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26 September 13th, 2016 Y&R’s Peter Bergman Video Interview: What Will Happen When Jack Learns Of “Philly’ Affair?

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This week on The Young and the Restless, Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) is a millisecond away from the truth that will send shockwaves throughout his very core.  For Jack’s wife, Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) and brother Billy (Jason Thompson) have been having an affair, and whether they cool their jets for a moment or not, it seems Phyllis and Billy are in love.

What will happen when Jack learns the truth? Well, during last week’s Y&R 11,000th episode on set celebration at CBS Television City, On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman chatted with the man at the epicenter of the drama, Peter Bergman.   This mutli-Emmy winning star previewed what viewers can expect when Jack finds out about the duplicity going on within his family right behind his back!

Peter teaaed on the upcoming reveal: “It’s very powerful stuff … the audience gets its just rewards for waiting patiently for Jack to figure things out.”  When asked, “Will Jack wreak havoc on everyone who wronged him?”  Bergman simply replied, “It’s not going to be pretty! Jack’s not handling it terribly well.”

Bergman also addressed the exit of Justin Hartley as Adam Newman, whom Peter shared numerous key scenes with.  Peter expressed: “I am heartbroken that he has left the show, but quite frankly, I can’t wait to see his new show (This Is Us, NBC). Those promos are wonderful! Justin is a wonderful actor and it’s giant loss for us, and a giant lucky thing for the other show.”


As Y&R fans know Jack had a special relationship with Adam, something that Adam did not have with his own father and Jack’s nemesis, Victor (Eric Braeden).  Bergman weighed-on on his Genoa City alter-ego’s feelings upon learning of the”demise” of Adam: “He loves Adam, and Adam as far as Jack knows is dead, and it’s a giant loss for Jack.”

Since Y&R has accomplished yet another milestone with their 11,000th episode, and the pace and budgets of daytime have changed over Bergman’s tenure with the show, he says that it takes a special cast right now to make things work:  “The kind of actors that can survive this are really good actors.  I am surrounded by a really good cast.  I have been around here for 27 years, and we have never had a cast this good.”

And lastly, for what we will see Jack go through in the weeks again, Peter teased “Grab a hankie!” And as daytime soap fans know, Peter Bergman is one of the best criers in the game!

Watch Peter Bergman’s Y&R 11,000th episode celebration interview below. Then let us know, are you looking forward to Jack finding out about the “Philly” affair?  What do you think Jack will do once he finds out the devastating truth?  Share your thoughts on this and Peter’s sentiments shared in our chat in the comment section below!

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  1. Jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    Jack will have a breakdown and shoot them both but will not do jail time do to a temporary insanity plea…Billy dies! but Phylis survives and is pregnant with twins-one is Billys and the other is Jacks!!!


    Harry replied

    Billy Jack!


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I find Philly Cheesy…lol

    Timmm replied

    Tom Laughlin

  2. Betty says:

    Good Riddance Chuck Pratt. Now maybe Jack will re-grow his testicles.


    Lew S. replied

    We hope!


    su0000 replied

    Jack losing his balls was most likely by JFP – not Pratt- not Pratt’s style.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    su, I agree. Not Pratt style

    Remember Randy Jack getting his Mack on the ladies? I know that’s not a good fit for Bergman but I loved that Jack. This tentative touchy feely Jack makes me fast forward.

    We’re you saying Billy is too dark? I agree with whoever said that. And that seems authentically Pratt… he likes when characters go dark. I wanted Billy to go ‘full Jack’ with meaningless, reckless flings. The idea of Billy finding a soul mate is as wrong as Jack Abbott as a passive, wizened, toothless lion.

    I hope Bergman spares us the tears and brings the heat!

  3. Scoma60 says:

    Jack didn’t lose Phyllis because of Billy.Jack lost her because he continuously failed her by not supporting her need for justice. Jack has either acted like a scolding father or ignored her as she crumbled internally.
    It’s long past time to end Phack. I hope Philly come clean.The sooner the truth’s out the sooner everyone can deal. Team Philly 100%.


  4. April McKnight says:

    Good riddance Pratt .

    I think Y&R would be making a huge mistake if they did not bring the Adam character back . I’m a huge fan of Adam and he’s the reason that I watched.

    I love Peter Bergman. He’s an amazing actor . I’m sure his scenes will be heart felt .


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    I think NuAdam is set for delivery in time for Spring Sweeps. With Justin H moving on they had to kill the character (again!!) and regroup. Ok sure no one was happy to do this.

    You are right, Adam is too important a character. And he will be recast… ((ducking from the stains of a certain beloved actor)).


  5. Rebecca1 says:

    I love Peter Bergman. He comes off so grounded, intelligent, well-spoken and speaks with a great respect for his show and co-workers. I’m only a sporadic viewer of Y&R but I’ve watched Peter on and off for years. Now that I’m starting to watch the show more regularly I’m looking forward to Jack FINALLY seeing the truth. And just as Phyllis saw the light. And so it goes…Great interview!


  6. Harry says:

    Well, looking forward to see Jack break out of Stepford Husband stupor. He seemed to be awakening today during marriage counseling. I also love any scene which has Peter Bergman and Tristan Rogers in it.


    soapqueenforever replied

    Exactly. I was wondering when he was going to find his strength again. I have been a fan of Tristan and Peter for years. I am hoping they give them more scenes together.


    Tomas Torquemada replied

    That was great work. Those two actors, something that matters, some good writing: Voila!

    So many good actors… more scenes like this and it’s must see!


    jaybird369 replied

    Harry…it seems to me that Colin and Jill could (also) use some marriage counseling…LOL!!!!!

    Just saying……….


    Timmm replied

    Love the Stepford Husband comment! Peter and Tristan were great. I always thought and wished Tristan and Eric would work together. Colin is sleazy and Victor is slimy. They would work well together.


  7. Lynda Westlake says:

    Looking forward to the fireworks. Peter Bergman will knock his scenes out of the park. However with that being said, I am #TeamPhilly all the way. The damage that Victor did by bringing Marco into Genoa City and knowingly allowing Phyllis to have sex with him without coming forward has caused damage that cannot be repaired. Add the fact that Jack seems to have lost his edge with his feud with Victor, he also hasn’t been too supportive of his wife. I can understand completely why Phyllis strayed with another man. Jack will be heartbroken, but I hope he grows a backbone and gets angry with Jill, Colin and Ashley. He will be angry with both Billy and Phyllis and hope he doesn’t pull a sympathy card to get Phyllis back by going back to drinking and taking pills.


  8. mollie says:

    LOVE Peter Bergman. Always, have. A classy, intelligent, talented, humble sweetheart.


  9. Mo says:

    I can’t wait to see what happens. I hope he throws Phyllis and Billy out of his life.


  10. Vivian says:

    Peter is a great actor. Looking forward to the reveal; however Phyllis and Billy light up the screen together. It’s a new chapter for yr. Yr knows what works and Phyllis and Billy definitely have the chemistry that is so rare to find. Yr needs to write Jack an intelligent story line that doesn’t involve kissing Phyllis’s a$$ and begging for her love.


  11. Becky says:

    This is the best soap ever produced! I have grown up,with this show and I adore it! I agree with Peter,,this is the best and greatest cast ever! Please bring back Michael MUHNEY as Adam! Michael put Adam on the map! Jack is one of the best characters all around! He’s truly a good man and has changed a lot over the years! He’s strong,fair and he has a good heart and loves him family! Bring a good woman in for Jack! This show ticks all the boxes for drama,humor and fantasy! Long live Y&R!!!! The fans truly adore this show and we are very passionate about our show! Thank,you to,all the great actors who are apart of this show! We want to see episode 12,000! These characters are like family and good friends and we love them all! Thank,you for all the great years!!!!!!


  12. Timmm says:

    Peter is a legend and a class act! I hope he disowns FAKE Billy and FAKE Phyllis and finds true love with a whole new woman. OR, bring back Avery. Those two had minor scenes together and seemed to click. Well, Peter clicks with everyone but everyone doesnt always click with him. Avery Bailey Clark is missed. Jack deserves to fall in love and be happy.


  13. Patricia says:

    My heart aches for Jack when he finds out the truth, it was heartbreaking
    seeing Phyllis and Billy together, now the truth will finally come out.
    It will be worth watching.
    Peter Bergman is an awesome actor he wrote me years ago,
    I treasure every letter. You can tell how much he cares for his fans.
    You have my support 100% Peter (Jack)


  14. Michele says:

    Can’t wait to see Peter’s work in these scenes. He’s a master.


  15. Patrick says:

    He’s REALLY stretching it; ” I have been around here for 27 years, and we have never had a cast this good.” ”

    just wow

    even I will step up… DAYS and GH far and away are the better cast, currently

    I know what he means… blah should not even be in the audience thought process

    I WANT for everything that Mal Young and Sally Sussman… ignite this once powerful show

    PLEASE ! man up … their is no reason to feature Newman…. they are STALE … they have NO fire in their eyes…

    BRING BACK everything Abbott… this is the new era. TIME FOR MAJOR CHANGE

    if Mal and Sally continue to feature the Newman Family… they can kiss this show …



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