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17 April 21st, 2010 Y&R’s Michelle Stafford on Phick, Rowell, & wheelchair bound Phyllis!

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In a brand new interview released today from TV Guide Canada’s, Nelson Branco, Michelle Stafford is featured.  The hot actress and new mother from The Young and the Restless also  is named 2010 Sexiest Woman Alive, an honor previously held by Crystal Chappell and One Life’s Kassie DePaiva.  From her submission for this year’s Daytime Emmys, to her rockin body, to the ongoing triangle of Phyllis/Nick/Sharon, and her thoughts on the controversary surrounding her and former co-star Victoria Rowell (Ex-Dru) it’s all here, and all Stafford.  Here are a few enticing excepts below!

Michelle on the Genoa City triangle this past year: “There wasn’t a lot of care taken in terms of Nick and Phyllis’s relationship last year. I don’t think the writers would be mad at me for saying that. Last year, the writers wrote the triangle from Nick and Sharon’s viewpoint — and not from Nick and Phyllis’s angle. And it’s nothing I’m even really mad about. My job is to play what’s on the page, but it was challenging to play because I had to create empathy for Phyllis through my performance because it wasn’t necessarily on the page.”

Michelle on the controversial “spit scene” that was discussed by Rowell in an interview at Daytime Confidential:  “Before we taped the scene, I told everyone that I thought Phyllis should do a spit take at the moment where Drucilla said something shocking. Everyone agreed. Unfortunately, some of the spit got in her face. Technically, I guess I did spit on her, but it’s not true that I did it on purpose. That’s what happened. You can ask the director. I saw Vicki recently and we had a pleasant talk about my daughter. Before I left the show I even picked her brain about adopting. I valued her knowledge because of her history [with the foster care system]. Listen, I really consider ourselves friends. It’s hurtful to me that she would say anything bad about me now. I don’t understand it because I thought we were OK. She’s a fantastic actress. I loved working with her. There was one point I didn’t like so much, but overall, I thought we worked really well together. If I didn’t like Victoria, I’d probably not go on the record about this and just issue a no comment. Usually no comment means, “Oh, I have a big comment [laughs]!”

Michelle on a wheel-chair bound Phyllis stuck at the Masquerade Ball wheeling around during the explosion: ” Omigod, that was so funny! Everyone from the control booth to the makeup department laughed their asses off! When we shot that we could hardly get through the scenes, especially when Nick found Phyllis and asked someone to watch his wife so he could go and find Sharon! Sometimes the writers don’t see the trap they put their actors in when they don’t think about certain relationships. We just played it like, with all the commotion Nick just assumed since Phyllis was in a wheelchair that someone would’ve helped her and she got out safely — even though she didn’t [laughs]! Though, I have to say, I liked being in an exploding room because I’ve never been a part of anything like that before.”

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  1. JimTolkien says:

    And this is why I love Michelle Stafford so much and why she is my favourite soap actress of all time. She makes me smile. I am so happy that she is a new Mom and you can tell she is beyond happy too. Michelle, I wish you and Natalia the best life has to offer. From one of your dearest fans!!


  2. bottomchef says:

    Spit or swallow implications. Typical nelson branco. We should all be thankful that the panel that “voted” (chose) Sexiest Woman overruled zero sex appeal Haiduk or deflated blow up doll Bjorlin. Oh, and killer talent was a factor in considering sexiest woman.

    But Branco wrote that talent was not a factor in Sexiest man. Duh! That’s bec bratty Brandon Beemer’s only talent is disrobing.

    Stafford is a phenomenal and entertaining actress, no doubt abt it. No one can question her acting prowess. I think she should have submitted Phyliss cutting up Sharon’s lingerie. It was a novelistic touch from the writers. But if she’s referring to Nick leaving Phyliss, then that was a good reel also. Frankly, she has a wealth of options to choose from since she’s that good. I think she’s even better than Flannery, who has been sleepwalking thru B&B.

    But Stafford comes forth as very fake abt Victoria Rowell. She wants Rowell back on Y&R? Hahahahahahahahaahahhahahahahaha! That’s abt as plausible as all the doubles running around Genoa City. One same incident cannot be interpreted in 2 such divergent ways. One of them’s lying, and I din;t think it’s Victoria Rowell.

    For Stafford to only talk abt it now, after such a wild, disgusting and repugnant accusation, says it all. No one accused of spitting on a colleague would speak up abt it after 3 years! Stafford’s “I don’t know why she thinks we’re not friends” is pure crap. Stafford’s obviously playing the “I’m nice, look at me, I want her back on the show.” angle while impying that Rowell is a few cards short of a full stack. Stafford’s abt as convincing as Christian Leblanc’s acting.


  3. Rob says:

    Victoria Rowell is notoriously arrogant and difficult, I think Michelle Stafford handled herself with class and diplomacy.

    I dont know anyone who really wants Druzilla back.


  4. bottomchef says:

    Druzilla! LOL! That’s a good one.

    Actually, many Y&R fans are demanding that she return. Heck even Michelle Stafford is “open” to her return. Although I dunno how sincere Stafford’s acting. She isn’t really selling her material in her interview.

    The sad part is that other Daytime divas who are white have pulled more crap on their shows, yet they are tolerated and even get to return.

    Hunter Tylo for example is notorious for this. Mind you, I think Tylo’s fantastic as Taylor, especially during the drunk years. They don’t compare to Bobbie Eakes’s acting as pyschotic drunk Macy, but Tylo was still very entertaining. And she brings an intensity to her part, especially when Tay gets bitchy, or how delusional Tay is when she believes her lies.

    Tylo, on her first run on B&B, reportedly acted above it all and too good for soaps. She even wrote abt her squabbles w/ colleague Kimberlin Brown. Tylo held up production during renewals of her contract during the Massimo is Ridge’s biological father storyline. Tylo even revealed storylines on her board, like how Brooke would lose FC. The show told her not to do that and had to rewrite, so Brooke thwarted Ridge’s takeover. And when Tylo was written out when Sheila “killed” Tay, Tylo was very vocal abt her criticisms of Brad Bell. Bell merely responded by saying Tylo’s “outspoken”. Yet Tylo’s back on B&B.

    Robin Strasser was very vocal and even had a hotline where she’d bash Jill Farren Phelps while she was still on OLTL! She even bashed Ron Carlivati at one pt, and no one bashes RC in the soap press for obvious reasons. Yet OLTL keeps welcoming her back.

    While Rowell was fighting for equality on the Y&R set. How’d you feel if you got hand me down gowns from Melody Thomas Scott? Obviously the show was not giving her respect. Stafford says she told everyone abt the spit take, but accrdg to Rowell’s twitter, she was not told abt the spitting incident. How’d you feel if you were the only actor not told abt the spit take.

    Anyways, I think Rowell should not return to such a toxic environment. She deserves better. She should go to other soaps, primetime or film.


  5. bottomchef says:

    And notice in the interview how Stafford does not mention if she even had the decency to apologize for spitting on Rowell. Anyone who did not do that on purpose would apologize. So all the more does the spit appear premeditated.

    And compare that to the kish fans.

    When nelson branco, the Perez Hilton of Daytime, reported that the kish actors were allegedly hard partying unprofessionals who caused set delays, what happened? W/in the same week, or even the same day, Brett Claywell denied it. He blabbed to every media outlet that would give him a forum that what branco reported was a lie. Evans I think tweeted abt it and eventually denied it in an interview.

    So Michelle Stafford waits for 3 years before denying that she spit on Rowell or clarifying the incident?


  6. BETTYEJ says:

    Michelle Stafford is not the best looking female by a long shot. I get sick of seeing her on the YR and I think her and KKL on the Bold and Beautiful can’t act their way out of a brown paper bag. The only thing they both are good at is dropping it like it’s hot with any male that the director tell them too.

    And by the way, Victoria Rowell’s can act and I don’t want to see her back on the creepy and racist Young and Restless.


  7. bottomchef says:

    Unlike others who can’t take criticism of their idols (cough “jane”), I respect your opinions and I am not bothered by them, nor will I call you names or attack you for your opinions on KKL Bettyej.

    Actually, I think KKL has been phoning it in. The material isn’t there, but yes actors should elevate the script. I think Tylo’s been outshining her since Tay became so paranoid abt Brooke stealing Nick from her. At least Tylo brings some kind of verve to Tay, while Brooke seems to react like she doesn’t care abt any of the insults hurled at her. Heck, Brooke isn’t even attacking Steph for her role in beth’s death! How dumb since Steph had a role in Brooke’s rape, and has assaulted, kidnapped and tried to kill Brooke numerous times.


  8. jane says:

    you’re very bitter, bottomchef. whenever i see you you’re complaining about something or personally attacking an actor or actress.

    and i thought you believed the rumors about the kish actors being unprofessional, or at least that scott evans was because he admitted he went to gay bars before. now you’re saying you don’t?


    bottomchef replied

    You’re the bitter one jane since kish is axed. And for the kish fans hoping Scott Evans would end up on B&B after he tweeted “thanks” to brad bell, it was a diff brad bell that was praising evans’s looks since that brad bell works at a gay website w/c only follows soaps w/ gay characters.

    Actors should get criticism. It’s the same thing in the Crystal Chappell thread. People are attacking those that criticize Chappell. I think she’s an ok actress now, she was better during the buried alive Days, but she was overpraised as shrieky, late in life lesbian Olivia. AMC’s reigel still delivered the definitive performance as queer icon Bianca.

    As for the rumors, people can CHANGE their minds! this thread isn’t even abt kish but you hijacked it again bec you’re very obsessed.


    jane replied

    You mentioned Kish first, not I.

    And you’re the one complaining about stupid stuff from several years ago.

  9. SCMIDT says:

    I don t like michelle stadfford sharon case is more beautiful I can t understand why her man nick loves her it is not certainly for her beauty


  10. bottomchef says:

    This is what you wrote: “and i thought you believed the rumors about the kish actors being unprofessional, or at least that scott evans was because he admitted he went to gay bars before. now you’re saying you don’t?”

    You mentioned kish first, not me. Unless you can’t even remember what you wrote?

    I was writing abt KKL, which someone else brought up.

    People should be allowed to defend themselves from these rabid fans of soap actors who portray queer characters.


  11. bottomchef says:


    And when I mentioned kish, it was in comparison to Michelle Stafford’s denial of the spitting.

    While you mention kish to attack people that do not support the kish actors.

    MOVE ON jane!


  12. Knox says:

    What a bizarre man that Nelson Branco is. Could he have his face any farther up the actresses ass? I’m an avid soap watcher who watches every single soap currently on daytime and I can say that there are many many more soap actresses who qualify for this sexiest woman award. The whole phick thing is so over done and I don’t even understand why this actress keeps holding herself down in such an awful pairing. It has done nothing good for her or her acting career because Joshua Morrow sucks the life out of any woman he’s paired with and in fact Sharon Case did her best work away from him. Michelle should beg the writers to free her from that coupling, by whatever means necessary and her fans should in fact push for it. As for the whole spitting incident, I don’t buy Michelle’s version. It was well known even before this that the two of them had a rivalry going that stemmed back further. The fact that Michelle discussed this idea with everyone else, sort of sounds like a mean girl joke that everyone else was in on under the guise of it being something good for the scene, but in fact was meant to humiliate Ms. Rowell. Shame on Michelle for being so crude and unprofessional to not discuss it with the person in the scene. Kudos to Victoria for keeping it professional and staying with it. She’s doing great now and her career is thriving, why she’d even want to come back to YR is puzzling.


  13. Paula says:

    She is beautiful!!!!!! What a body and an amazing actress!!!!
    We want to see more of Michelle!!!!!! XOX


  14. Delise says:

    Michelle is Hottt!!! Great actress too
    I hope Phick is not really over.


  15. Jodie says:

    Posts like this bgritehn up my day. Thanks for taking the time.


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