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14 April 6th, 2011 Y&R’s Michael Muhney on Shadam, Playing Bad & More!

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The Young and the Restless’ Michael Muhney makes Adam Newman one of the most complex and interesting characters to watch on daytime television.  The talented Mr. Muhney spoke with about Adam’s relationship with Sharon, stepping into the role of Adam to begin with and the complexities of the situation, and Adam’s estranged relationship with his father, Victor.   Here is an excerpt below!

Muhney on Adam’s true feelings for Sharon: “Adam finds himself wanting to be a better man because of Sharon. I’ll be honest, I think that in real life, if you left most men to their vices and women weren’t in the world, men would be even more corrupt than they are now! I think that Adam feels he has a lot more to lose now that he has Sharon. ”

So with all the twists and turns going down for Sharon and Adam, do you think there love will endure? Let us know.

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  1. YRviewer says:

    Absolutely yes. This is Shadam-made — angst, long-suffering, pain and then, after an exhaustive trial, the passionate, explosive, sensual and ultimate reunion.

    This is what Shadam is all about — romance with an edge, angst before heaven — a soapy couple for the ages.


  2. Ashley says:

    I’m glad we know they aren’t gonna last forever. I’m sorry but as talented as Muhney is, he and Stafford united on screen is the epitome of explosive, tainted, soapy super coupledom. IMO they are the true forbidden love and YR is missing the boat by not pairing the together. Shaon and Adam bring out the worst in each other and make the other character boring. I’m sorry, but her grown son told her she is a bad mother, and she is giving up a life w/ her daughter for a life w/ Adam. Not the Sharon I remember. I loved the Phadam scenes and want more, more, more. BRING ON PHADAM.


  3. Lori says:

    I would have a hard time truly believe that he loves her much as he does.When he is trying to convice her to runway right after a possible Veridict in a murder case.If he truly loves her then he would’ve even have her do this.I am sorry to me the writers are hurting Sharon character now with the possible of her running away convice by Adam.That is what is hurting her character more then anything else.Its almost like Sharon is looking through rose color glasses.Not opening her eyes of what Adam wants her to do.Not only that it will hurt her case more then helping it.So please writers truly think about this way heard of time before .This I am sorry to say just may blow up in there faces.For I feel this will make there rating drop big time.


  4. kay killgore says:

    After reading the blog on Y&R today why do I get the feeling this new man in Sharon’s life is going to be the real Victor Newman Jr? Any thoughts????


    since 1984 replied

    Funny you should say that. My sister and I have never believed he was the real Adam for some reason. So you think the new hunky Vet is the real V.N Jr.??
    This storyline with Sharon and Adam totally turns my stomach. Not just the whole baby thing. He’s Nick’s brother, what was she thinking in the first place??
    Also, in New Orleans, didn’t she tell Adam she chooses Nick, then Nick dumped her. What’s with this I love you crap. Had Nick not left her, it’s exactly where she’d be. Adam can make her believe anything he wants….I can’t imagine where the Shadam storeyline could possible go. It’s Gross!!

    So…I went completely random on you:)


    since 1984 replied

    I meant “sorry” :)

  5. Devoted Fan says:

    Adam exhibits pause and restraint and regard for Ashley when he is in her presence. My wish is that Muhney would have the same level of regard for fans who feel the way Ashley does. When Ashley forgives him for the heinous things he has done, I will too.


  6. ture says:

    Adam you ugly, so so ugly. Sharon you stupid, so so stupid.


  7. Kate says:

    I like Sharon much better with Nick. I also think Adam has more chemistry with Phyllis.


  8. Skyla says:

    I am loving Shadam!!! I think Sharon Case and Michael Muhney sizzle on screen together and quite honestly I haven’t enjoyed watching Sharon this much since she first got Cassie back. Her and Nick were boring, boring, boring and Nick with all his constantly trying to save her just made her weak and whiny. With Adam she has finally gotten a back bone, which she had reminiscent of one during the first part of her relationship with Jack but then she regressed, and i am so happy to see Sharon get some spunk and fight for what she wants instead of sitting in the corner crying and waiting for Nick or Victor or Diego or Brad or “the list goes on” man to save her. And I like what she brings out in Adam, there’s truly a loving, compassionate, loyal side to him with Sharon. You can tell that she is his entire world and he would go to any lengths to make her happy and help her. But what I like is he doesn’t want to save her, he wants to stand by her side and help her rather than swoop her out of her next mess. He encourages her to stand firmly on her own feet while he stands rooted beside her, unlike the other men who make her weak and dependent. I think they make eachother more interesting and they have that forbidden, no one else understand, us against the world love and i personally love it. I’d basically tunes out of this show right after Phick split up and then tuned back in to New Orleans when I heard Shadam was going to unite down there quite honestly I tuned back out when it looked like it might just be a moment but once they got back together I have been watching again because I can’t get enough of this “right kind of wrong” couple. I’m lookign forward to them clearing Sharon’s name and then remarrying as the rest of the GC residents like Victor wag their hypocritical tongues.


  9. lisa says:

    I love Adam and Sharon together -it’s a bittersweet love story, but I think they really do love each other.


  10. Mary says:

    Adam and Eden need to be the next couple. Adam needs a fresh start, wedding, babies etc.


  11. shirley says:



  12. SMP says:

    LOVE SHADAM/SHAZAM. Looks like a rough road ahead, but MM is amazing as is SC with him; this couple is the hottest in daytime


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