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13 September 11th, 2015 Y&R’s Scott Elrod Lands Guest-Star Role On HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER!


Look for The Young and the Restless star Scott Elrod (Joe) to make an appearance on the hit ABC primetime series How to Get Away with Murder!

Elrod will be in an upcoming episode of the series second season which will kick off on September 24th at 10PMET/PT.

While Joe Clark makes plenty of waves in Genoa City, no details are available at this time as to the role he will play on

However, Elrod told SOD on his experience: “I can’t believe how quick everything runs behind the scenes on Y&R On How to Get Away with Murder, I was on the set all day but they still hadn’t shot my five pages. I was like, ‘Really (laughs)?’ ”

Elrod confirms what actors have always noted, that when working in the soap genre there is such a much difference when shooting scenes as opposed to primetime television work.

So, looking forward to seeing Elrod on one of the hottest shows on TV?  Share your thoughts below.

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  1. elm51 says:

    i am glad he is starting to do other projects because his talent is just being wasted on y&r…….


    Steven replied

    So True! Every since Avery left the show, Y&R doesn’t know what to do with Joe.


    Jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I still think he shouldv’e played Adam…he physically looks more like MM than Justin Hartley who i feel shouldv’e been Billy instead!!!


    CeeCee replied

    I agree that Justin should have played Billy, but Adam is supposed to be younger than both Nick and Victoria. Scott looks so much older, no? I guess TPTB don’t even pay attention to that, anyway.
    Regardless, Jimh. I’m glad he’s in a soap…he’s gorgeous!! All man!!! Yes? LOL.

    penny replied

    You are so on point! I love that. Y&R are you listening? You can still make it happen and everyone will turn a blind eye! Haha.

    peaches replied

    I disagree that Scott should have played Adam. His demeanor is too soft. Adam is a rough and tough person. He could have played Billy. Burgess Jenkins who plays Billy now is very very boring. He has a monotone voice that is sickening to hear. Please get rid of Devon, Hillary and Neil’s roles, it is sickening as it is boring. Along with them that plays insignificant roles are the Ester and Kyle. Dillon is everybody’s hero (just stop it). It is time for Victor to stop having all the power, its getting old now. Please darken Cassie’s makeup. She looks like a ghost. She is so much whiter than the other casts.


  2. Wendy - Vancouver says:

    Met Scott this summer in Vancouver when some of the YR cast were guests for the annual Kate Linder Afternoon Tea. Sincere and very humorous too. Is an intelligent individual with interesting background of being an air traffic controller & pilot before acting. Perhaps this gives an actor more depth having worked in various jobs. Wish him the best of luck in Prime Time. Love him as Joe on YR.


  3. damien says:

    my fave newer character on y n r right now! he got short end of the stick with the twist that he was abusive to avery !
    hope him and ashley hook up! i hope he sticks around genoa city for a long time! he s soo easy on the eyes!!


  4. Jon says:

    is he even still on YR anymore?


  5. Timmm says:

    See ya Scott!


  6. Ashleigh says:

    I really don’t want to see him play a bad guy on y&r anymore. He’s so awesome. I want him to settle in and stick around for a while.


  7. Thirty says:

    I knew it was Scott while watching tonight. His hair is lighter. Kiss him on Y&R


  8. linda howey says:

    looking foward to seeing it wish he would do a lot more


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