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March 24th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 10 ) Ron Carlivati (Part 2) – One Life To Live

In Part Two of our four part segment with One Life to Live’s head writer, Ron Carlivati, Michael Fairman and Ron chat about the Viki/Dorian feud and where Clint and Charlie fit into the equation.  Also, the same-sex romance of Kyle and Fish and the decisions to create the year arc story, the accomplishments from it, and the love scene played out on-air on New Years Eve are detailed.  Note: This interview was conducted just days prior to Brett Claywell and Scott Evans being let-go.

  1. Christina says:

    Very good interview with Mr. Carlivati. I, too, love the complex relationship between Viki and Dorian, they are always a pleasure to watch. I think that Viki and Charlie are one of the best couples that One Life has these days and as hard as it has been to watch their relationship hit all these bumps in the road, I am looking forward to seeing what happens next. For me, it’s Viki and Charlie all the way, they truly belong together. Erika Slezak and Brian Kerwin have such a natural chemistry, they are a joy to watch as Viki/Charlie.


  2. Jardo says:

    It’s quite sad to think that Mr. Carlivati obviously knew what was coming down the road for Kish yet never said a word to either of the guys (Scott & Brett). He refers to them as “minor” characters, yet they generated a huge fan base in just the few short months they were on OLTL, and actually only the 2-3 months they were a “couple.” How they can be referred to as “minor” characters when they are so loved by EVERYONE (not just the gay community)! Then we have Gigi, the absolute worst character on the show and the worst actress as well, that has been front and center since January and who took over what was supposed to be Kish’s storyline. (Rumor has it she was unhappy with her lack of screen time). Gigi is the most hated character on the show, yet they push her in everybody’s face on a daily basis. I actually liked Stacy and hoped that Gigi would be the one that drowned in the lake. If OLTL wants to know why their ratings are low, I will be happy to tell them. #1 – GIGI, #2 – the big gay (and stupid) Dorian lesbian wedding, and #3 – keeping Nick on too long and pushing the whole gay-bashing storyline in everyone’s faces when they couldn’t stand the Nick character in the first place. Kish were very popular and well-liked as a couple, but obviously only MINOR in the eyes of FV and RC! They were “disposable”, so it didn’t matter how well they played their characters or how much they put into the storyline. They were just DISPOSABLE!

    When are these people going to learn that someone’s “name” recognition or what role they played in a previous soap doesn’t matter to viewers. You couldn’t ask for better actors than we had with Scott Evans and Brett Claywell. I can’t begin to say how many people posted on boards how they hated the idea of a gay storyline being done again, yet after they watched a few of the episodes of Kish, they fell in love with the couple. They were, by far, the STRONGEST and most well-liked couple on the show, and even daytime in general. The whole idea that they didn’t resonate with “mainstream” viewers is nothing but a cop-out for FV and RC to “get rid of them”. Well, I am a “mainstream” viewer (57 year old married female from ILLINOIS) and I think Kish was the absolutel BEST storyline I have seen on ANY soap in many, many years. AND, I resent the fact that FV and RC are making me and other “mainstream” viewers their EXCUSE for dumping Kish. The “mainstream” viewers are actually the ones who LIKED Kish the most, at least based upon comments I have read on other boards. OLTL had the makings for the next daytime SUPERCOUPLE with Kish, yet right at the peek of their popularity, they yanked the rug right out from under them and the viewers who have been there every step of the way through Oliver’s journey. And what did the viewers get in return — a steady diet of GIGI (Fifi-La-Pew as most everyone now calls her), the absolute WORST character and WORST actress on the show. Now rumors have it that Kish was dumped so OLTL could hire Thorsen Kaye to reprise his role as Patrick. Well, I quit watching AMC about 2 years ago because I was SICK TO DEATH of seeing nonstop Zach/Kendall. Zach/Kendall virtually ruined AMC to the point where it now has to “start over” and try to rebuild. If he is paired with Marty, I can guarantee you the same thing will happen on OLTL. I once loved the Marty character from years ago, but this time around, she literally puts you in a “coma” every time she is onscreen.

    OLTL, I feel you have made the biggest mistake in recent history by letting Kish get away. If they made that much of an impact on viewers in the short 6-7 months they were on the show, just imagine what they could have done if they were “regulars” and not just considered “minor” characters who TPTB obviously feel were “disposable” and thrown out like yesterday’s garbage.

    When Kish is gone on April 16th (Kyle’s last airdate), I will no longer watch OLTL. I am a lifetime viewer, but feel like I was just “RAPED” by my favorite soap. I can just imagine how Scott and Brett feel at this point. And not only will I no longer watch OLTL, but I will no longer be watching ANY ABC network programming, whether it be daytime or prime time. I feel that Scott and Brett were treated horribly the way they were so unceremoniously “dumped” by the show and ABC, when all the other actors who have been let go were given at least 2 months prior notice. I wouldn’t treat my worst enemy that way and OLTL and ABC Disney should be ASHAMED of themselves.


    md1347 replied

    I agree with your extremely long post.. LOL. I also will not be watching OLTL after Kish goes off.


    JLMana replied

    Wow, I 100% agree with every single thing in your post. I quit watching AMC a few yrs ago too.

    The whole Gigi thing needs to go. She cannot act and is the worst actor on the show, hands down. Said it from day 1. I fast forward through all of her scenes.

    Between that and getting rid of the KISH storyline, it is the start of the OLTL downfall = ( And I’ve been watching for 25 yrs now.


  3. jean says:

    JARDO….i agree withh you 100% and ABC/OLTL is going to regret their decision to let their best couple go when their army of kish fans leave with them……it was the amazing chemistry between Brett Clayell and Scott Evans who made it so easy to fall in love with Kyle and Oliver and they were the best representation of true love on this show or any other on TV…..they are being scapegoated for ratings that were already dismal before they joined the show and in fact they brought many new viewers to it…and far from being minor characters on the show they were their most popular and best loved couple and one only needs to check out the phenomonal YT hits on their story to see how greatly they are loved worldwide….its just too bad that OLTL didnt appreciate these two wonderful actors as much as the fans did…BRAVO BRETT AND SCOTT YOU WERE THE BEST REASON FOR WATCHING THIS SHOW AND THEY WILL REALIZE WHEN YOU ARE GONE JUST HOW IMPORTANT YOU


  4. Chris Watkins says:

    I enjoyed the interview but I was not one of the people who enjoyed the gay storyline. It was a bit too much for my taste with the gay wedding, gay rights, and gay sex. I do not mind KISH on screen as long as it is not being forced down my throat. Take “Modern Family” for example, a great show showcasing gays and I am not offended one bit. It is my favorite show. As for all the banter about Gigi, she is one of my favorite characters and the actress portraying her is one of the reasons.


  5. Stay tuned for Parts 3 and 4 tomorrow, when we talk about all the other hot storylines and couples.


  6. Christina says:

    I enjoyed the video intervew. I was not a huge fan of “Kish”, but it is always sad when actors are given the pink slip. With that being said, I am enjoying OLTL and love John/Natalie. Want more Jolie!! Lots, lots more!


  7. Cam says:

    Ilove Viki and Dorian, they are the best women rivalry on ABCD! I think one of the reason KISH didnot work was… they were actually kinda boring as a couple. I think Fish was better off without Kyle..Id would had liked him just fine being a cop who just happen to be gay.


  8. christa lyon says:

    i love scott and brett they both belong together and they have daughter to rasie sierra rose they made comment to each other i like fish and brett together and now it’s differtent for them to be happy family just three of them and they are still going to fight to come to show with oltl back on screen again


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