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32 July 26th, 2013 Y&R’s Tracey E. Bregman Talks About Lauren’s Kidnapping By Crazed Carmine!

Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins

The Young and the Restless Tracey E. Bregman (Lauren) is back in a scenario she is all to0 familiar with and has played one too many times! Lauren is kidnapped yet again by another psycho stalker and this time it’s in hunky Carmine played by Marco Dapper! But on the Monday, July 29th episode of the CBS soap, Lauren’s hubby, Michael (Christian LeBlanc) comes to the rescue, but the results are not what they may seem, and there are some twist and turns yet to come!

In a new interview with TV Guide, Tracey Bregman offers up some candid comments on what may be happening next and her life on a soap being duct-taped … often!  Here are a few excerpts below!

Tracey on Lauren and getting involved with stalkers: ” Every Y&R writer finds a way to somehow bind me in duct tape. But this one I never saw coming. Obviously Carmine was obsessed with Lauren. But he started out such a sweet, gentle soul. She never imagined he’d become psychotic and physically dangerous. Neither did I!”

Tracey on Carmine going the way of uber-psycho Sheila Carter:  “The Sheila fans are certainly hoping there’s a connection!”

Tracey on fans not seeing Michael and Lauren broken-up: “They liked the flirting between Lauren and Carmine but the second it crossed the line into an actual affair, it was really hard for them to take. They had such an emotional investment in Michael and Lauren being the only happy couple in Genoa City…but when our characters were the happiest, we were mostly off-screen.”

What do you think of Y&R turning Carmine obsessed with Lauren? What do you think will happen to Lauren and Michael at the hands of Carmine moving forward? Let us know!

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  1. jacob says:

    maybe carmine is related to sheila carter. that would be really juicy scoop. i want kimberlin brown back as sheila carter. i miss her so much.


  2. Kim says:

    AGAIN !!!!# Repeats over and over!


  3. Mary SF says:

    Too bad the age is off or I they could say Shelia was still alive and had a sex change operation and became Carmine. What I do remember is that Carmine relatives are connected to the mob– so they could come after them for revenge–but my guess Carmine disappears from the cabin only to be found dead later and Michael will be the prime suspect, then Lauren, then Kevin, then Fen, then Chloe, then Abby, then Billy– but the real killer will be Sharon, because she is the new scrape goat character in town–


  4. su0000 says:

    The writers fail every time when it comes hard drams..
    1st.. when Victoria was kidnapped it was a complete fail, boring, dull, awful, nothing exciting nor suspenseful, just bore..
    As is true of the the ‘crime’ stories they are flat if drama..
    now, we have this folly kidnapping that I can sleep through..
    The writers can not write thrilling, suspenseful drama, it always is on the side of stale.

    when they write a psycho kidnapping someone then i want to see a psycho at work, not this yawn junk ..


    Peaches replied

    I agree. this kidnapping with Carmine was so lame, it wasn’t even worth writing about.


  5. Beacon says:

    I find the whole Carmine is Sheila after a sex change thing to be insulting and crass. Kimberlin Brown is a soap icon and deserves some damn respect for making that character one of the enduring villains of the genre. She doesn’t need Tracey her old co-star and whoever else trying to cheapen the legacy of her character by implying she’d have a sex change to torment Lauren. Please. Bill Bell was a genius and he made sure Sheila was one of his greatest creations, on the level of Victor Newman. A character like that does not deserve to have her legacy desecrated.


  6. randy says:

    today i was channel surfing and came accross carmine and lauren and micheal in the cottage,,, i laughed thru the scene and moved on ,,,so glad i took this show off my pvr,,,,general hospital is where its at and just recently started watchin days and am loving it,,, never thought i d say it but bring back maria arena bell


  7. Jared says:

    I don’t like characters being ruined for no reason. Lauren is a hottie, but Carmine literally going nuts over her is quite the stretch. A better story would have been for Carmine to find out he has HIV and the characters dealing with that fallout. At least something that spawns future drama……

    Even better, none of this should have happened in the first place. It was all contrived and out of character. Lauren cheated in the past, on Danny with Paul, on Scott with Brad. These indiscretions were decades ago. But her relationship with Michael was both’s salvation. Drama can be written by competent capable creative show runners without sacrificing the decades-long growth of the characters.


  8. H. Parson says:

    On today’s Canadian show, Michael arrives to rescue Lauren – knocks Carmine out with a poker – and then, sits on the bed chatting with Lauren.

    Carmine was only 3 feet away from them – but – he was able to get up – open the door & escape without them seeing him.

    Talk about DUMB !!!!

    JFP & JG may think Carmine makes a great nu-Sheila, but in my opinion, the way this storyline ended was a total flop.


  9. Rick says:

    Headwriter Josh Griffith repeats ANOTHER storyline that’s been done a thousand times before. UGH.

    Why throw away Marco Dapper’s Carmine this way? It’s a waste of a character who had a lot of potential. Then again, JG has continued the Maria Arena Bell tradition of wrecking characters.

    And Michael blasting his way into the cabin at the end of today’s show??? Pathetic, unintentional camp — and that’s not a compliment.

    The whole thing is a mess….just like the rest of Y&R.


  10. Linda says:

    The Baldwin family drama was a great story. Watching Tracey and Christian act out the fall out and reconciliation of Lauren and Michael was very emotional and moving. Carmine certainly was obsessive and irritating but they didn’t need to have Lauren kidnapped again. I would have liked to see Likey, two intelligent people, find a way to get Carmine out of their lives in a smart way. They have gone too far with Carmine so he can exit left with no returns. Let’s stick to the Baldwin family drama and Likey dealing with their drug taking son and the ramifications of the affair, maybe on Lauren’s stores.


  11. sue says:

    I want to see Lauren with a HOT NEW HAIR Style, she is so pretty to look so dated..
    Lauren if you read this, don’t want to hurt your feelings but it’s time for a change.. you have the best hair & make up people there,, let them do their job…please


    Spencer Smith replied



    Sandy replied

    I agree totally with you. Time for a fresh and new look.


    peaches replied

    OMG! AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. heidi says:

    Michael and Lauren are a couple you continually root for… you want them to find their way back to each other… and they will… their connection is too strong, If they don’t write them back to each other they are making a big mistake. As for Carmine… I am hoping he is knocked off very soon!


  13. Barbara Johnson says:

    Bring back the old writers! Also Abby and Kyle. 2 Big mistakes. New replacements just AWFUL.


    lili replied



  14. lisa says:

    Lauren and Michael are one of my favorite couples on Y&R.
    The other being Nick and Phyllis (bye bye Michelle :( )
    But Lauren sure does have a thing with stalkers.
    Carmine,Sheila,Sheila’s sister Sarah,Shawn Garrett years ago who kidnapped her and buried her alive.
    And of course she married Michael who is himself a former stalker of Christine (anyone remember that story)?


    Donna replied

    So true!


  15. Y and R Fanataic says:

    What’s with Fenn’s hair? It looks like a toupee and a very bad one at that. Can’t the staff at Y and R see that? Fix it!!!


    su0000 replied

    His hair is annoying!! and gawdawful!! (same as Lauren’s hair ..


  16. Donna says:

    Although this storyline is dark and at times disturbing, I still love it. It keeps me glued to my television set and I keep shouting out loud cheering for Lauren and Michael and yelling at Carmine to stop it. Yes, this is what soaps are made of. I only wished they had the kidnapping storyline go on a little bit longer. But something tells me this storyline is not over. Carmine will continue his crazy stalking for a long time to come. Poor Lauren can’t catch a break.


  17. Y and R Fanataic says:

    Lauren’s hair is such an old style. She needs a good hair cut and a good hair stylist.
    Fen’s is still terrible and how it isn’t noticed by Y & R, I can’t imagine.
    Oh well, still love that program!!!


  18. Dee says:

    I have loved Lauren and Michael since even before their first kiss. If ever to actors were in tune with each other it is Christian LeBlanc and Tracey Bregman two of the best Y&R has. I was so upset when she cheated on Michael with that lowlife bartender . Some might find him hot I find him average and not worth a 2nd look) Sorry Marco) but I could have dealt with a one night stand because of her anger with Michael but they had to drag it out way to long. I have rooted for them to get back together and see Carmine dead (that hasn’t happened) He is no longer needed as Lauren and Michael still have a wayward son to deal with. Wake up Y&R Carmine intrusion in the life of the Baldwins is no longer entertaining and you haven’t even given us one hot love scene since they reunited and we continually deal with the kissing and mauling of Lauren by Carmine, well it don’t work with me I FF through those scenes as I did whenever they were in any lust scene..Give me Lauren and Michael in bed that will get my attention quickly


    Linda replied

    Yeah that bugs me. Even when Carmine is terrorizing Lauren they still have to have her kissing him. They need to get a clue. That is not sexy. It is disturbing. Just like the way they had to show that sex tape again and again. But do they give Lauren and Michael a love scene? No, because that would be true love and not sleazy. They are close to glorifying sexual assault and objectifying Lauren and that is not good. How about glorifying the strength of Likey’s love and remembering how smart Michael and Lauren are and stop having then dance to dumb Carmine’s tune?


  19. snoof says:

    To me, Marco Dapper is the best actor they have on that show. They should NOT be throwing his character away. The rest of the GC crowd is almost categorically snobbish and selfish (and therefore, boring as HELL) but Carmine was real, therefore he was worth watching. But now they turn him into some kind of maniac? I think they should have had Lauren and Michael see that Carmine was the only person who could have cut through their ego trips. AND everyone has forgotten that he told Fen NOT to use drugs. Its possible he wouldnt have gone off the deep end if he hadnt been blamed for Fen’s near death.


    Dan replied

    They did just as I expected!!!!! Marco Dapper WAS the best actor on the show and the only reason that I continued to watch Young And Restless. They have now killed off Carmine and have sent Marco Dapper searching for a new role! I am now searching for a new show! I am seriously DONE 100% with Young And Restless for real! Thanks alot! :(


  20. Linda says:

    Carmine was obsessed with Lauren from day 1. Fen lying about the drugs was just payback for Carmine using Fen to try to break up Likey. How sick is it to brag about sex with a kid’ s mother, tell a messed up kid that when a woman says no she really means yes, and send a sex tape to the kid. Let’s not forget about Carmine’s endless calls ansd stalking Lauren’s home so he could push himself on her when Michael left, and this was after she told him time and again the affair was over but Carmine was too deluded and obsessed to accept that. Marco Dapper has improved but he is far from being the best actor on the show. He is eye candy with a smirk.


  21. Gregg says:

    More lazy, uninspired writing by Griffith/Altman/Thompson. Boo. Carmine and the actor had so much potential. This affair could have gone on for months and months. When will Sony hire an inspired headwriter?


  22. peaches says:

    The writers need to give Carmine a real role to act. All his roles seem like nothing…it’s like he is occupying some air time because the writers have not come up with anything else with the other roles. The role he plays is not interesting at all, and it makes him look as though he cannot act. I fast forward the tape whenever he pops up, and needless to say and so many others.


  23. tom says:

    the writers should have made Lauren become pregnant with carmines baby. also, they need to bring the real shiela carter back for another round.


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