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2 June 3rd, 2010 Y&R’s Stacy Haiduk speaks out on her Emmy snub!

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In a brand new interview out today with On-Air On-Soaps, The Young and the Restless, Stacy Haiduk (Emily/Patty) shared her thoughts and disappointment on not receiving, what everyone suspected was shoo-in for an Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Supporting Actress category.

The sensational Stacy had this to say, “It was shocking, and I was really disappointed.  I was excited about it because I really wanted to be a part of this group this year.  And you have to also know it is what it is.  I always have to say that I still won in my own mind because of the people I got to work with, and it’s continuing, and that is a success right now.  I know that is not the disappointing part of how I am feeling, but I try not to go into that part of it.  It’s hard.  You sit there and go, “Was my tape not good enough?  Or, what happened?”  You just kind of go, “OK.  Or, maybe the wig scared them!”  You know, the blonde wig! (Laughs)

Make sure to read the full feature with Stacy on Kitties, her co-stars, stabbing herself in the hand, and who Stacy thinks is a better psychiatrist… Emily, or whack-job Patty!

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  1. Keith says:

    Why not the most offensive quote by a long stretch, it is a little arrogant to publicly admit you were “shocked” by not being nominated for an Emmy! I find her quote off-putting and while I think her acting has been good, and might even deserve a nomination, I think she needs to be more gracious. The whole thing just comes across as somewhat sad and not too classy, at all. Had she just said she was pleased with her work, and was disappointed not to be nominated, it would have been better….and she would have looked much better as well. Ny view of her has shifted due to her response. At least she was being honest, I have to give her that much.


    bottomchef replied

    Exactly Keith! Haiduk seems full of herself. Is she freaking serious? It’s still not as bad as MTS saying she’s the “Susan Lucci of non-nominations”. The worst are from Bitter Claywell tweeting that Daytime’s a joke bec he didn’t get a nomination for portraying a gay guy or bratty Brandon Beemer even having the temerity to ask for an on set gym when there are tons open 24 7. So many Daytime actors project themselves as these spoiled brats who are entitled to this and that. Beverley McKinsey, arguably Daytime’s best actress, has never even been nominated! She didn’t even get an in memoriam at the Emmys. Victoria Rowell had to deal w/ racism and in house pettiness that prevented her from even being pre nominated before she left. Kimberlin Brown has never even won as Daytime’s definitive psycho Sheila. Susan Flannery gave 1 excellent perf after the next for years, yet had to wait 13 years before she even got nominated and won for B&B’s Stephanie (she won on Days though). Susan Lucci was nominated 19 times before she finally got her well-deserved Emmy! Daytime vet Hunter Tylo has never even been nominated! The problem also is that some of these actors have smoke blown up their asses by tvgc’s nelson Branco. There’s all of these exaggerated praise by saying some of his faves (w/c includes Haiduk) deserve Emmys. He kept repeating that in his columns abt Haiduk, yet her acting was laughable when Patty revealed herself to Paul by singing that “Patty cakes” song or everytime she’d try to secretly mess w/ Sharon’s life. Haiduk was especially awful when Phyliss attacked Patty in the mental institution for poisoning Summer. These exaggerated praises must be inflating their egos even more, so they react in arrogant ways when they are rejected by the nominations process. Branco wrote that Jonathan Jackson, multi Emmy winner and fan favorite, should be threatened by Michael Muhney. LOL! Also, the comparisons to excellent movie performances are laughable. Branco compared Michael Muhney to Matt Damon’s performance in The Talented Mr. Ripley! For real! Damon’s boyish veneer w/c masked the conflicted, violent and conniving persona of Ripley was compared to the 1 dimensional acting of Muhney. What’s next, Muhney will be compared to the brilliant Anthony Perkins in Psycho because they both wore dresses? LOL! Ripley and Bates were deceiving because their physical appearance and public behavior/performances went against type and masked their evil personas. They were subtle in their malevolence. While Muhney’s Adam is so obviously a villain. Haiduk, and these other actors, should stop complaining abt not getting nominated or not having a gym on set. They should be grateful they even have jobs when everyone knows talent takes a backseat to looks in the Daytime medium for the new hires (but not for some vets).


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