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March 24th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 2 ) Ron Carlivati (Part 1) – One Life To Live

One Life to Live’s head writer, Ron Carlivati sits down with Michael Fairman in an exclusive four part video interview segment previewing March and April in Llanview.  In Part 1, Ron tells why the decision was made to make Oliver Fish, the biological father of baby, Sierra Rose and the twists and turns and complications he integrated into the lives of all the characters on the canvas for the bady drama, and the custody battle ahead.  Ron also discusses the most hated character on soaps, Stacy Morasco, and the decision of how to “kill” the  character during the show’s last sweeps, where she drowned in a deep freeze. Note: This interview was conducted days prior to Brett Claywell and Scott Evans being let-go.

  1. Margaret says:

    Ron wrote a beautiful love story about kyle and Oliver and it was played perfectly by the talented Brett Claywell and Scott Evans whose amazing chemistry made them a real and believable couple…they were the perfect example of true love and it is so
    unfortunate that instead of the baby storyline being about them they were pushed to the background and instead used to prop the
    re-unification of the boring Rex and Gigi…now after waiting months to see Oliver and kyle raise baby Sierra Rose the loyal Kish fans are being cheated of the chance to see it happen on screen…..
    OLTL is making a monumental error in ending this wonderful story now when there is still a wealth of storyline potential…Kish was the shows best couple and greatly loved by many fans worldwide and without them it just wont be worth watching anymore….


  2. Cam says:

    Good interview! YES Stacey was a hated character i think people did not like her most becasue she showed no vunerablity, Frank named Gabby and Tina as hated characters that people end up living, WHY ,because those women had a vunerablity in them you d could see AND they had thing that piqued your interest.


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