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20 October 23rd, 2014 Zach Rance & Cody Calafiore Talk Showmances, Exhibitionism & Frankie’s “Ariana Grande” Bombshell As Big Brother Comes To The Bold and the Beautiful!


Season 16 of CBS’ smash reality competition series Big Brother came to its conclusion just one month ago, when in the finale Derrick Levasseur took home the $500,000 prize.

However, this season featured a plethora of sexy guys, showmances, shockers, twists, and double-crosses  …  sounds like a soap opera, right?  Now, many of the favorites who stirred the pot from Big Brother 16 will appear next week on the upcoming Halloween episodes of the daytime drama The Bold and the Beautiful (Oct 30th and 31st).

Two fan favorites from the cast, season 16 runner-up Cody Calafiore and Zach Rance, known for his Florida Gator T-Shirt and his showmance with Frankie Grande, will be part of the action as Big Brother invades the The Bold and the Beautiful just in time for fright night!

On-Air On-Soaps sat down with the ever-popular duo to discuss some of the major highlights and lowlights of their time in the Big Brother house, and where they want to go with their lives post-Big Bro, and more!

Cody, you were the runner-up in Big Brother 16.  Looking back, what do you think about how it all went down?  You had won the last Head of Household, and had the chance to pick who would sit next to you in the final 2, and you chose Derrick. And that kind of back-fired since Derrick was the eventual champ!  I read an interview where you were sort of surprised, at first, about how Derrick out maneuvered you for the win.


CODY:  Hearing a lot of things that were going on with Derrick was surprising. Honestly, I was playing the game, I thought, and a really good game. I think I played a little naïve towards the end, and I really should have been trying to get those votes, like apparently he was doing which I didn’t know.  I was trying to stay loyal and keep it as fair between as I could, and that is not Big Brother. You have to try to win – there is a winner and a loser.

Do you feel you would have played the game differently now, when you look back on what happened?

CODY:  Oh, absolutely. When people were on their way out, and I had a hand in it, I kind of stayed away.  I was just like, “Alright, they are going out the door!”  I didn’t try to panic anybody, and I didn’t try to mend anything.  I didn’t say anything to them on the way out, which is why I think a lot of them thought I was just kind of off behind the scenes never really doing much, and I think that was really my downfall.

How did you guys feel about having the cameras on you 24/7 watching your every move, and on all the episodes of Big Brother: After Dark too?


ZACH:  I am so happy that you asked me that question!  Throughout my entire life since I was very young, I would pretend that cameras were following me everywhere throughout my daily life, even like when I was making breakfast!  I would pretend that the girl that I was in love with, whoever that was that time, was always watching me from a pretend camera in her room!  So no matter what I did, if I was cooking breakfast, or if I was watching TV, I was always just trying to put on a show for that person.

As one would expect … you are a true exhibitionist!

ZACH:  I am a true exhibitionist!

How about you, Cody?

CODY:  That detail Zach just gave was phenomenal! (Laughs)  I didn’t feel like the girl I was interested in was watching me all the time, because there would be a couple of things that I would be doing that I didn’t want her to see (Laughs)… like when I am cooking up eggs.  I am hoping she is not watching.


Zach, did you have any sense that you and Frankie were having a showmance … and how that took off with the viewing public?

ZACH:  Obviously, from the first week I was fond as Frankie, and we did have a showmance, but I didn’t think it was any big super thing.  I mean obviously, we were best friends in the house, besides Cody.  It really took off, and they are demanding our heads on Amazing Race, which is great, but I had no idea the stir it caused.

So what were the two of you thinking when you found out that Frankie’s sister was none other than pop singing sensation, Ariana Grande?

ZACH:  We all found out together at the same time in the Fire Room. Cody had the best reaction.  He was just laughing.  And I turned to him and said, “How are you laughing at a time like this?  This guy has been lying about his life the entire time!”

CODY:  We are sitting in the Big Brother house, and he thinks he is trying to do this big reveal and I am thinking, “I still don’t trust you. I want to know about the game!” So for me, we are sitting there and my reaction was also because of the way Frankie was portraying it. He says he is social media guru. I said, “I had never heard that before.”  But then when I found actually who Arianna Grande was, I thought, maybe I won’t laugh so much anymore!


Zach, as you are aware, the showmance with Frankie had become this social media phenomenon… and then you were having to clarify that you are indeed, heterosexual.

ZACH:  I did not think my sexuality was in question at all. However, when I did walk out of the house, and host Julie Chen asked me, and she kind of hinted to the fact of: what is your deal with that? I said, “Frankie and I have a great friendship. I love him as a person.  He is very smart and funny, and that’s all that matters.”  And then all my questions over the next day at the press day were about Frankie and me.  I just feel I had to address it and I will leave it there.  He is a great person, and I have nothing more to say on it.

And Zach, your Florida Gator T-Shirt had a life of its own on Big Brother 16!


ZACH:   It was no big deal when people’s hats would go missing.  It was kind of a big deal when Caleb’s boots go missing, but when my Gator shirt goes missing, now it’s a huge problem!

CODY: We thought he was the one that took his own Gator shirt, so we in the house we’re not buying it!

ZACH: I could not have faked that reaction!

CODY:  Could you not have faked that reaction, though? You’re pretty good.  I have watched this guy at his best, when he is like “Watch me. I am going to do this…”  He would be like, “Just watch!”  He would convince people that he is so sincere, and that he has their backs and he would never cross them!

I could have never played this game! I could never friggin’ trust any of you guys!  I would go nuts!  


ZACH: I trust to many people, I trusted Frankie and I trusted Cody!

CODY: You had a reason to trust me … I saved you two times on the block!

What do you want to happen with your life moving forward?  Do you see yourself staying in show business? You obviously will be on The Bold and the Beautiful!

CODY:  I mean, I love this. I would love to do acting, it would be amazing.

ZACH:  We definitely are doing acting.  We are just waiting for the offers to pile in. Cody and I are going to jump at every opportunity that comes our way. We are both great people in front of cameras, and I think we proved that this summer.  There are a lot of good things to come, I promise.

You guys will appear on the Halloween episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful!  Zach, what can you share?


ZACH:  I am playing the host and the promoter of the party … the event coordinator.  I am having a showmance contest … and you have to tune-in to see who wins.

CODY:  I won’t be having any showmances!

ZACH:  He should have had a lot of showmances, though.  But I got to say Cody; you played a good game, a flawless game!

So, what did you think about Cody’s thoughts on losing Big Brother 16?  Zach on his showmance with Frankie? The guys reaction to the Ariana Grande bombshell? Would you like to see more of Zach and Cody on TV … on a soap?  Should The Bold and the Beautiful ultimately cast the guys in recurring roles? Will you be checking them out on the Halloween episodes of B&B?  Share your thoughts below!

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  1. Steph says:

    Thanks for this interview Michael. I loved watching these two guys on Big Brother and I hope they get some great opportunities. Zach is hilarious and so entertaining. Cody needs to be back on TV he’s smoking hot.


  2. jonboy says:

    Naieve isn’t the word for it! Dumb comes more to mind. Any idiot would know he would be a sure winner seated next to Victoria. As for Frankies big reveal about his sister, the way he did it made me nauseous. His true personality showed…and I didn’t like him from that moment forward.


  3. Mo says:

    I didn’t watch BB and wish they weren’t on B&B.


    Timmm replied

    Imagine if your busting your butt going from reading to reading to get any small acting part and these two guys roll in with no experience or no struggling and broken dreams that so many actors experience and get cast on a major soap! Unfair. My only reason I accept stunt casting is to forward a story. Another bad idea, remember when they had a Seattle Seahawk on Y&R. What purpose did it serve? Waste of air time!


  4. Timmm says:

    I love BB but it shouldnt cross over into soaps. There just isnt a reason to do it.


  5. T-Dubs says:

    Cody is so underrated. He played a better game than most of the other players especially the so called fan favourites who were sent to jury one by one right after the other. I agree he was was naive for not working to secure jury votes but at the same time I admire the heck out of him for staying loyal to his partner from day 2. He’s a great guy who chose integrity and loyalty over greed and as hard as it is to believe for some people that’s more important than money. The same people who hate on him for not taking Victoria would still hate on him if he had cut Derrick at the end. I’m a huge fan of Cody and I hope he is successful with whatever he decides to do. I’d love to see him land on one of the soaps he definitely has the perfect look for it.


    LOL replied

    If he cut Derrick at the end he would have gotten respect lol no one is ever going to remember him only Derrick its like the Dan situation in season10 who remembers that other guy Dan played with lol


  6. Chris says:

    I love Big Brother & it was amazing watching Zach Rance this summer keep everyone on their toes since no one knew what he was going to do next. He’s the most entertaining HG BB has every had & it would be a shame for someone to not pick up on that & use him on TV. Plus both guys are super cute…. oh & Zach, I loved your showmance with Frankie. It was pretty hot & I can’t wait to see what’s next :)


    JY Preston replied

    I would watch Cody reading the phone book. Whenever and wherever he is on my TV i’ll make it my priority to watch. I love Zac too, but Cody, I adore.


  7. Miriam says:

    Cody was the definition of “meh”. Not the best player (Derrick), not the hottest (Caleb), not the most entertaining (Zankie). Not the most anything. He was just there.

    I like Zach but he’s a little overrated. How does he have that many followers? He sucked at the game, he was in an enviable position, close to all the power players and blew himself away at every turn out of boredom, made himself a huge liability to his alliances. Also played in a LOT of competitions and only won 2. Only Victoria has worse statistics. And he wasn’t funny in the DR, he talked loud and it seemed scripted. He’s entertaining enough but i’m surprised at the huge following.


  8. LOL says:

    Lol it shows how young these boys are Offers coming in for acting get real no one becomes famous after BB unless they go out and get it themselves.


  9. mae says:

    Hope to see more of Cody. He needs to be on tv/movies. He can easily be an actor with that face. Camera loves him.


  10. Jim says:

    Zach needs to be on TV. Cody, bleh, who cares? Loved Zach’s showmance with Frankie and I’m pleased they’re still very good friends. Don’t usually watch Bell soaps but will tune in to see Zach.


  11. Mary SF says:

    What happened to Donny? I thought Donny was supposed to get a day role on B&B? Is that still going to happen or did Donny opt out?


  12. Kelly says:

    Cody? No! Zach? Yes!! Zach and Frankie have the most star power and that is why CBS wants more of them. The straight/gay guy together was great TV. Zach needs to move to L.A and get some work NOW! I know he is friends with Victoria and Cody, but doing appearances and shows with them is only going to hold him back.

    The casino gig was cringe worthy. I hope he starts doing things he wants to do before it’s too late and people forget about him, much like what happens with a lot of other BB alumni.


  13. Patti says:

    I loved them both, but Cody was my favorite. I would love to see him on a soap, he has the body, looks and personality. He will always get backlash for not taking Victoria, but I agree with his decision. He is a great guy and it is good to see that Cody and Derrick are still great friends. Zach was not as entertaining as most think, and definitely didn’t know how to play the game. I wish them both good luck and take advantage of anything that comes their way. Can’t wait to see them on B&B!


  14. claudia says:

    I love Cody Calafiore. He’s so dreamy. Look at him, and let’s be real. Hollywood suits him the best because he looks gorgeous and stunning…I can totally picture him in any romantic type of movies that people are obsessed with nowadays. I can even picture him in roles like Christian Grey. With the right agent, he has definitely a shot.


  15. Serge says:

    I enjoy BB. I’m an avid fan. I am 62 years old. I am very fascinated by the concept of BB. These 2 gentlemen did a fine job. I wish them the best. As someone stated above, very few get famous from BB. I wish them well.


  16. Paula Golden says:

    Cody wouldnt have made it far in the game if not for Derrick carrying him. But derrick also needed him to do his dirty work, to use him. Wonder what Cody’s thoughts are on the fact Derrick threw the comp that if Caleb woulda won most likely Cody woulda left leave caleb, derrick and vic as final 3? Zach was entertaining at times when it seemed natural but I’m afraid he is in for a shock, no amazing race or showbiz. Cody im sure could model as he has done before.


  17. Lia says:

    Cody should have taken Victoria, and he would have won. The only person who said they would vote for her was Jocasta. Oh well….

    As for future projects in the biz, I think both would do well, so I’m crossing my fingers the offers start pouring in for them.


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