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72 October 10th, 2014 Y&R’s Sharon Case Weighs-In On If SHADAM’s Story Should Continue!


It was not a good week for Sharon Newman!  She finally made it to the altar to marry the man of her dreams, (the love of her life Nick Newman) only to have it bust up thanks to the return of Phyllis (Gina Tognoni)!  And the secret that could shatter the lives of so many people still looms! Is Sharon finally going to remember all and fess up to Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Jack (Peter Bergman) about the true bio-dad of Summer (Hunter King)?

While all of that is playing out on air, Sharon Case (Sharon) took time out to chat with Soap Opera Uncensored on her 20th anniversary with the number one soap to discuss Sharon’s perils, future, and more!

Since fans know that Justin Hartley has just started taping episodes as the new Adam Newman (he replaces Michael Muhney), what does Case think that could mean for the popular pairing of Shadam?

When asked by SOU  if she thinks Shadam’s story is dead (something that SOU  also made clear they would like to see continue), the Daytime Emmy winner replied:  “I hope not, too! Even with the wonderful Shick reunion and arc, and our 20th anniversary,  I don’t think it’s over for Shadam. They had a huge fan following.  They instantly became a super couple. I thought it was a mistake to break them up from the start. Not that I didn’t think they should ever break up, but it was premature.”

So Y&R fans, do you hope Y&R gives Justin and Sharon screen time to re-ignite Shadam? Or, do you hope that Sharon continues to find a way to stay with Nick, and Adam concentrates on getting Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) back? Let us know!

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  1. Real Deal says:

    No. Shadam was only popular due to Sharon Case and Michael Muhney’s on-screen chemistry. They were electric together. It can’t be duplicated by an Adam recast.


    Mark Y replied

    Of course it can. It might not happen but it can. Soaps are all about recasts


    Sammie replied

    It could happen, but let’s not.

    kathrynlewid replied

    Their 2 of a kind.

    MarcyJ replied

    Certain couples on soaps are based on chemistry between the actors. Michael Muhney connected with Sharon Case unlike I’ve seen on a soap in a long time. They overcame a horrible storyline to make it to the top with the fans. Just because it says Adam Newman on the page of a script doesn’t mean they chemistry is on he screen. I think it’s best to leave Shadam in the past. Frankly, I think they should have killed off Adam Newman like DAYS did with James Scott’s EJ DiMera.


    Nikki replied

    I couldn’t agree more. Adam should have died when MM was let go. The on screen chemistry was electric. Finding a re-placement was just stupid and will be as popular as Michael Tom as Billy Abbott. Why not have a screen where he tries to come back to Chelsea and Billy kills him. End of the Adam story. Shadam was for two special couple S.C. & M.M. if the new guy signed a contract already have him play a new love interest for Sharon. I wish those damn writers would show some respect for the fans.

    Timmm replied

    I think thats why they moved Billy away from Victoria because Burgess had better chemistry with Chelsea.


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    I dont get to watch this show often but you are right: Burgess’s Billy and Chelsea do work better together…makes me start to warm up to him!!!

    CeeCee replied

    I never thought about it, Timmm. But, the more I see Chelsea and nuBilly together, the more I agree with you.

    Patrick replied

    I’m with Real

    Michael Muhney satiated everything

    stimulus package

    Sharon Case said it better : Sharon and Adam became… a supercouple…


    I hope he lands on DAYS

    for Y&R to let go of two of the all time finest actors

    Billy Miller

    drum roll
    Michael Muhney

    is a let they will never curtail
    verb (used with object)
    to cut short; cut off a part of; abridge; reduce; diminish.

    ’nuff said…. that’s y&r, in a nutshell


    altho… to give prop

    Eileen Davidson
    Kelly Sullivan

    is promise

    hire Trent Dawson


    CeeCee replied

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Real Deal. It always strikes as odd that when a character is recast, he/she is expected to walk in the previous actor’s shoes. It isn’t always possible…different person; different personality.
    And, regardless what role an actor/actress assumes, his/her personality will unmistakably seep into the character he/she is playing.
    Off topic, but I am just itching to say this. Why does Lily come off as a tight a$$? She does not act her age at all. She is like a completely different person from Lilly past. ….which was not that long ago. She is only 26. What the_____???? I wish she were written an upbeat storyline, instead of being on the sidelines of some other just as boring character.

    Lily shone with Daniel….that was the real Lilly. Now, with Caine (sp)…..she is so boring and uninteresting.
    Please correct me if I misheard, but did Lily say ” alls I know..” , in today’s episode? ALLS. Really ???
    WOW !!!!


    harry replied

    That’s why I call her ‘Lily of the Valley.’ She utilizes valley girl speak.

    I forgot that once upon a time, I did like Lily. You’re right–she was something special with Danial. I wish they’d bring back Danial now that his mother is awake. There could be a rivalry between Lily and Mariah.
    It seems they are gearing up to pair Mariah with Kevin but I think that’s a huge mistake. One–they have no chemistry and two, he’s way too old for her.

    Kim H replied

    I LOVE LOVE Sharon and Nick they are so romantic. I can’t wait for the new Adam to come and try to win Sharon away from Nick. I can’t stand they brought Phyllis back.


  2. k/kay says:

    Strictly depend on if the actors have chemistry! When MM was in the part I wanted them to reunite because I felt their chemistry was better with SC then MCE at least SC is open to working with a recast .


  3. Christine says:

    Adam belongs with Chelsea. She’s his soul mate; his wife and the mother of his child.


    Mark replied

    Chelsea is so boring please


    Timmm replied

    Her and Burgess have clicked a little.

    Lew S. replied

    Christine, I agree with you. Sharon and Adam are similar to Victoria and Billy. The characters worked, because of the chemistry between the actors.


    Kim H replied

    No Sharon and Adam were the best. I dont like Chelsea


  4. harry says:

    I am rooting for Sharon and Nicholas to make it. I think they’re very romantic, they’ve grown, matured and evolved with each other.


    MBmomof3 replied

    Me too. Shick all the way!

    I thought Sharon and Adam (MM) had great chemistry, but I hated the fact that they continued a romantic relationship after all the horrible things he did were revealed.


    Patrick replied

    I’m not so sure….

    I think it’s retread for tried and true

    and that’s lack of actors to chemistry with

    I just don’t see … nuPhyllis… plowing a whole… thru Sharon and Nick
    I don’t know yet… what , nuAdam… will bare

    I hope it’s enough to swing and bowl over… Sharon and Nick… as it’s a necessary evil to split up the obvious… for the show to spark

  5. Mo says:

    Well, now I’m on board with Shick. I’ll have to see how Justin is as Adam before I could say.


  6. dawnhaze says:

    I wasn’t a Sharon/Adam fan before because I have always been a Sharon/Nick fan. So no I don’t want to test the waters. Leave Sharon and Nick alone. Let them rebuild their marriage. Let Victor go find someone else to fix…like Victoria.


    k/kay replied

    I think they are going to keep Nick & Sharon together at least for a while I think they are going to come up with more twists and turns concerning this paternity nonsense that has went on far too long. Just once I would like to see Victor lose so yes I am with you Shick all the way.


    kathrynlewid replied

    In spite of Victor,’s tactics, he was responsible for hiring the specialist who cured Phyllys

  7. Iakovos says:

    Smart thing to do would be to reboot Adam and Sharon and let them coast happy for a while. Don’t treat me as dumb. If Sharon’s problems were mental illness exacerbated by her emotional upheavals with the Newman men, then duh! Settle down!

    CBS has Brooke Logan on B&B. Sharon Newman is eerily similar and I do not like it. Better storytelling is letting Sharon take charge of her life, find strength, and renew herself. I would but this line better than even Adam’s turnaround.

    Sharon needs to hold onto Nick and let go of the her in-laws as much as possible.


    Timmm replied

    She may turn to Adam if Nick walks away.


  8. su0000 says:

    LOL I don’t care..
    Sharon and Nick are a has been couple.. yawn..
    Their glory days are behind them…

    If Sharon was not pushed back on Nick what would they do with the character..
    ohhh maybe they could get her a job haaa!
    Sharon is very irksome.. Never could stand the mall princes..
    I do not hate her.. can’t hate what isn’t real..
    Sharon is just painfully irritating like a bad ass rash..

    I know Sharon has many fans and I could never understand that lol
    Sharon fans.. enjoy, hope the Nick and Sharon story is good for you guys!! :)


    Patrick replied

    Sharon is just painfully irritating like a bad ass rash..


    i beg to differ… I know… The Newmans are all irritants
    and sadly that includes Nikki

    my Victoria… whom I hope is making inroads with Stitch… would be a welcome respite for the tired writing

    Sharon Case… does indeed have “many” fans

    and that’s because of the rest looking from the outside in… as she traverses with… the rich and infamy…. god… i’m so tired of Victor

    it’s now a crapshoot.. even with Sharon

    blah blah blah… she’s back with Nick
    blah blah blah… Mariah is Cassie twin

    blah blah blah…. she needs a trigger… spark… endorphin… with ADAM !!!!


  9. Nanci says:

    I always thought Adam and Chelsea were perfect together…that was when
    we had MM as Adam, though. Not sure how I will feel with the new Adam
    actor! Either way, I think Shadam is best left in the past.


  10. MBmomof3 says:

    It will be interesting to see who Justin Hartley does have chemistry with.

    Chelsea has grown on me and I like MCE. I know she and JH are friends in real life, but that doesn’t always translate to the screen. I don’t like her with Billy only because I am not a fan of Burgess Jenkins. So boring.


    Patrick replied

    it’s going to be an interesting fit… where Justin Hartley melds

    tall … drool… handsome…

    it’d be a coup if he avalanches with Sharon Case

    it’s a past … that was rich

    I loved Sharon and Adam

    couldn’t you just see Victor seething…
    the envious… even jealous immature antics.. that defined how dull and infant behaviour Victor drawled… enough!

    to supplant… Victor and Nikki… even Jack…..

    with Sharon and nuAdam… would invite me back… with relish


  11. Carol says:

    i want Sharon and Nick together. Won’t be the same with a new Adam


  12. Gail says:

    Nick and Sharon has been and always will be a super couple. Let Adam go back to Chelsea.
    I don’t care what they do with Billy; bad recast!


  13. Timmm says:

    You may see Adam paired up with someone totally new. Maybe Kelly Sullivan’s new character?


    Patrick replied

    i’m beyond reproach for this

    this is stellar


    a gala premiere to ensconce

    meaning tune in

    Hello, Ms. Sullivan

    I’ve missed you so


    CeeCee replied

    Wow, Timmm! Why didn’t I think of that ! What a pairing ; Sullivan and Hartley.


  14. Alan says:

    Justin Hartley and Sharon Case would definitely look good together but ultimately it’s all about the material they’re given and since Charles Pratt will be writing any reunion story for the couple…well, I think that says it all.


    Patrick replied

    I know… right

    that’s exactly, how I feel… about GH: Patrick and Sam

    I’ve wished this…longed for… and waited… and it’s upon us

    what a wait

    long and short of it… Patrick and Sam… ARE sOOOO sexy together… in front of the camera

    I hope the same… for Justin Hartley…. isn’t he something… and Sharon Case… deserves better than … the past…Nick

    will Nick ever live up to just how magnanimous he will with MS’ Phyllis


    CeeCee replied

    My dear Patrick,
    You know how much I like you and respect your opinion. But, I disagree. It’s good to disagree, right? It keeps the blood to the brain flowing…lol.
    Sam and the not-so-pragmatic Dr. Drake will bore each other to death. JMO.
    After returning from their escapade to The Netherlands, how will they occupy their time? Oh, I know, they can talk about how Sam can add cadence to her voice.

  15. Don says:

    i think adam should focus on chelsea and not sharon. I cannot picture justin and sharon in a love scene does not have chemestry there but justin might have chemestry with missy tough.


  16. Barbara says:

    Hope they keep Nick & Sharon together. They are my favourite couple. I never liked her with Adam! I think Adam & Chelsea are good together!


  17. Deb says:

    Adam loved Chelsea & she loved him like no other person could. And Billy & Victoria need to be together it has to fix the hate between the New mans & Abbots. Sharon needs to suffer looniness PLEASE don’t put her with Nick have Jack & Nick both after Phyllis like before. And let us see who the new Phyllis has chemistry with.

    I don’t see Ben, Kelly & their mother becoming regulars on the show.


    debster replied

    Leave Sharon alone. She is no worse than any others on there. Chelsea, Phyllis and Niki are way worse than bipolar Sharon.
    Btw, didn’t Chelsea lie about who her baby daddy was? Didn’t Adam cause Ashley to lose her baby and then stole Sharon’s baby…I bet you had no problem with them doing that. Don’t forget Phyllis did the same think to Danny.


    CeeCee replied

    That’s right. We still don’t know who Daniel’s real father is, do we? It certainly isn’t Danny Romalotti.

  18. Mary SF says:

    I liked Shadam in the beginning before MAB trashed the pairing by having first Sharon cheat on Adam with the vet guy, then dumping Adam when she found out his part in Patty’s escape from the mental institution and then having her bed his worse enemy, his father Victor.

    She could forgive him for snatching her baby; for making her believe her child died; for faking his death and possibly murdering Richard Hightower in the process; for him leaving her in prison to get back at her for her affair, but helping Patty to escape that was the last straw???? After that one I never looked at Shadam the same way–

    What made them good as a couple up to the point up point she let him she was dead and she ended up was the vet, up until then they seemed like equals, bringing out the best in each other, but at the end MAB reign they were bringing out the worse.

    Whether Shadam would work again would depend on the chemistry between the two actors, and how the story is written. In beginning there was a vulnerability and sweetness to Shadam, which MAB killed, if they could bring that back I might be team Shadam again, but if not I’m for Shick,


    Mary SF replied

    On my above comment I hit submit by mistake before I could finish it and proofread it so the third paragraph should read

    What made them good as a couple up to that point, the point when Sharon let Adam believe she was dead and she ended up with the vet, before that point they seemed like equals that brought out the best in each other. But by the end of MAB’s reign they were bringing out the worse, which in my mind ruined their chemistry.


  19. deb says:

    MM and SC have amazing chemistry and that is what made Shadam so freaking HOT. I appreciate SC love for the pairing and their fans. Personally I found Adam and Chelsea boring as can be. The whiplash turn of Adam love from Sharon to Chelsea was a joke also. Personally I am fine with nuAdam staying with Chelsea because as I said it was the chemistry of the actors that hooked me in Shadam. The writers of Y and R can’t seem to make up their mind who Sharon’s soul mate is. They flip flop this crap enough for me to say uncle. I am bored with Shick but I will be fine with Sharon staying with Nick as long as she never ever screws old ass Victor again.


  20. Eileen Hargis says:

    You have NO idea whether Justin and Sharon will have chemistry or not! What a premature thing to say at this point!!


    deb replied

    Ummm I stated my opinion on MM and SC chemistry. I never mentioned Justin so what in world are your talking about. You are the one who seems to think you have all the answers. Your statement about MM being done in Soaps is not only premature but silly given you I am sure have ZERO say so in who works in Soaps or not.


    CeeCee replied

    You mentioned nuAdam, deb. nuAdam, IS Justin. I think that’s what got me confused also….Might you have meant nuBilly, perhaps? ……no harm done.

  21. Eileen Hargis says:

    Ben and Kelly are already regulars on the show. Both with long contracts. Their mother is on to spill the truth.


  22. Eileen Hargis says:

    MM won’t go to Days. SoNY Owns It too.


    4ever DAYS replied

    You’re right, Eileen, Sony owns both shows…two completely different shows with a different set of people…So, he could be hired at DAYS…a place without JFP, EB, HK and so on. My guess: Michael Muhney will be seen on DAYS during the 50th anniversary!


    MarcyJ replied

    Sony was talking to MM about returning to Y&R, so he could go to DAYS. That said, MM is heavily involved in movies now. He’s shot two since leaving Y&R and is filming a third one right now in Las Vegas. A fourth one starts shooting in January. Frankly, I don’t see him going back to soaps now. I’d expect him to stick with movie & Primetime/cable. His level of talent is more suited to those kinds of projects.


  23. Vaneda says:

    I want Nick and Sharon to remain together because when she changed all the results she was off her meds. I also want Chelsea and Adam to remain together. They have a lot to get over but love don’t die and the love those two shared should be able to help them to work it out.


  24. Linda says:

    I feel that when Adam returns his main priority will be his son, Connor. He will search any means to be part of his life again, and make up for the time lost with Connor.


  25. Eileen Hargis says:

    Marcy, Sony wasn’t talking to MM. Jill F. Phelps was. That’s two different things entirely. He needs to stick to movies. Hes done in soaps.


  26. wolfy says:

    The couple just won’t be the same without Michael Muhney playing the part of Adam. Heck, the SHOW won’t be the same without Muhney playing the part of Adam! And for the information of those who don’t seem to know, it wasn’t Jill Farren Phelps who was talking to Muhney about a possible return, it was someone WAY over her head. And he’s doing quite well with movies right now. In fact, he posted several photos of himself decked out for his third movie role. Personally, I believe that Y&R’s massive losses (Miller, Stafford, Muhney) will be movie/other program’s gains. Heck, look at GH already. Numerous Y&R folk over there and doing gangbuster jobs. WELL received, too. Not like the newbies on Y&R, many of whom are STILL disliked (after more than a year onscreen for some of them).


  27. Sue says:

    Sharon & Nick, Sharon& Adam Sharon with Billy, I’m ok I’M ok with either
    They can put Phyllis back in her coma down in Georgia get her out of town, please


  28. Grandma says:

    I want to Finally See Nick and Sharon Remain Together!!! …. PLease no twist to break up Nick and Sharon
    Adam and Chelsea should reunite ………….


  29. james jones says:

    reunite shadam
    sharon will need a friend and so will adam


  30. brenda says:

    I liked Shadam in the beginning but they really got trashed over the years. Maybe if nuAdam and Sharon have good chemistry, otherwise I’d rather stick with Shick.


  31. Cindy says:

    Nick & Sharon forever


  32. Amber says:

    Yes, Adam and Sharon belong together so please reunite them ASAP please.


  33. Mickey says:

    Sharon and Adam belong together and should have never been broken apart. They would have made a wonderful super couple. They could have continued to work at Newman and had a family of their own and become a powerful pair. To bad JFP wanted to put Adam with her pet Chelsea because she ruined what was a great couple in Shadam. I can’t wait to see this new Adam and Sharon interact. With hope they will have chemistry off the charts and we can see the Shadam love story begin again.


  34. Garrett Godwin says:

    The only way I am ever going to watch Y&R again is if the writers reunite Sharon & Adam. It is like Adam said: they can never quit each other.


  35. Chalen says:

    I would love to see Shadam back together again it was very very exciting. Chelsea and Adam are boring. Leave Chelsea with Billy.


  36. Karlie says:

    Ew, please let Sharon be free of Adam once and for all. He treated her like garbage before he dumped her because his daddy Victor told him too. Hell, no! Keep Sharon away from that babynapper. I hated Sharon with him when MM was in the role (I was relieved when he was let go), and I do not want to see her with NuAdam either. The writers need to just let Shadam go because their entire history is sick and twisted and not worth rooting for. Sharon has been vilified enough for 10 life times – starting with when she took up with that sick freak Adam!! FREE SHARON from Adam!!!!!


  37. Sundayluv says:

    Sharon Case is so sensitive and passionate that chemistry will be with whomever she is casted with I just have and affinity for she and Nick.


  38. Alyssa says:

    I would love to see shadam pairing again. I hope it happens


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