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5 May 16th, 2010 Y&R’s Peter Bergman on Stacy Haiduk Emmy snub!

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Peter Bergman (Jack) who received wonderful news this past Wednesday that he was nominated this year for a Daytime Emmy nomination, along with his cast mate, Doug Davidson (Paul) in the Outstanding Lead Actor category, took time out to speak with On-Air On-Soaps about getting the recognition from his peers, but also talked about the glaring omission that has fans and soap pundits stunned… that Stacy Haiduk (Patty/Emily) did not pick up a Supporting Actress nomination, when many had predicted her to be one of the front runners.

Bergman said,  ”I am sad that Stacy Haiduk did not receive a nomination.  She was the glue to this whole thing.  It’s worth saying that Doug Davidson’s performance on his tape is with him and Stacy, and it was enough to get him a nod. That is a great compliment to Stacy.  The way mine was a compliment to Sharon Case (Sharon) and Billy Miller (Billy), who were on my submission tape.  I have not made a secret of the fact that double identity is not my favorite storyline vehicles.  It has only worked on our show because Stacy Haiduk is so brilliant at it. I watched Tuesday’s air show, and the last scene we see of Patty, she is in a straight jacket.  They cut to her, and she is twelve years old, and it’s chilling.  She is now finally OK.  Patty is in safe place with her brother, and it contrasted so starkly to everything that actresses does.  And I said, “There she goes again…Stacy Haiduk!”

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  1. Doe says:

    I’m so glad that Peter Bergman spoke out about Stacy Haiduk. I agree 100% that she deserved a nomination mote than any actress for her Patty/Emily role on Y&R. She has been amazing. She must be very disappointed after working so hard. I don’t understand these award shows at all. Hopefully, she will get one next year. Also, I don’t get Regis Philbin hosting the Emmys. Isn’t he getting a little long in the tooth? That award show is going backwards. Where are the young smart stars? The producers could do better. If Regis is going to sing and with his wife Joy, I’m turning my TV off…..


  2. Johnson says:

    stacy rocks and she was robbed plain and simple


  3. Charles says:

    It is not use trying to figure out these nominations…………but Peter was right..she was the glue to storyline this year…………shame on the Emmy committee……………but they overlooked Eileen Davidson…………and Sharon Case……….she deserved a nomination this year.


  4. lovestolovesoaps says:

    the emmys have a long history of snubbing. its actually part of the process.


  5. Portugal says:

    I’m very glad that Peter spoke up in the Stacy issue – what a wonderful and talented actress! Sheer talent pulled of this triple role (Mary Jane, Patty and Emily) and in return Stacy has been snubbed and treated quite badly as well. CBS, you should be ashamed. The Emmy snub is explainable – she is TOO good and those sad decision-makers must feel like big fish in a little pond. Aren’t you proud of yourselves!! I’m disgusted.


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