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6 November 13th, 2010 Y&R’s Michael Muhney on upcoming fan fest “No groping & we’re all good”!

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The Young and the Restless, Michael Muhney (Adam) is heading to Raleigh, North Carolina with many other soap stars and some of his Y&R castmates next weekend for the Soap Star Spectacular on Sunday, November 21st.  The talented actor and Genoa City’s resident bad boy spoke to yesterday for a phone interview. When speaking with the reporter about fan interaction Muhney said jokingly, “Don’t grope me.  No groping and we’re all good.”

Muhney went onto discuss playing the many layers of Adam Newman, “As long as Adam has a bite and he can be cruel and manipulative with the right people, but then can have a whole different tact with others, he will be fun to play. I always want to hold on to the bad boy side.”

And as far as the fans, Muhney truly loves meeting them,  “I’m just about as thrilled with the opportunity this next weekend as the folks who will be attending.  It is kind of a pay-it-forward moment when I get to interact with folks. They are the ones you are performing for.”

For more on the Soap Star Spectacular and how you can meet  The Talented Mr. Muhney, and tickets, click here.

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  1. Devoted Fan says:

    Please get Adam and Daisy off of Y&R and please don’t let Deacon come back. I really miss watching Y&R but I won’t as long as these total unlikeables are still on. It seems to me that MAB has taken too much advice from Brad Bell. Not listening to your fans (who hate Adam, Deacon, and Daisy) and ticking off the fans isn’t good for ratings. We don’t like these characters and we’ve stated as much over and over and over and over……


  2. Devoted Fan says:

    Actually, none of that (my previous comment) matters if Y&R is already slated for cancellation and they are either trying to condition us now so that is won’t matter as much or if they are trying to get the numbers low so they can act all surprised and devastated when it happens. It smacks of GL and ATWT to me and it is no way to treat decades-loyal fans. Or any fans.


    Kalamaty replied

    Wow! Save the drama for Y&R! To quote Melody Thomas Scott in a recent interview, “it’s a SOAP, baby!” Y&R has been number one in the ratings for years upon years for a reason. I enjoy the show each and every day. There’s always a few characters that people won’t respond to, for whatever reason, but there are just as many other characters that people enjoy. The core group will always be there and it’s the temporary ones who’ll be gone before you know it. I’m certain you’ve been watching long enough to realize that. Sheesh!


    Devoted Fan replied

    As long as MF allows comments, I will comment. So sheesh back to you, baby. There are far too many channels on TV to suffer through a show that has loathesome and unlikeable characters. Victor does not have both of those characteristics. That comparison is like apples and potatoes. Why would anyone watch something that is just unpleasant? It just adds insult to injury to have read that so many other viewers feel similarly and MAB just blows off the feedback and forges ahead. The longevity of Deacon, Daisy, and Adam is too much. Enjoy the ratings MAB. Devoted Fan (and others) tried to tell you!

    Kalamaty replied

    Your comment/reply makes absolutely no sense.


  3. S.Pemberton says:

    Everyone’s got their own opinions on individual characters and disliking a couple isn’t going to mean a thing. I happen to enjoy watching Adam AND Deacon. Have LOATHED (not loved to hated) Victor Newman for the entirety of his presence on the show. Ever since he was married to Julia. I’m not alone. And yet, somehow the show survived all that… ;)


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