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April 7th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 5 ) Melissa Archer Interview – One Life to Live

One Life to Live’s Melissa Archer (Natalie) chats with Michael Fairman from her brand new dressing room at One Life to Live’s new studios.  Melissa discusses her thought on the re-teaming of John and Natalie, the triangle with Marty, and her performances in the Death of Jared storyline, missing John Brotherton, and so much more.

  1. Joanna says:

    Loved your interview with Melissa, you both are so much fun together. I have loved the reconnection of John and Natalie, and look foreward to a good story for them. In my opinion Michael Easton nd MelissaArcher have outstanding chemistry, which I hope the writers will take advantage of. I really hope this time around the writers actually write a good romance for them.


  2. Angela says:

    Hi, Michael. Great interview with Melissa. I really adore her as she is one of my favorite female actresses. I was so hoping she would be considered for an emmy this time around for her performance during Jared’s funeral, or at least for her performance overall in the entire stalker story line. She was fabulous through and through. I do have to say though that her performance at John’s funeral in 2006 was just as great. It was just as heartfelt. I am really liking her reconnection story with Michael Easton and hope that they get the payoff that they deserve. They are an awesome couple and hope they get the Bo/Nora treatment. Thanks again for a great interview.


  3. Cam says:

    Thanks for this! YES Melissa does deserve a Emmy nod on several scenes they talked abou it. she does great intervew with you Michael. I am a big fan of Nat& John and am loving the SL unfolding slowly I hope the writers keep it up because Melissa can handle it!


  4. Christina says:

    Thanks for the interview Michael! I loved it! Melissa Archer is awesome and I just love her and Michael Easton! They have a very rare chemistry that you rarely see on soaps. I hope RC writes a great romance for them! They deserve happiness! Can we just get them reunited already?


  5. Doe says:

    Melissa is just stunning. What a beauty! And she can really act. This was a fun inteview, Michael, as yours usually are. I will be interested to see how the John/Natalie plays out. They actually are very hot together and they are so good in conveying it. You can feel the intensity. I also wonder how Natalie and Jessica will get along and how long they will drag out Jessica’s regression, because it does get boring.


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