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13 April 18th, 2012 Y&R’s Victor with Genevieve while Nikki is with Jack! Do you like the Genoa City version of Dangerous Liaisions?


Y&R’s Victor and Nikki just can’t, we mean can’t, ever get it together long enough to find any happiness with each other  So, many would say that they deserve each other and the baggage and betrayals that come along with their co-dependent relationship.

But now in another love-turn this week,  Nikki broke off her relationship with Victor. While Jack informed Genevieve he can’t go through with the wedding.   Thrilled to have finally made a deal for Beauty of Nature, Genevieve and Victor make love.  Meanwhile, Nikki and Jack, free of their complex relationships, find solace in each other!

So how do you feel about a Victor and Genevieve pairing and a revisit of Jack and Nikki?  Do you think they are  just temporary flings for the long suffering star-crossed lovers of GC?  Or, do you think these relationships have long term possibilities?  Who would you like to see Victor and Nikki with? Watch the clip below and then Let us know!

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  1. Tasha Jones says:

    I think that Nikki and Genevieve are going to turn out to be sisters….they always said there was more to Genevieve’s story and Nikki was due to come back to something big…and we all know that the “murder” was not it…just a thought!


    Kristen replied

    Tasha, I wondered about Gen and Nikki possibly being sisters too! They look very similar. It could also explain why Victor is drawn to her, if he is actually drawn to her for any other reason that BoN anyhow.

    I’ve always loved Nikki and Jack together so I’m loving their rendezvous now. I don’t mind Gen with Victor but I think she’s being an idiot, especially just signing BoN back over to him like that. Not smart.


  2. M.L. Hudson says:

    I don’t like Genevieve and I don’t care too much for Victor, but I do like Jack and Nikkie. With that said, I will always like the pairing of Victor and Nikkie no matter what. I would like to see Jack with someone other than Genevieve, maybe Phyllis or someone new.


  3. kay killgore says:

    Thank heavens they got Victor away from maybe romancing Sharon! Personally I think they are trying everything to make Genie Francis work I am just not feeling it!


    Devoted Fan replied

    Me either! And I agree about Sharon. Everytime Genie Francis has a drawn out bit of dialogue I find myself wondering why that time can’t be given to one of the core characters. I wish Victor and Genevieve would just sail away to parts unknown, never to be heard from again. And I hate feeling that way about Victor but that is the current writing team’s bag of rocks…

    I understand to a point MAB saying sometimes people need to stick to their instincts but not in the case of a show with continued plummeting ratings. At some point one should say “what I am doing is NOT working. I need help and I am going to ask for it.” The fans have been offering advice for more than a year. I think we would all applaud her for realizing she needs help. I would anyway.


  4. ethel says:

    all i can say is that genevieve has bitten off more than she can chew being with mr mumbles aka victor newman…………….jmo


  5. Bartman says:

    All I have to offer is one question: What happened to the romance on “Y & R”?

    Since Maria Arena Bell and her co-hacks took control of Bill Bell’s legacy, there has been not one truly heartfelt romantic story – not one!!

    My wish is for “Y & R” to stop being “The Genevieve Show” and get back to the basics, and that will only happen once MAB is GONE, GONE, GONE!!


    David Larsson replied

    I feel like it’s “The Victor and Adam Show”. But either way, once summer hits, it will once again become “The Teen Show”.


  6. David Larsson says:

    We all know how this will end up. Victor will reconcile with Nikki. Genevieve will either hook up with Jack, Tucker, or simply leave the show. This storyline has been done before, only difference being it’s being done with different characters this time.


  7. Jules says:

    I’m an over 20 year soap fan, but only have I recently started to watch YR, and I swear I’ve never seen so much bed hopping that goes around than I have while watching this show. I’ve only been watching for a bit over a year, but this merry-go-round of couples in that small window of time alone is insane! This passes as the #1 soap in daytime???


  8. Doe says:

    this is all about manipulation, pretend love affairs (ugh). Personally, it is very hard for me to believe anything that looks realistic when the bottom line is only business. Now that Genevieve has signed over Beauty Of Nature to the mustache, where does that leave Tucker? THis is the same story switched around and it is getting old. Where is the creativity in just retooling what has gone before? Someone please write a new story instead of the old . And don’t keep playing bed tag… It’s digusting….


  9. C hris says:

    I think Y&R is getting very silly and ridiculous,people the ages that Jack ,Victor and Nikki and Genevieve are getting a little old to be playing such silly games. The writing is over the top. I too would like some romance and a lot less bedhopping. And I’m so sick of hearing two grown men fighting over a stupid company. Also Kyle should have been SORASed when he came back the first time. Sorry to hear they are doing it to Summer so soon. Bring back Ronan please aka Jeff Branson loved his character, more story need to be told.


  10. JOAN says:

    i can’t stand phyllis and that hair.i wish someone would brush it back and keep it out of
    her eyes…ugh. i thought she couldn’t have anymore kids. i think it’s just a way to get
    nick to commit. i’m sick of her and nick. i would like to see nick and sharon get back
    and stay together for awhile. no one seems to stay together for long.
    this going back and forth is for the birds. i don’t watch Y & R like i use to..the storyline
    is ridiculous. i’ve been watching soaps for yrs and loved them but now they are not
    too interesting anymore. TOO MUCH JUMPING IN AND OUT OF BED WITH
    EVERYONE. when did kyle grow up? like i said “RIDICULOUS”"!!!!!


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