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41 December 6th, 2013 Y&R’s Victor To Nikki: “It’s Appalling How Many Parts Of Your Life You’ve Kept From Me!”


Go Victor Newman!  On today’s episode of The Young and the Restless it looks like Victor (Eric Braeden) will lay the smackdown on Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) for her secrecy, lies, and omissions in her lifetime!

Working with Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) to uncover the truth of who her bio-son is, that Nikki  gave up years ago during those heinous cult years, and learning that said bio-son was actually Dylan McAvoy (Steve Burton), are just some of the things on the top of Victor’s list of disdain for his wife’s actions that she never filled him in on!

Watch a preview of Friday’s episode of the number one soap after the jump, where Victor says to Nikki, “It’s  appalling how many parts of your life you’ve kept from me!”

Then, let us know if you agree with Victor? Or, do you agree with the way Nikki has handled this situation?

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  1. clh says:

    It wouldn’t have mattered if she had told him sooner or not. Victor is a bully, has always been a bully, and has emotionally abused all members of his family for years. Who cares what he thinks.

    As many things as he has done that he never told her and she had to find out from someone else, he’s just a hypocrite.


  2. jimh(leave it to beaver) says:

    They had two children together so its obvious she kept no parts from him…lol


    jimh(leave it to beaver) replied

    obviously she didnt keep any of her parts from him…sounds better…lol


  3. toscanti says:

    Victor has lied, cheated and every other awful thing to not only Nikki but his own children! Screw Victor and his sanctimonious self. He has become tiresome with his “Holier than Thou” attitude.


  4. Iakovos says:

    Really, Victor? After all the games and stunts you have pulled on Nikki and your children?

    Please, Y&R, redirect Victor and Nikki. Give them peace quickly and allow them to be a solid couple who can guide their children and grandchildren from lessons learned from the errors of their ways over 30+ years. There must come a time when a character achieves a measure of redemption and peace. The Newman storylines are endlessly recycled and I, for one, am tired of them. The never-knew-before-son secrety is a good piece for the game board, but focus on Nikki’s difficulties to incorporate this lost relationship in her life. Make it about her… and Dylan. If Victor is in a snit, then let it pass quickly. Or hey, show us he understands the damage of secrets and be forgiving, at least to the woman he claims is the love of his life. And who has MS! I would welcome Victor more if I could see something of a lasting change. Thought we might see it with his heart transplant (from Colleen) but no. Let the Victor-Nikki love story be one of strength that defies difficulties, and not just another road to another wedding and another river of mascara-streaked tears.


  5. Beti says:

    He should look in the mirror at himself first. How many times has he kept secrets?


  6. Chaz says:

    Oh, yes….Victor the virtuous….never has a secret.


  7. robert says:

    Victor is terrible. After what he’s done, he has no room to talk.


  8. Deb says:

    Yeah, that was precious! Can Victor spell h-y-p-o-c-r-I-t-e? Niki has about a million get out of jail free cards over Victor’s lies and deceits.

    He’s got a lot of nerve, lol…


    Patrick replied

    LOL! high 5 on the Nikki has about a million get out of jail free cards… Nice! love it!

    oh god… I am so over… Victor… he acts like an old man! crotchety… resting on his… doesn’t he need to rest! give it a rest… no other woman wants you… !

    oh god! the powerful magnate… Victor Newman…. no err in judgment… your newman crest… your self-made millionaire bookoo bucks… big F’n deal….

    you’re old, near death… let’s help him get their… see ya… over you

    Nikki needs to party!


  9. Scott (ATWT Fan) says:

    Victor is one to talk…… he’s kept so many things private from Nikki over how many years? Pot meet kettle!


  10. ricardo says:

    victor needs to shut the hell up. he is a big bully, how many mistakes has victor made. look at your self in the mirror victor newman you are a punk, alright. lol. nikki needs a new man, victor treats her like crap. but i do love eric braeden, great actor.


  11. Joshua says:

    I agree with him.

    But Victor, you need to ask Nikki how on Earth she gave birth to somebody as personality-deprived as Dullan.

    He’s the most boring person ever.


  12. su0000 says:

    Nikki and Victor are a ho-hm couple and Nikki and her secret just does not make an earthshaking story..
    All the Y&R stories are very long and drawn out and put me to sleep..
    the Delia story is terrible! along with the lackluster story who killed Carmine makes me FF to speed them up/move along lol ..
    Sharon and her secret has dragged on and on and on and I have now lost all interest in ”who is Summers daddy story..
    Y&R has been terrible.. And Nikki’s secrets are not all that exciting lol ..


  13. Tom says:

    I wasn’t aware that Victor Newman was able to occupy the moral high ground in any way, shape, or form.


  14. k/kay says:

    I just wish once someone would tell this ugly cruel man to stuff it! Go Nikki!!!!


    k/kay replied

    When I said ugly I mean ugly acting I was not saying the actor is ugly just for the record. This last year they have made his character so mean and nasty not that he was ever loveable but his verbal attack jobs have worn thin. I find myself totally fast forwarding thru his scenes.


    Patrick replied

    you could be on to something… K/Kay….

    LOL… I will never care… about Victor… until… Nikki finds a backbone… and stands up for herself… she always finds an excuse… for all of us to tolerate his… acting out… just to act out… for really no reason… at all.

    I get that Katherine is gone… I get that Phyllis is gone… and you can’t have Victor and Jack at each other ALL the time… so… the writers… seem to think… that Victor is being Victor… the self-made ‘Man”. BORING!

    this new regime… is no better… at furthering story along… so what that Victor is NOW, once again… all mighty! Yikes! it’s no longer any fun to watch him.

    I feel for the character Nikki… let alone the actress herself…. how… boring.. and lame.. for her to have to act this way… it’s not helping this couple… legacy.. and erstwhile… just lame… for no reason…

    i’m on a tangent…

    I’m so with you… his verbal attacks… just to verbal attack… have so worn thin… and the writers… and whatever… Victor

  15. Shanaynay_Newman says:

    Victor putting Nikki down isn’t new or original, but god-damn they are powerful scenes to watch. He’s always been bringing up her past whenever he wants to shame her, like when he told her to never forget who she was or where she came from before he married her.

    MTS and EB have great chemistry together!


    k/kay replied

    Ate any mice lately ? He makes me sick!!!


  16. su0000 says:

    I love Victor, he doesn’t hide who he is..
    He is a great azzhole!! and well, I’ve loved Victor for his azzholliness lol ..

    Victor is one of Y&R great characters !! He is vivid and never ending, an awesome character! The hate-stick of Y&R and yet a gives off a subtle love!!

    Victor (Eric Braeden) makes us feel about him exactly how we are to perceive him; a powerful egotistical asshole .. (I do like him :)


    k/kay replied

    Subtle love are you kidding me he is a nut job!!!!


    su0000 replied

    Victor is far from being a ”nut job”
    He is very intelligent and simply an azzhole haaa!!

  17. David Evan Smith says:

    I LMAO when Victor scolded Nikki today. Tweeted to Eric Braeden that no one scolds Nikki Newman better than Victor!

    “I had to find out from Jack Abbott that you had MS! You didn’t tell me! You had a secret child, and you involved Paul… You didn’t tell me!”

    Paraphrasing, but damn it was fun to watch! It’s true! I wish they’d actually get into Nikki’s insecurities about her relationship with Victor because of their constant on/off as the reason she continues to keep major things from him.


  18. wolfy says:

    When Victor spoke these words today on air, I nearly screamed at the set, “Pot, meet kettle!!”

    How many times has Victor kept secrets from Nikki, starting with the fact that he hired a teenaged Paul to deliver meals to an imprisoned Michael Scott in the basement dungeon of his home, his affair and subsequent child with Ashley when Nikki had a “terminal illness,” his numerous deaths (including being in Kansas very much alive and marrying and impregnating another woman while she and their children mourned him), his quickie marriage to Diane, oh, the list goes on!

    And he DARES to scream at her, “You didn’t TELL me!”? Seriously?

    Someone needs to give Victor a long, LONG talking-to about honesty!


  19. Mary SF says:

    Victor isn’t mad at Nikki for lying to him, he gets in a snit any time she doesn’t make him the center of her universe. The majority of the problems between them have started when Nikki being human eventually chooses someone or something over what Victor wanted. And that is why Nikki always feels the need to ‘hide” things from him because she knows if he gets involves he is going to want to control every aspect of the situation.
    If Victor knew from day one he would have either tried to talk her out of looking for her child, or hired someone to pretend they were her child— to give her a story that puts her mind at ease, but precludes any relationship between them. Or he would fake records to say the baby died. Nikki wanted to know the truth, and was smart enough to leave old Vic out of it until she had it. If she doesn’t trust him it is because he has given her plenty of reasons over the years not to.


  20. jaybird369 says:

    That Victor Newman is such an insufferable JACKASS!!!!! Including Nikki, over the years, Victor has done nothing but antagonize, bully and control basically ALL of his wives (who are now his ex-wives)…Ashley, Diane, Hope and Julia. Remember when Nikki was with that David Chow dude??? Of course, David and Nikki didn’t last as a couple because of his gambling demons (yikes). But, David really and unconditionally loved Nikki, was always so loving and supportive of Nikki and (most of all!!!!!) treated Nikki as an EQUAL…REAL THINGS that that stuffy old Victor knows NOTHING about!!!!! Bottom Line: Nikki had EVERY RIGHT to keep her search for her biological son a secret from that fire-breathing NUT-JOB Victor. Asshole.


    k/kay replied

    Plus she got to share scenes with the oh so sexy handsome VI! Gosh bottle that guy and clone him to me he should have been the new Ridge on B&B!


    jaybird369 replied

    Hell Yeah…V.I. is VERY SEXY AS HELL…HOLLA!!!!!

    Patrick replied

    spot on! you hit it right on the nail.

    this is food for thought…

    of the 4 remaining… soaps… and consider… the cast’s left: of all 4 soaps…

    would it seem to you… that Y&R is really… I mean… really having to re-invent themselves? it’s so far from the original… and yes… that was decades ago.. but.. so much of the power force… is missing….

    just to name a few…

    all the abbotts
    all the chancellors

    you don’t even get too see Neil Winters family… i’m sorry… but to make Devon.. a billionaire.. just doesn’t spark… any intrigue AT ALL. Lame!

    so… the writers.. Y&R production… plod along… tired Victor… because there’s nothing left to write for him… what? that his pulpit… is going to re-invigorate the remaining shell (cast) of what no longer is?

    fans have been oh so candid and boisterous about all the newbies… of all the soaps.. Y&R is stagnant… suffering the most…

    1. please… give Nikki a life… if we’re to herald Victor and Nikki… at least give her a semblance of a life…
    2. rectify… and give Sharon… minimally some drive… and forget about Nick… it’s like they wanted Sharon to follow in the footsteps of Nikki… they both are followers… of men…
    3. why not bring back Drucilla… she’d spark some intrigue… for the Winters…
    4. bring back Nina… for the Chancellors

    I havent’ even mentioned Michael, Lauren, their son… and Kevin.. Gloria…
    dag! at the very least.. get Gloria back in the scenery… whether she has a story… with any one… she’s riveting.. and at the very least.. watching her act and deliver her lines… is better than watching 1/2 the cast plus.

    I cannot think of one thing thats positive about … other than watching the best couple… Billy and Victoria… disappear.

    I really hope the writers.. delve in to a possible triangle.. with Stitch, Victoria… and Chloe.

    perhaps its time to shake up Paul and Christine marriage.

    sorry… but.. I honestly.. think… of all the 4 soaps on air… Y&R has some major growing pains


  21. Patrick says:

    “Good Lord! I can’t even go their”….

    to even give… Victor any credence… to him spouting… how he treats Nikki… so shabbily… and… it’s the writers faults! Nikki needs some balls…. SOMETHING… geez! how on earth… any woman… and I apologize… for saying as much… but… Nikki… has lost it… just pack up your bags… and get a life… outside of the Newman men.

    from the start of this tired twosome… who have no charisma… just a too long history… the appeal of this couple.. has been over for me… for eons… Victor is the haggie maggied one… his dialogue… is laughable… he bellows.. his power stance… and prose.. his big man… millionaire… corporate mogul…. who cares at this point.

    I’m sorry Nikki is portrayed this way… it’s abuse

    Victor lacks


    Patrick replied

    ie: think, Kate (Days of OUR Lives)…Sexy! luscious, divine… fiesty… has cashola…. clothes… a life.

    this could be Nikki.


  22. john says:

    Victor should be asking himself, why no one in his family ever tells him anything.
    Because, to him, what they do is wrong and stupid and everything he does is for the good of the family.


  23. Lew S says:

    He was right. She does keep things from him, because she feels he will reject her. I TRULY hope the writers are not taking us down the separation/divorce road again! She is late 50s/early 60s and he is in his 70s! I am not saying they should become the Nancy and Chris (ATWT) of Y&R, but there are other interesting stories that could be written for them.


  24. I Love GH says:

    It’s a new group who wants to write classic Victor/Nikki conflict – that’s been the pattern with each writing change over the years. I get why they do it – EB & MTS are great when in conflict. I do think its time, though, to shift conflict away from the marriage and onto other things. They can fight together – just as powerful to watch.


  25. Jared says:

    I agree. After all these years, it doesn’t make sense. Neither is a saint. Victor is a bully and a hypocrite, so he has no business calling anyone out on anything. What happened to the character growth story lines they focused on in the past? Why does Victor never learn? It’s not entertaining watching a grumpy old man go around in circles decade after decade. It’s actually pathetic to see anymore.


  26. Mark Y says:

    For me (viewer for about 8 years) Victor is a very one dimensional character. He seemed to have two people he truly cared for and never took advantage of > Katharine and Sharon. Kay has passed and he turned on Sharon too. A very predictable and boring character.


  27. Patrick says:

    what is it that Victor needs left to do?

    languish in self-preservation…


  28. Jared says:

    I’m a longterm viewer (from the late 70′s/early 80′s) who tuned out in the last few years because I’ve had enough. Personally, I don’t think Victor is relevant anymore, because he’s a broken record caricature of himself. Maybe they need to have a storyline where he is finally offed, and everyone is a suspect.


  29. Rob says:

    I think its time The Great Victor Newman takes a powder and maybe take his “appalling” wife with him.

    He’s a freakin cartoon character at this point, doing everything but twirling his mustache!

    If the show can survive Jeanne Cooper’s death it can go on without Victor Newman.


    jaybird369 replied

    Aw, hell yeah dude…I agree!!!!! Rob…I’ve been watching Y&R ever since the early 1980′s and I gotta tell ya’…I never did care for that old arrogant and fire-breathing Victor Newman much. No Thank You. And, besides, there are FAR MORE AWESOME male characters on Y&R…Billy, Devon, Jack, Kevin, Michael, Neil and Stitch. Victor AIN’T one of them. No.


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