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March 30th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 15 ) Brett Claywell Interview – One Life to Live

One Life to Live’s Brett Claywell (Kyle) chats with Michael Fairman at the studios of the series, shot just a few days before the show decided to write off his character, and the Kish love story. In this interview, Brett discusses Kyle and Fish’s upcoming battle for custody of Sierra Rose, Kyle’s relationship with Roxy, Kyle’s not so ‘goody-two-shoes; past’, and if there were any parts of playing this character that he may have not been comfortable with.

  1. cc says:

    why are there no comments for this sexy man? he so articulate and lovely. love him!


  2. Margaret says:

    Thank you Michael for another great interview with Brett he seemed so excited about the future of Kyle and Oliver which makes it bittersweet in light of what has happened since….He and Scott were so committed to their story and their amazing chemistry made kish a very believable and special couple…..i am convinced that ABC will have cause to regret ending the most beautiful love story they had and continue to hope they will reverse their decision and Bring Brett and Scott back if only for a short time to give them the chance of a proper conclusion that they and the fans feel the story deserves….


  3. Rebecca says:

    Every interview he does, he is so articulate, thoughtful, insightful, thought-provoking, funny, and just all-around awesome. I really respect him as an actor and as the really cool person that he is. So sad still about the Kish axing. Every interview I see now just reinforces what colossal idiots TPTB are for cutting this groundbreaking, inspirational LOVE story that just happens to be between 2 men when it’s really just getting started.


  4. md1347 says:

    Love Kish. Shame OLTL cut and run. I won’t be watching OLTL after Kish is off but I’ll follow both Brett and Scott wherever they go.


  5. j.U.d.E. says:

    AMEN to everything you say Margaret! A conclusion/closure that the fans deserve, but also the writers AND both Brett and Scott!…

    Damn! Knowing that this was filmed just days before ABC pulled the plug! So horribly sad! I can’t imagine TPTB haven’t realised by now what a big mistake the KISH KILL was!

    Brett’s back in NYC and Scott’s still on ‘recurring’ status. They can, they HAVE to reconsider… Give us and the actors a proper ending! It was so beautiful and they decided to bin it! I’m mainstream audience (whatever that is..) and I will never understand why they cancelled KISH……. Huge mistake! If we get nothing after April 16th, I switch to ATWT (Nuke and Reid) even though I haven’t watched it in over a year.. At least there, they keep their gay characters.

    ABC fail!


    Kim replied

    i totally agree with you j.U.d.E. i part of the mainstream audience and just watching this interview gets upset because of ABC’s decision. i will be leaving when KISH does and unless they return, hopefully, i wont be back. on a different note Brett is so sexy and cute in glasses! i just wish that ABC/OLTL would reconsider. they arent even gone yet but it is so hard to watch knowing that they are written off. their story was just beginning. I WANT MY KISH BACK!


  6. Jardo says:

    Frank Valentini recently killed what was the best couple to come along in daytime in many years! KISH. To have garnered such a huge fan base in such a short time, you would think Mr. Valentini would be jumping up and down with glee over Kish’s popularity. Instead, he reduces their airtime to virtually nothing, separates them so they are never seen together, and then he unceremoniously dumps them in the most crappy way possible without so much as a “thank you”, “kiss my a**”, or anything else. Big mistake, Mr. Valentini. It is almost like Mr. Valentini dumped the Kish storyline because the actors were “too good” in their roles! It simply didn’t make any sense because they were so popular and had the most phenominal chemistry of any couple on daytime TV. And, since the news of Kish being let go came out just a short two weeks ago, OLTL has already lost an additional 400,000 viewers based upon recent polls. I can’t wait to see how many more viewers “disappear” after April 16th. Mr. Valentini may not have only signed Kish’s death warrant, but he may have signed OLTL’s death warrant as well. And if that is the case Mr. Valentini, then that would also mean you put yourself on the unemployment line as well. That is, of course, unless this was a planned deal with Mr. Frons so he can finally get that daytime “talk show” or “variety show” he has been desperately wanting for so long.

    I know as of April 16th, I will also be one of those “mainstream viewers” (middle aged, married female from Illinois) who will no longer be watching OLTL ….. and I have been an avid viewer since OLTL’s very first airdate. And because ABC Disney didn’t seem to have any qualms about the WAY these two young men were so unceremoniously “dismissed”, I will also no longer watch any ABC network programming, whether it be daytime or prime time. My remote will simply by-pass the ABC network from now on. In my heart, I feel I simply cannot watch a network that would treat its employees so horribly, especially after they did such a tremendous job for the network and its viewers in what many think was one of the best storylines and couples to come along in daytime in many, many years.

    ABC Disney, I hope if you ever get rid of Mr. Valentini, you give him the same amount of courtesy and respect that he gave Mr. Evans and Mr. Claywell. Let him read about it in the news and on twitter!

    I wish Mr. Evans and Mr. Claywell the best of luck in their careers. They are two very talented young gentlemen who are “class acts”. Mr. Valentini could surely take some lessons in “how to be a class act and respect others” from these two young men, as could the ABC Disney network. As badly as they were treated, they still have had nothing but nice, respectful things to say about their former employer, a network that basically “crapped all over them.”


    j.U.d.E. replied

    BRAVO Jardo! Nothing to add!

    TPTB failed their actors, their fans, their viewers! Come April 16th they will happily find out how *great* their idea was to kill KISH!…

    Honestly, seriously?!? What WERE they thinking..? *blank*


  7. Sandy says:

    Just heartbreaking to watch this interview. Brett is so eloquent in speaking about the depth and richness of the story and how the whole OLTL team is behind it. Ug. I wish. Truly, I wish OLTL had stayed behind this amazing story. It pains me to think all the work that went into this story has just fallen away. So, so sad.


  8. ltklo says:

    Michael, another great interview. Brett is always so thoughtful and articulate. And he really rocks that professor-look! There’s so much potential for Kyle/Oliver storylines and OLTL is crazy for dropping both the characters and the actors. It is the freshest story on daytime. It brought me back to OLTL and I will leave when they do.


  9. j.U.d.E. says:

    Brett’s beyond awesome!

    Watched this again (following your tweet) and I just love your interviews Michael! Love the questions and the answers. I like that you are actually listening to the replies the actor has to your questions and that the interview evolves, rather than just putting a list of questions out there.

    Some flirting too! Cute!


  10. SFF says:

    Caught in the whirlwind that is kish. Someone needs to revisit marketing research. The stars aligned with Kyle, Oliver, Layla, Chris and Roxy. The love between these Oliver/Kyle is addictive. RARE opportunity squandered… The Roxy Kyle relationship held a boatlaod of teachable moments for our society and we are so hungry for it with family structures and relationships as diverse as they are today. Look ABC ..bring them back..and I will tell two friends and so on and so on and so on. It was just beginning.


  11. christa lyon says:

    bring back kyle olvier and seirra rose to oltl. kyle and oliver it’s frseh beginng for their relationship they need to killed off kyle oliver it was so completly wrong they desiver better onscreen and more of kyle and oliver raise seirra rose together for one life to live better bring back to lianview some time this may

    christa lyon


  12. Raymond says:

    I really applause the professionalism that this great actor has done to bring to life the story of Kish. It is the most inspiring, admirable gay storyline I have seen on tv. It is really disappointing that the producers have decided to end it. Didnt they realise what a huge fan base, the couple has created?
    I wish that they will bring back the Brett and Scott as they go on with a child. from where and how their sory has started, it can develop into an interesting and brilliant storyline between the two and the rest of Llanview community.
    It will remain to be the greatest gay storyline on daytime drama, forever. It will certainly stay in all those who have seen the show and loved the couple. It is an inspiring romance between two men who once found themselves falling in love and ending up reacquainted after years of bitter separation, to profoundly rekindle their true feelings for each other. They are just meant for each other.
    I wish that they will bring back Kish on the screen.
    I really respect and applaud both Brett and Scott.
    Love them both. bravo to Kish! Bring back Kish!


  13. christa lyon says:

    i agree they need to bring brett claywell scott evans and thier child back onscreen again with one life to live they were great gay couple and now we are in september 2010 and we need to see more of them coming back to the show and need to their airdate to exit to oltl


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