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6 May 23rd, 2010 Zack Conroy on his GL Daytime Emmy Nomination for James & B&B’s Oliver!

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On-Air On-Soaps caught up with Zack Conroy (Oliver, B&B) late last week to get his thoughts on his first ever Daytime Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Younger Actor category.   Conroy’s is one of the major contenders in the category along with former GH star, Drew Garrett (Ex-Michael) and former OLTL star, and soon-to-be Zack’s B&B’s cast mate, Scott Clifton.  Here is what Zack had to say about his big news and more!

Zack on his shock at receiving a nomination for his work on Guiding Light:   “I am very excited. I could not believe I got nominated.  It’s unbelievable.  I am really excited for my former Guiding Light cast mates, Crystal Chappell (Ex-Olivia) and Beth Chamberlin (Ex-Beth), too.  Beth had so much great material to choose from.  I think out of the three of us, someone will get one for sure!

Zack on the difference between Springfield and the steamier L.A. based locale of B&B:  “Guiding Light was a family show, and B&B is a bit of a tawdry show.  I can’t tell you how great it is. (Laughs)  Getting to work with the character of Steffy is fun, and I am having more sex scenes.  I am loving it.  I had no idea when I got the role of Oliver it would be so scandalous,  and I can’t say it’s that hard coming to work.” (Laughs)

Zack on how he got the news of the nomination: “I got a call from my agent early in the morning and then lots of calls after that.  It felt like it would if it was my birthday.  My parents could not be happier. My dad started sending messages to all his distant relatives.  I started getting all these messages on my facebook page from people I never heard of.  It was pretty funny.  You will see me in Vegas, not at the slot machines, but at the black jack table!” (Laughs)

Zack on what episode he submitted that got him recognized: “I submitted something with Grant Aleksander (Phillip) and I.  It was when James was getting upset with Phillip about the Ponzi scheme.  I honestly did not have that much to chose from.  I kept five shows I liked for myself, and it just so happens I picked a winner to be a nominee.”(Laughs)

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  1. bottomchef says:

    Conroy spoiled the storyline by saying Oliver sleeps w/ someone, and that’s obviously Steffy. Then again, B&B is so predictable since the writing and majority of the acting is complete and utter crap. Maybe TPTB will have a “talk” w/ him like they had w/ Hunter Tylo when she wrote abt storylines on her board. LOL on Conroy describing B&B as a tawdry show! That took guts. He is stating a truth though since the writing, acting, wardrobe and production values on B&B are cheap and shameful.


  2. bottomchef says:

    Brooke slept w/ Oliver! KKL finally gets her cougar storyline, but it’s this stupid and trashy. This is abt as bad as Ridge sleeping w/ Morgan bec of Tay’s forged email instructing him to get her preggers.


    mantsali replied

    of course dat is so trashy.


  3. mantsali says:

    you know,i may be far in lesotho bt i enjoy watching u every day because u make me laugh and as 4 ur couple wit hope is realy cute.ciao..


  4. mantsali says:

    and most of all ur cute


    mantsali replied

    do u enjoy being oliver


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