper. then BEEP!”
    I wonder if any comedian ended up wearing a pirate shirt on some late night talk show because he did not understand that Nikki was asking him to wear her pirate shirt on the show so he just nodded yes.

    (If you are not a Seinfeld fan, you will not understand the pirate shirt reference).

  9. Judy says:

    I love Nikki and MTS and I love her with Victor. As EB said on Twitter regarding their reunion, don’t you think it is about time? They have had some awful writing and hopefully that will change. I love Nikki as Victor’s co-conspirator and would love to see more. It makes more sense to me than her getting angry, leaving him, only to go back to him. But for it to work Victor needs his heart back and the types of things he does need to change. I can’t imagine her helping him go after Jack.


  10. Katherine R says:

    Y&R needs a little comedy… like between Katherine and Esther… of course that can never be duplicated… but we need a few laughs Y&R !!!


  11. Tomas Torquemada says:

    Let’s really return to the roots and make grandma Nikki climb the pole one more time.

    I love Miss Nikki. Not respectable Nikki. Maybe she could open a ‘gentlemen’s’ club at Newnan Towers! LOL.


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