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58 November 26th, 2014 Y&R’s Nick And His Exes: What Did You Think Of The Episode?


On Tuesday’s episode of CBS’ The Young and the Restless it was the standalone episode of Nick Newman (Joshua Newman) trying to figure out why he has such a messed up love life with all the gals who he has been involved with.

From Sharon (Sharon Case), to Phyllis (Gina Tognoni), to Avery (Jessica Collins), to Julianne Morris Poloha (Amy), to Jennifer Gareis (Grace), Nick has had failed relationships with all of them for one reason or another … and they are all a part of this special episode.

A drunken and down-on-his-luck Nick sort of  “envisions” that these gals are all at the cabin and together as a group, as they confront him one by one.  Even mom, Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) is conjured up when he is upset over his failures.

Nick, who has at times been deemed, “Nick the dog” for his sexacapades with women, gets a visit from an actual adorable dog who is his buddy throughout his journey in the episode.  Could the dog be an analogy?   It was nice to see Joshua Morrow getting an opportunity to have an episode where he is able to tap into all the things that make us love him and his acting style.  Gina Tognoni also did a more than admirable job re-creating some of the key  moments in the history of Nick and Phyllis.  The big scene though happened between Sharon Case and Joshua when Nick tells Sharon he is over all the lies and deceit that have gone down throughout the history of their relationship.  At the end, it seems that Nick has a realization that he has sworn off women, and is just going concentrate on being a dad to his children.  However, we think there may be a new woman on the horizon for Nick.  The episode ends with Nick in dire straits!

So, what did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy it? What did you think of the performances?


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  1. PV Jr. says:

    That nothing will change. He got caught in the trap and now will be paired with Sage … another woman. After he just got done saying how much trouble “women” are.

    Why do these stand alone episodes never amount to anything? The character never changes.

    Get ready for Sick.


    Iakovos replied

    I agree, I like the idea of these special episodes, something of a tradition on Y&R, but you are right, PV Jr., why do the characters never change or move forward truly affected by their reflective experiences. I think the one with Billy Abbott (Billy Miller) was the best. The ones for Victor and Nikki seem only Emmy bait.

    I miss the Christmas episodes on AS THE WORLD TURNS. Some of those were truly special.


    jaybird369 replied

    Iakovos…I feel the same way…I MISS ATWT PERIOD!!!!! To me, the ATWT Christmas episodes were BEYOND MAGICAL!!!!! BTW, Sick is a VERY ACCURATE DESCRIPTION…LOL!!!!! As far as I’m concerned, Sick Nick is acting rather N-U-T-S himself…LOL!!!!!



    Lew S. replied

    Sick! I like that!


  2. Mo says:

    I thought it was boring.

    Disapointed that the big return of Amy was for this one episode. I was looking forward to a story in the present and not Nick’s drunken hallucinations.


  3. davidevansmith says:

    I kept waiting for personal character growth for Nick, or him taking responsibility in the failures of his relationships, but I didn’t feel like that ever came. It was a neat idea, but I feel like it just highlighted all the weak parts of Nick, not redeeming qualities to make us like him.

    Also thought we got a taste of the weaker start of Morrow’s acting back in the “Amy” days. Some rough scenes to watch there. But at least he’s evolved and become more natural as an actor I now enjoy.

    Yeah, this looks like Nick will get wrapped up with Sage now which will of course blow up over the Adam scam, so once more… nothing has changed.


    Nikki replied

    I agree with everything you said. Imagine the look on the new Adam’s face when Nick is going out with Sage.I was really hoping he would reconcile with Sharon at least for awhile but it’s a lot of the same old stuff. Wont feel so bad when I have to miss it to go Christmas shopping.


  4. Nanci says:

    That was hard to watch…totally boring.
    An entire hour of Nick. I was like What is this?


    Timmm replied

    Just be thankful it wasnt a whole hour of Dylan!


    Laurie replied


    That cracked me up!! I just tweeted about how awesome BM’s NuJason scenes were this week on GH and that s/l is just now rolling w/the biggest yet to come. In contrast, SB, who left that role for YR, just stood around w/arm around Avery today as NotJason (Dylan) on YR. Poor Dylan. He’s such a bore!!! zzzzzzzz That’s another post for another day.

    I didn’t think it was bad Nanci, but I would’ve like to have seen Sharon or Michael be the lead in a flashback show. Perhaps they have in the past.

    Like I said, JM’s a fine actor, but his character seems to be very unpopular right now do to current s/l (dumping Sharon). So it kind of made him look even worse. I doubt that was their intention.

    jaybird369 replied

    Timmm…S-O totally true…LOL!!!!!

    PatrickSABRINA_CARLYFranco replied

    ur funny! about dylan zzZzz hunk yes but boring lately
    and i love seeing/hearing the cute Nick Newman,he has not age any almost forty
    god bless him. I LOVE JOSHUA hot,good looking,and a fine actor.
    SHARON though is his soulmate. i love seeing Wild cute sexy hot (early forties) Grace she is a trip, the other girl in white(the first girl in this dream/or whatever it is i do not remember her.

  5. Mark says:

    All it was was a bunch of old clips.


  6. Martha says:

    totally boring….he’s not an interesting-enough character to carry an episode like that..hopefully he will continue to evolve.


  7. robert says:

    very boring. i thought it was a dud. i almost fell asleep watching. y&r is a snoozefest right now. lets hope the new head writer can give us some exciting stories.


  8. carol says:

    A total waste of an entire episode. I don’t think it accomplished much and shouldn’t have been shown during November sweeps for sure.


    diane replied

    You are right on, I watched for 3 minutes and had enough.


    su0000 replied

    I was bord..
    The Y&R sweeps is a big YAWN..
    watching Nick trying to figure out why he has such a messed up love life- was a fail to keep me awake…
    Who is the daddy of VIctoria’s baby is a fail to keep me awake..

    Y&R sweeps has to be the worst ever… WTH??

    GH sweeps will go down in history of the best of best.. what a huge difference from Y&R
    Pratt will need to be a miracle worker to save Y&R..


    Chris F, replied

    sweeps is the entire ,month of November…..this was the last day….. YR sweeps also included Sharon getting caught and the arrival of Adam……which gave the show its highest ratings in months

  9. jen says:

    What a snore! Very disappointing episode!


  10. Mary SF says:

    The idea was good, but the writing was horrible– it did nothing to really deal with Nicholas issues and in the end it just came across as dull and a waste of time. Since all of this was in his head, he was basically seeing and hearing his version of events and who these women were like in his life. I thought recreating the scenes with Phyllis didn’t add to the episode– they should have dumped all the flashback and written some meaty dialogue instead— like Nick being an adult child of alcoholic no doubt played a big factor in his need to rescue women–should have been addressed with Nikki– all that inner drama that could have come up but didn’t– as for the dog, it was just a dog and he was the most interesting part of the episode.


  11. Ghlover says:

    y&r is a mess and has been for a while now…Want to save it??? WHO KILLED VICTOR story!! A real mystery with a surprising result and people will watch….


    Nikki replied

    If we do that one, I would rather have a “Who killed Summer” story line. Phyllis would go nuts, Nick is already crazy but he would probably blame Sharon, Jack would be worried about Phyllis and old Victor would crack.


    jaybird369 replied

    Oh, Nikki…a “Who killed Summer” storyline would be ULTIMATE MUSIC to my ears!!!!! Y-E-S!!!!! And, I-F that would happen (Y-A-Y!!!!!), think (also) about this…
    1. Abby would (y-e-t) once again stick her nose in where it DOESN’T belong. N-O mystery there…lol.
    2. Victoria would be beside herself aka MORE CRYING. B-l-a-h.
    3. A-n-d…Nicki would go on y-e-t another alcohol-fueled BENDER…lol.
    4. Most of all, Summer’s, um, death would make Austin GROW UP…and…from there, Austin would find himself a REAL WOMAN (aka un-Summer…lol).

    Take care, Nikki. Peace.

    Nikki replied

    Jaybird, I agree with everything you said & I couldn’t stop laughing even though your right on. One thing you forgot we wouldn’t get stuck having to see Summer in every show!

    Patrick replied


    that would truly be an explosive storyline

    because it would give said persons a storyline…. to catapult their dire straits… like it was Cassie

    Sharon, Nick, Jack, Victor, Nikki…. if the Y&R Production team wanted to prop the nonexistent newmans…. and feature Jack

    she’s just not an interesting character…. but it would be drama all over again for

  12. Harry says:

    Well, I liked it but I was hoping for a little more self reckoning.
    The Sharon slamming is driving me nuts His father is the creepy one for marrying his son’s ex wife, not Sharon. And then he treated her like utter crappolla. Yes, she burned their house down during one of her manic episodes but let’s face it–The Newmans have treated Sharon like crap since day one and way before she earned their wrath.


    Nikki replied

    That’s right and now that damn Summer hates her as well after everything she did for that spoiled brat.


    Chris F, replied

    yeah……she did a lot……she let her think her whole life was a lie for a year……lets all vote Sharon step mother of the year for that act of kindness…….”all she did for her?,,,,,,,what exactly did she do?

    Nikki replied

    Chris F. For starters she was sick when she first did this and with the help of Victor she was seeing Cassie everywhere. Mother of the year?? Hell no but come on she lost her memory and during that time She found Summer’s sorry a– at the bottom of the stairs when Summer took too many pills, got her to the hospital just in time. Doctors said any longer Summer might have died. Secondly She called Nick from the hospital not Jack. Thirdly She was walking along when she saw Summer freezing out in the snow modelling, she got her inside, talked to Jack & got the camera fellow fired. Fourthly When Summer announced her wedding Nick refused to go & Sharon convinced him to be there & walk her down the isle.Fifthly Sharon helped Summer get ready for her own wedding when she had nobody else to help her. And Six Sharon asked Summer to be a brides-maid in her own wedding to Nick. Is that enough to ask for a little kindness & forgiveness?

    Laurie replied

    I’m not a Y&R expert, but in regard to the “Sharon can’t blame her illness! Sharon knew it was wrong! Sharon’s wrongs are so bad that they cancel all the good she’s ever done! & Sharon MUST pay!” Comments:

    Why doesn’t Victor have to pay? If changing paternity results of a full grown, 21 yr. old woman is unforgivable and worthy of losing your family, friends and good name, than just counting the crimes Victor has committed this year alone, he should be beaten, tortured and burned at the stake! How bout starting w/attempted murder on Phyllis? The drug he was illegally injecting the comatose witch with could’ve killed her & he was completely aware of that. Not too mention the paternity test crap he lied & decieved to illegally pertain! I’m pretty sure terrorizing someone like Victor hired Mariah to do to Sharon is illegal and unforgivable!

    Why doesn’t Phyllis have to pay? Busting into Sharon’s wedding to cause a scene & stop the wedding in a successful attempt to ruin Sharon’s life isn’t illegal, but it showed how she was so hell-bent on revenge, she blind-sided the man, daughter & family she claims to love. She ignored them all at the church & only had eyes on Sharon! It was selfish and cruel to the innocent people that stood vigil at her bedside for a year. When Jack asked her if revenge on Sharon was more important to her than crushing his heart by having him find out about Summer’s paternity the way he did, she said yes!! Hello…she said “that’s just who I am.” Did he dump her? No, he proposed and then took her to bed.


    SHARON TAKES MEDICATIONS FOR HER ILLNESS. SHE ATTEMPTS TO BE A BETTER PERSON & TO BE BETTER FOR HER LOVED ONES, NOT JUST HERSELF. IF SHE FALLS, SHE GETS BACK UP & TRIES AGAIN. Victor, Phyllis & even Nick DO NOT!!! Not only do they not try to be better people, they don’t even think they are wrong!! They don’t even apologize when their illness crushes their families. It doesn’t stop them from repeating their actions. They still have their families. They suffer no consequences. If anyone needs medication it’s Victor and Phyllis!! They’re way more mentally ill than Sharon could ever be!

    That’s why this storyline is RIDICULOUS!!!


    Harry replied

    Laurie-(applauding loudly). I was too tired to explain, you did a beautiful job of it.
    And upon JFP’s arrival, Sharon’s character was shred to ribbons. Yes, she has always been flawed but viewers were always allowed to see that girl who was raised by her paraplegic mother and who always felt like she wasn’t quite worthy of the Newman family. Former stripped Nikki was really good at talking to Sharon as if were nothing but trash. It seems the real Sharon is coming back and she and the writers are trying to salvage what was done to her character. Yes, she sometimes seems to be acting out the perils of Pauline, but she is accepting the consequences of her actions and I, for one, am always rooting for her.

  13. dansky says:

    How Boring! I’ve watched Y&R for nearly 35 years, and cannot remember a more boring episode. The character will not change. If the writers want the viewers to see a change, then they should have focused on many future episodes where Nick honors his promise to Sharon; understands her mental illness and how it played a major part in the DNA Test Tampering, and work through the issue together.. And what an idea: a daytime super couple working together on a problem created out of mental illness!


  14. Mark Y says:

    I liked it. I have only been watching Y&R for a few years (Cassie had died and Nick was with Phyllis; a different Lilly; Drew went over the cliff) so I liked getting all that Nick history.

    I also thought that Josh Morrow was excellent. He showed me a young man who is struggling with his choices.

    Good one for me.


  15. Alan says:

    I loves me some Joshua Morrow but not even he could save this awful script.

    The only good part was Jennifer Gareis’ Grace — Genoa City needs her full-time.


  16. Laurie says:

    1st and foremost I want to say the dog was the star of the show! No insult to the actors, just a compliment to the mutt. Adorable. What’s the name? Bicardi?

    I’m kind of an outsider as GH is my lifelong soap. I have watched the show off & on through the years & quite a bit more recently, so I may miss some of the history that others can draw on.

    I thought the episode was an interesting idea & I applaud the show for taking a risk, at least a risk for them. I don’t expect them to be GH wacky (who is?), lol, but I wish they had more of these type of shows, as the show sometimes takes itself too seriously. The bachelor/bachelorette/jailbird episode was different but really good.

    JM is a decent actor, but he doesn’t have the ability to make me feel empathy for him even when he’s a jerk, like a MIchelle Stafford or a Michael Muhney would. I’m irritated w/the character, so it did nothing to make me feel differently, if that was even the point. He did a decent job, though.

    I didn’t expect Nick to really realize his role in his relationship failures. He’s Victor Newman’s son afterall, a man who’s lived a lifetime blaming others while ignoring his own wrongdoings.

    What I did like a lot was the chemistry between JM & GT, which we haven’t gotten to see yet. They had way more chemistry than GT & PB (who I love.) What I loathed was his self-righteous attitude & thinking toward Sharon STILL, even in fantasy! He clearly holds her to a higher standard than everyone else in his fantasy, including himself!

    I like that he’s right next to Adam & even though Sage finding him was not even a surprise, the fact that it happened so fast after he swore women off….yikes! Rolling my eyes. That’s on the writers though.


  17. Timmm says:

    I knew that dog would connect Nick to Adam. I also figured out since it was all about Nick’s ex’s that this would be how they would introduce Sage to Nick through her and the dog. I dont mind Nick and Sage simply because it gives us a new couple. Nick and Sharon are over. However, that doesnt mean Sharon should be drug through town. I want Sharon to end up with a new character that makes Nick jealous.


  18. Elaine says:

    There was no point. …..except maybe everybody else got a day off. Only thing I can think of.


  19. rose says:

    I only recently started watching Y&R so it was a good episode to catch up on Nick and all of the women in his life. I used to like him a lot more before I saw that he’s been quite a tomcat, and not able to live up to his “I love you” with any of them And now he’s doing the same with Sharon. Not saying she’s an angel, but “it’s all her fault” a minute after Nick says nothing will keep up apart again, and i will always be there for you.


  20. Patrick says:



    do not, pair him with the ultimate find of Serial… Kelly Sullivan

    every thread on this blog…. reads BORING

    LOL… was that for

    Joshua Morrow… never evolved past ALL his relationships and his ascending and dethroning once and for all his Father…. and rightfully take his place at Newman Enterprises

    heck… there’s not even an interesting thread to share about his relationship with Nikki and Victoria

    Nick has plateaued… and this has been going on for years
    his best is gone…. Michelle Stafford

    to waste time on him with Sage… is purely production prod and attempt to rekindle lacks all the newmans…. bland victor, bland Nikki, bland Nick, and still simmers Victoria

    “Sick” means don’t go their

    he’s become a blank on the canvas of Genoa City…. he’s stuck with hanging on with Sharon… like his onscreen dispirited and dim parents…. aren’t they rotting yet ?


    su0000 replied

    Y&R couples are recycled, for decades..
    they switch partners and make the rounds then end up with who they started with, and then it starts again..
    The Y&R couples are burned out, empty..
    It is been there done that way too many times, it bores the poopy out of me..

    I would guess, as me, millions are FF through most of an episode..
    takes me about 10 mins to watch Y&R..LOL


    k/kay replied

    @suooo why don’t you quit watching Y&R.? Watch GH which you enjoy and quit bashing Y&R if you do not work go volunteer just stop the constant yammering about a make believe story.

    su0000 replied

    k/kay.. near this whole thread are not happy with Y&R these days..
    But, thanks for noticing/singling out my factual comment for attention :)

    Sammie replied

    Isn’t that the way it is on all the soaps, musical beds?
    I’ve been loving the show the past few months and the ratings are getting better and better. Nobody is going to love every character or SL, but so far, the good far outweighs the bad, IMO.
    I love the new phyliss, nice change from a hysterical schemer to a quietly calculating one.
    Now that we have the new Adam, I expect the ratings to go even higher.

  21. Jo Saponare says:

    BORING – just like other stand-alone episodes. A wasted hour.


  22. Nikki says:

    Patrick, Exactly what I mean. As I said all the Newman’s would go nuts. It would bring back memories of Cassie to Nick & Sharon. Billy & Victoria would remember their loss. Jack wouldn’t just be worried about Phyllis but remember Summer is like a daughter to him. Fenmore would go nuts because he always had a crush on her,and who knows maybe Abby would go back to the naked airhead she was riding around on the white horse thinking she was Lady Gidiva. Oh where we could go with this but back to reality they wont get rid of her.


  23. Sue says:

    Bring Grace back, she could go after Victor and make Nikki drink even more. Please get rid of summer, can’t stand her!!


    Nikki replied

    Oh I so agree. Grace was a breath of fresh air. I love her in B& B as well. There are so many young experience actresses out their in California looking for work and we’re stuck with H.K. who can’t act at all. She doesn’t suit the role but I think their going to keep her just to shut her mouth but I hope their at least more fair this year with the awards. She did nothing last year to get one & got one anyways. I think that was a sham. Anyways looks like she’s here to stay. Get the mute button ready.


    Sammie replied

    I think HK has come a long way since she started on the show, Abby, otoh, couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag. I just want to slap her.

  24. Barbara says:

    Laurie, I agree with everything you said about Victor & Phyllis. They never seem to pay for their scheming. Sharon is kind & considerate when she is on her meds. She did help Summer a lot. Summer is beginning to sound like her mother who is evil. So is Victor!


  25. Lou Piikes says:

    I came across an Victoria-centric episode. I had to stop watching 10 minutes in, it was that boring.


  26. Sammie says:

    I thought it totally sucked!
    It was like the Y&R version of Scrooge with christmas past.
    Grace was totally annoying with her, “i’m available”. It was funny the first time she said it, then she had to grind it into the ground.
    I muted all the sappy wedding vows that we all know meant nothing.
    Also thought it ridiculous that nick is wandering around at night in Wisc, in the winter, in shirt sleeves.
    Why was there a bear trap out there? Traps for Bears have been illegal for years.


  27. DM says:

    Episode was just okay. Call me crazy but I just want Sharon and Nick happy for a while…I just can’t believe how awful the writing was back when it was decided Sharon could change test results…that’s ridiculous, still is and always will be. Then, they make her mentally ill so we try to understand the departure from her character. All these promises are made from Nick NO MATTER WHAT we’ll be okay. Well, so much for that, huh. I want some “love in the afternoon” for Pete’s sake. And, bring back Dru, and I mean the real Dru (Rowell) bc Neil and Sharon could use a friend…Devon needs Dru to put him in his place for betraying his own Dad. Not to mention Cane and Lily need something to drive story…and Phyllis needs a big fat slap in the face from Dru for pushing her off the cliff! At least Sharon was mentally ill unlike Phyllis who intentionally and with premeditation destroys people. If it is all about drama and no love, then bring Dru back to sock it to Phyllis…and everybody else in character or in real life: get over it. If it can be only a limited run…have Neil and Dru ride out into the sunset taking boring and usually nasty Lily, overacting Cane and ridiculously unlikeable Devon with them.


  28. Ms Red says:

    I THINK IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME. I have been watching Y & R for 20 years it has gotten VERY VERY BORING im thinking about stop watching it im tired of sharon, nickie they cry & whine too much. phyllis looks nutty, this new billy DOES NOT FIT THE PART @ ALL. He is so ugly im sorry but he is. storyline just draaagg on & on. You all is messing up BIG TIME. Dont like it no more!! BORING. I MISS THE REAL ADAM. NOW THERE.!!!!


  29. Y&R fan says:

    That was a great episode. Nick is soooo responsible for his failed relationships!!! He need to forgive Sharon and work this relationship out.


  30. Sundayluv says:

    I enjoyed seeing Sharon, Amy, and Grace but could have done without all the “do-over” scenes with Phyllis


  31. Sundayluv says:

    Not a fan of Avery and Nick because she talks to him in a tone like he’s a kindergartener.


  32. Karlie says:

    I can’t comment on the episode per se as I did not watch it. Nick’s behavior towards Sharon has been deplorable and I refused to waste my time watching an entire episode of that Neanderthal. I knew he wouldn’t take any responsibility where Sharon is concerned and would just blame her. Art imitating life where JM is concerned. Spent my time instead writing to Sony and CBS (not cleaning out my socks drawer).


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