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22 August 27th, 2013 Zach Remembers Myrtle On This Week’s All My Children!


On this week’s All My Children episode #59, Zach (Thorsten Kaye) finds a picture of his dear friend, the late Myrtle Fargate (played by the beloved Eileen Herlie, who also passed away) and recalls the advice she gave to him … that he is entitled to happiness, and so is Kendall (Alicia Minshew).  What was great about this was that the new AMC actually used an archived clip that was first seen years ago on ABC’s version of All My Children.

Kudos to AMC executive producer Ginger Smith, who has maintained throughout season one, nods to some of the history of the show; bringing back characters such as Dimitri Marrick (Michael Nader) and Billy Clyde Tuggle (Matthew Cowles), and reminding viewers of the wonderful connection Zach had with Myrtle, as did Thorsten Kaye with Eileen Herlie.

And who can ever forget, the heartbreaking funeral of Myrtle put together by Zach!  It was a ten-hankie episode.  But what we recall the most, was the scene in which Zach broke down privately in an elevator over losing his dearest friend.

In current story, obviously Zach is trying to figure out what to do with his attraction to Lea (Paula Garces) and whether or not open up his heart to love again? Or,  should he hold out hope for a Zendall reunion?  What should he do?

Watch this week’s AMC episode below which recalls Myrtle, and an old AMC clip of Myrtle’s funeral where Zach breaks down over her death.  Then, share your thoughts!

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  1. Beth says:

    Myrtle was such a big Zach and Kendall fan. I hope she guides him and Kendall back to each other. Their love story was unique and beautiful. It isn’t over, not by a long shot.


  2. Sharon says:

    It’s always such a poignant treat to see any Zyrtle scenes! Those two have chemistry off the charts! Loved their relationship & loved seeing the clip – although hankies were definitely a must. Now put me in the ‘hoping for a Zen reunion’ column. I think that would make Myrtle and me very happy.


  3. Pav says:

    If Myrtle had still been alive, there probably wouldn’t have been a Zen divorce. Myrtle believed in them-she thought Zach and Kendall were forever meant for each other. lea is a poor substitute for what Zach had with Kendall, and I believe he would eventually realize that he had settled for second best. And he wouldn’t have had to wonder about it, Myrtle would have told him. JMO.

    Great pic of Eileen Herlie btw!


  4. Rita says:

    I really miss Myrtle….
    Zach wishes that he were still together with Kendall and even told Miranda so that very same day. He should work things out with his wife and reunite with his family. I don’t want Zach to settle because he thinks a reunion with Kendall isn’t possible. Their wedding vows even start that if there were ever apart they would find their way back to each other. A Zendall reunion would make me, Zach, Kendall, Spike Ian and Miranda very happy. I’m sure Myrtle would want that too. I hope Alicia Minshew returns. I love her chemistry with Thorsten Kaye.


  5. Kathy says:

    Myrtle once said Zach and Kendall were the greatest love story she ever saw. That is saying something–something I totally agree with. Zach needs to be with Kendall and she needs to be with him


  6. Chris says:

    Myrtle just like the Zen fans knew that Zach and Kendall belonged together. It is pretty clear that Zach still loves Kendall and he will eventually realize that he will never be able to move on. He and Kendall will always find their way back to each other. If Myrtle were still alive she would be trying to get them back together.


  7. Dara says:

    Zach and Myrtle’s relationship was one of my favorite soap friendships. Myrtle was a true friend to Zach and he always valued both her advice and her friendship. Myrtle also was a true committed “Zendall” shipper and the flashback clip we saw where she tells Zach that both he and Kendall deserve to be happy, it was clear to me that she meant for them to move forward with each other and find that happiness. She was urging Zach to reveal his feelings to Kendall. I do not see any such feelings, even remotely, for Lea. Zach is definitely not over Kendall. The fact that he still wears his wedding ring proves that. For me to continue watching AMC, I want to see Zach reunited with his family ……Kendall, Spike and Ian. That is exactly what Myrtle would want for Zach, as well as for Kendall,


  8. Janice says:

    Myrtle was a great character (played by an amazing actress), and she so believed in Zach and Kendall. I’m hoping that when Zach was thinking about her, he was listening to her advice that he and Kendall should be together (always). If Myrtle were still here, she would tell him to fight for Kendall (and also would tell Kendall to fight for Zach). Hoping for our Zen reunion soon, please!!!


  9. Jp says:

    Interesting how ABC gave permission or allowed AMC to use some vintage clips since they are in a legal dispute with PP over the OLTL characters! I just don’t get people.


  10. Johnny says:

    It’s nice that Zach remembers Myrtle and I’m sure we all remember her as well.
    I also remember ALL MY CHILDREN as being a warm-hearted interesting show. I am sorry to say that the current inception on-line bears little resemblance to the former show. One current storyline which consists of Colby placing an imaginary skunk in Celia’s direction is too inane for words. The other question we’re supposed to care about and don’t is will Petey get together with Celia – who cares? Another storyline that is dragged out and not terribly compelling is Miranda and A.J. – how long can they make a storyline out of this?
    I don’t mean to carelessly disburse Negative comments, sincerely speaking I have loved the show for many (too many) years and I hate to see it come down to these weak, unsubstantial scripts that even the best actors couldn’t breathe life into. I am NOT knocking the actors, they are doing their best. The writing however is thin and uninteresting and I hope that Season 2 of “AMC” shows improvement.


    William Hall replied

    I couldn’t disagree more. Love the present storylines. Miranda & AJ are the Phil & Tara of old.. I can’t wait for season 2 !


    Ann replied

    Remember this was suppose to be weeks not months. It was dragged on because they cut the schedule in half.

    Johnny replied

    Well fine, it’s a free country – of course you can disagree.
    But do you HONESTLY think that Colby planting a Skunk near Celia makes
    for an interesting storyline? Is that the best they could come up with?

  11. zen says:

    What I got out of that scene was that memories of Myrtle’s love and advice are going to guide Zach back to his one true love… Kendall.
    Even Myrtle would have found Lea blah, bland, and nothing more than a blip on Zach’s radar… compared to the vivacious mother of Zach’s boys!


  12. Bart says:

    I remember this episode – I couldn’t watch without puddling up, like I’m doing now…

    Loved seeing Agnes Nixon come out of nowhere to blow a kiss to Myrtle’s photo.

    The only episode then-Head Writer Chuck Pratt got right!!


  13. AbbyS. says:

    When Myrtle died, she left Zach a gift which he brought to Kendall’s bedside when she was in a coma. The gift was an album of photos of Zach, Kendall and a brass ring, which both he and Kendall had grabbed a hold of and were holding on to for dear life through some very tough times. The lesson, Zach realized, was that Myrtle was telling Zach now, when Kendall was on death’s door, to keep holding on and to be patient because Kendall would come back to him. So I’m being patient and waiting for Kendall and Zach to find their way back to each other, just like Myrtle wanted for him. That’s Myrtle’s lasting wish for all Zendall fans. Patience. It’ll happen.


  14. SZima says:

    So glad Zach remembered Myrtle. They had one of the most special relationships on the soaps. Myrtle always showed Zach his heart. It’s nice when the current regime acknowledges past relationships.


  15. Susan says:

    What a beautiful friendship Zach and Myrtle had. I loved how she encouraged Zach to listen to his heart. She knew that Kendall was his heart and the only woman for him. I am looking forward to a Zendall reunion in season 2. They are one of AMC’s biggest Supercouples with a huge fanbase. A return of Alicia Minshew paired again with Thorsten Kaye will boost TOLN’s numbers and delight a faithful legion of fans.
    As for Myrtle I think she’d be smiling down on Zach as he works to put his family back together.


  16. Ash says:

    AMC and OLTL ratings are not very good in m any ways but I hope they survive. Great chemistry but AMC needs their heart, their passion and drive back . Brooke, Zach, Dixie, Ada when he is own, Angie and Jesse just aren’t Erica Kane. Seeing Erica reminded me that she is so pivotal to AMC. Bring back Susan Lucci. It is not AMC without her.


    Johnny replied

    It’s NOT All My Children without Erica Kane or Tad Martin, it’s just not the same, despite what viewers may say.
    Does anyone REALLY care about Celia and Pete? They have like zero chemistry together and when Celia smiles it’s like she’s inhaling gas. Why would Colby, this gorgeous blonde, go out of her way to make Petey like her when she could get like any guy she wanted – it doesn’t make sense.


    Ash replied

    so true. I mean i guess Pete has a great chest but then again there was Ryan Lavery. Tad and Erica and more important their portrayers brought life to the show. Julia Barr and the actress who play Dixie are awesome actors but they aren’t Knight or Lucci – they were borne wiht pizzazz, spark and that je ne sais quoi!

  17. Jeanie says:

    Prospect Park and AMC showed a lot of class when they showed this clip. No flash and trash, just two great actors sharing a screen. Thank you!


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