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2 April 26th, 2010 Y&R’s Peter Bergman on Dopplegangers & Jack finds Emily!

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Peter Bergman finally had the opportunity to speak his mind on the current overuse of soap dopplegangers on his show, The Young and the Restless to Tv Guide Magazine.  First, Patty is Emily, and now Sarah is Lauren, etc, etc.   However, May 3rd is a red letter day!  That is when Bergman’s alter-ego Jack Abbott will learn that he has made a big boo-boo.  Patty incarcerated and locked up Emily, and he married the false face. The three-time Daytime Emmy winner had some choice words on seeing doubles all around Genoa City!

Bergman on duel roles : It has never been my favorite plot device but to the ever-loving credit of  Stacy Haiduk[Patty/Emily] she has made it absolutely winning. She has gone to every limit, and has been incredibly brave. I think she has been strongly undermined by having a second character in Genoa City with the same kind of plastic surgery, and this is no reflection on Tracey Bregman [who plays doppelgangers Lauren and Sarah]. I perhaps flatter myself but I think the audience did roll with the Patty/Emily story. Then we had to sully it by trying it a second time.

Bergman on when Logan reminds the star that Y&R has done the plastic surgery device not twice, but three times on the series: “There is a tradition to this. The old-timers on Y&R always talk about the golden Bill Bell days, and indeed they were golden, but when I first got here there was a plot about Jill’s psychotic secretary, David, who went to a plastic surgeon wanting to look like David Hasselhoff and wound up with the word “Killer” carved across his forehead. And then he died in a trash compactor! At the time I thought that was pretty outrageous. It was hardly kitchen sink verisimilitude. So there is some precedent. [Laughs] But I think having two characters with plastic surgery at the same time is perhaps groundbreaking.”

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  1. Doe says:

    I don’t believe that duo plastic surgery is groundbreaking. I think that this storyline is a total distraction from the Patty/Emily story. Stacy is doing a fantastic job. I hope she can sleep at night. I predict a definite Emmy here. Let Ryder help Jana and Lauren and end this story. Puhleese…


  2. bottomchef says:

    If Bergman meant that it’s groundbreakingly stupid, then he’s right.

    Bergman actually is very ungentlemanly for calling Rowell “not quite there” and “not dealing w/ a full deck” (crazy). Yet he has gotten into an onset boxing match w/ eric Braeden. He probably got pummelled since Braeden is a boxer. Bergman should know better than to comment on an actor when he himself is allegedly “unprofessional”. And he even admitted to breaking out of character while he was in the background on AMC, until Susan Lucci put him in his place. LOL!

    Bergman is contributing to the destruction of Y&R w/ its cliquey mentality and demands that Rowell not be allowed to return to Y&R. Also, it’s laughable that he’s defending MAB’s writing.


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