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March 26th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 27 ) Ron Carlivati (Part 3) – One Life To Live

One Life to Live head writer, Ron Carlivati chats with Michael Fairman in Part Three of his video interview segment. Here, Ron discusses if Thorsten Kaye might return as Patrick Thornhart, the Natalie/John/Marty triangle, Langston’s affair with Ford, what’s next for Gigi and Rex, writing for Trevor St John and if Tea and Todd have a fighting chance, and Alison Perkins deadly return to Llanview!

  1. Doe says:

    Michael, this a wonderful interview with Ron. You have great rapport between you and he seems to be very accessible in answering your questions. So far, he has done remarkable writing The teases about what and who will be front and center storywise keps us guessing. The only complaint I have is withAllison Perkins. With the seriousness of the Sienna Rose story and who is the real father and all the characters involved, she just seems too bizarre and comical. For me,I find that her shenanigans are taking away from the drama and real emotion of the story. As you can tell, I am not happy with that. It was too easy to drug Sklyler and steal the baby , go to Roxys and apply a mud pack to her face as a disguise, put a gun to Natalie, tape up Roxy, all the while praising Mitch, the Messenger. That’s not funny?. Too easy I say….


  2. Gaier says:

    The acting choices with regards to Todd are questionable. He is not Todd to so many of us and never will be!


  3. Christine says:

    Good, detailed interview. I’ve watched all four segments now.

    Although it’s been four months, I wish you would have asked Mr. Carlivati for his thoughts on the death of Jared and the firing of John Brotherton. I would particularly like to know if this was his idea, or if it was an edict from above.

    Interesting that there couldn’t be a body found for Stacy; yet Jared’s fans were “treated” to multiple scenes of his lifeless body in that hospital, making a return for the character and the actor next to impossible. While I can’t deny that Jared’s death and aftermath gave Melissa Archer and Brian Kerwin (as well as John Brotherton, Erika Slezak, Jerry verDorn, Bree Williamson, Mark Lawson and Roscoe Born) some great material which they’ve done an outstanding job with, for this viewer the cost was simply too much.

    I am not at all interested in a re-teaming of Natalie and John, and I’m more than a little disappointed that Mr. Carlivati has several times since November taken the time to specifically mention the disappointment of fans of the old Natalie/John pairing; yet he has never once, as far as I know, publicly addressed the disappointment of the fans of the Natalie/Jared pairing and the fans of Jared/John Brotherton. Based on this interview, it seems Jared has now been reduced to nothing more than a “different direction” that Natalie was taken in back in ’07. I was under the impression from an old quote of his that Mr. Carlivati loved the Natalie/Jared pairing. For what it may be worth to him (perhaps nothing, at this point), I came out of “soap retirement” in no small part because I like this pairing so much.

    I don’t understand why all those scenes took place between John and Mitch at the greenhouse post-shooting wherein Mitch predicted that Natalie would never forgive John (nor would John forgive himself) for the way he pursued Jared as the stalker. That was a waste of time when Natalie was written to forgive John all too easily within 24 hours after Jared’s death and John himself has shown absolutely no lingering feelings of remorse or guilt. Also, I felt that Michael/Marcie and their fans got their happy ending last year when the couple left the canvas together after finding out they were going to have a baby. Although it was a nice tie-in to have Matthew’s surgery take place at the Seattle hospital where Michael now works, was it really necessary to have that cycle of life illustration of Jared dying exactly as Marcie gave birth? To be honest, it seemed kind of cruel to me (even more so after Natalie found out she wasn’t pregnant with Jared’s baby); and all of that time spent on those scenes between John and Mitch and the birth of the baby took away time that could have been spent on longer scenes between Natalie and Jared. The suddenness of his death precluded any proper goodbyes to his loved ones; so it would have been nice to have a few more scenes between them. But I guess I shouldn’t expect more from a show which inexplicably backburnered them for over a year and had them married during a montage in which another character’s fantasy wedding received more airtime.

    I’ve never seen any of the prior incarnations of the Natalie/John pairing. I started watching OL during the latter half of ’07. During the time that I’ve watched the show John has basically done the same story with two different women…Marty, then Blair, and now Marty again. All of the women on this show deserve better than this emotional cripple who never outgrows his hero complex. Personally, I can’t look at Natalie and John in a scene together and not remember: a) that for over two years they rarely interacted and displayed absolutely none of the supposed feelings that have now all of a sudden resurfaced within a few short months of her husband’s death (and, in the case of the cabin during the blizzard, within minutes of her hallucinating Jared); b) that he completely blew off her disappearance when Tess had her locked in the Secret Room; c) the gleeful, smug way in which he pursued Jared as the stalker; and d) a big part of the reason Jared is dead is because John inexplicably turned away from Mitch while he still had a loaded gun in his hand. I have to say, it disappoints me greatly that nothing was made of this last one; and I can only surmise it speaks to backstage politics that a scene like this aired and it was felt by the powers that be that John’s gross negligence and error does not need to be addressed in any way; yet Jared and his fans were never allowed to forget Jared’s involvement in Nash’s accidental death, to the extreme point of Nash references during Jessica’s eulogy for Jared and his re-internment on the day of Jared’s funeral.

    Much as I hate that Jared is gone, I realize that Natalie has to be moved into different stories now. Personally, I would have liked for Natalie to have Jared’s baby; as a pregnancy would be a new, different story for Natalie, who I understand has never even had so much as a pregnancy scare during her time in Llanview. I’d also like to see her (and not just hear about it) back at BE and maybe take a look at Natalie’s childhood with Roxy.


    Christina replied

    You say you’ve never seen prior John and Natalie, well you should watch them prior to 2007. They were simply amazing. If you ever want to check out some of the great scenes, you can see why so many people love this couple. Because they truly are meant to be together. John comes to life with Natalie. He really does. And as Doc Crosby once pointed out, she’s the one loss he’ll never recover from. I’m not trying to deter you from your fave, but if you never watched prior to 2007, you really should check out some of the scenes. They really are great. But one thing is for sure-we love what we love.


  4. md1347 says:

    I’m not a big fan of any of the stories he talk about in part 3. They just don’t interest me and I don’t think are written very well. Kish seems to be the only really good written story (other than who’s the daddy that’s lasted way too long) on the show at the moment. It’s a shame and I think after April 12, when a lot of people will stop watching, OLTL may rethink about Kish.


  5. Jamie says:

    I miss Todd and Tea. It seems like we are getting rewrites or something. I just wish TnT would start interacting again!!

    These horrible rumors about Florencia Lozano being fired better be false!!!!!!!


  6. Joanna says:

    As a long suffering John and Natalie fan I am thrilled to hear Mr Carlivivati comments about this great couple. In my view Michael Easton and Melissa Archer have a scorching hot chemistry, and if written for correctly could be one of the biggest pairings on ABC. My friend and I were out to dinner and were sitting at the bar waiting for a table we started talking about OLTL and John and Natalie the female bartender overheard us and said”OMG I love John and Natalie also” turned out she was a new viewer, and has become hooked on the show thanks to John and Natalie.

    I understand Jarred fans being upset, but they should try to be a John and Natalie fan we have waited 7 years for our story, they had 2 years and even had their characters get married. But I must disagree with anyone who only started to watch the show 2 1/2 years ago trying to explain the relationship of John and Natalie. Unless you have watched them through the years you wouldn’t understand them. And please don’t compare John and Natalie to Blair or Marty, Johns love for Natalie has always been very deep. Natalie is the only woman who can completely break John’s heart. It is true they hardly saw wach other for over 2 years, but the times they were together you could still see they had feelings for each other. Also by them staying away from each other for that time they were able to keep those strong feelings buried. But now that they are back in each others lives they can’t hide those feelings anymore. And once they kissed again the floodgates were opened. John tried to be with other women, but he never fully gave his heart to them, Natalie still owns that heart.

    I hope Mr Carlivati will write a true Romance for John and Natalie. With my busy life that is why I watch soaps to see the romance.


    Christine replied

    Joanna, I can certainly understand wanting an old favorite couple to reunite.

    In this particular case, however, I feel that the Natalie/John pairing had its share of chances years ago, with stories written for them. Whereas, with Natalie/Jared, I feel they were never given a fair chance, with stories of their own, after a) the BE story was so obviously aborted; b) they were unfairly made the scapegoats by the powers that be for Nash’s death and the loss of Forbes March; and c) they spent months being The Secret Keepers and supporting players in Jessica’s never-ending dramas. Then they were backburnered for months.

    Now, I understand the concept of the backburner; I’ve watched soaps for over 35 years. Believe me, I waited very patiently for Natalie and Jared to have their turn on the frontburner with stories of their own. However, when I finally thought their turn had arrived, it basically consisted of the two of them being kinda/sorta on the frontburner for a couple of weeks; then Jared went missing for three weeks while Natalie kinda/sorta remained on the frontburner; only to have them be reunited and Jared killed within a day.

    As far as Natalie and Jared’s wedding, it was probably the worst and also one of the best soap weddings I’ve ever seen. It was the worst because of the way the show treated both the couple and their fans by shoehorning their wedding into a montage in which Gigi’s fantasy wedding received more play; not to mention the multi-day arcs devoted to the Starr/Cole non-wedding and the Todd/Tea wedding. It was the best wedding solely because of the sheer joy conveyed by Melissa Archer and John Brotherton in their wedding scene, which they managed to do despite having a mere half-line of dialogue.

    You wrote of waiting for seven years for Natalie and John to get together; and you’re asking Natalie/Jared fans to essentially walk a mile in your shoes. At least when Natalie and John were not together, John was still alive and you therefore could hope for a reunion one day. With Jared dead, Natalie/Jared fans don’t have that luxury. I wonder who’d like to walk in our shoes.


    Joanna replied

    I guess we all have our own opinions, and we should all respect each other views, but has someone who after 7 years has still not had a payoff its nice to hear Mr Carlivati talk about their history and wanting to revisit them. For me I was never a huge Jarred and Natalie fan so I was not into their story. And this was the first time I didn’t like a Natalie pairing. I loved Natalie/Cris and Natalie/ John, but Jarred was not a character I liked with Natalie.

    I just hope I can finally get the romantic story for John and Natalie that I have waited 7 years for. I want to see what Michael Easton and Melissa Archer could do with a great love story. These 2 actors have so much heat their scenes can be explosive, and I am hoping Mr Carlivati writes a a story to showcase this.

    Christina replied

    Christine, we are not asking you to walk a mille in our shoes. But really, you got your payoff. They had their wedding, even if it was short. John/Natalie fans never did. And that’s what has been so bitter to take.

  7. CM says:

    Billy Warlock would be weird casting as Gigi’s father. He may be technically old enough, but he’s always looked so young.


  8. Gin says:

    Just wanted to say thank you to Christine for saying everything a lot of us Natalie/Jared fans are feeling.


    Christine replied

    Thank you, Gin, for your comment.


  9. Christine says:

    Joanna, the site wouldn’t let me respond to your last comment directly, so I started a new post. Just wanted to close by adding that

    “I guess we all have our own opinions, and we should all respect each other’s views”

    is one thing we do agree on. :)


  10. Cam says:

    I am very happy RonC. is revisting John& Natalie! , they have the most sizzling dynamic, even in a normal conversation they sizzle! I am not that much of a Marty fan but loved her with Patrick. if they brought him back , that would be a huge SL for a lot of characters. Todd and Tea were OK ,just not used to Dani’s age.. but if that all their is for Tea, thats too bad. Mitch and Alison are creepy bad guys ,,, but interesting to watch. But I think this should be their last go around.


  11. Christina says:

    Add me to the list of another long suffering John and Natalie fan. I am thrilled with this interview and the possibility of John and Natalie being reunited.
    I have watched this couple since Oct 1, 2003. I fell in love right along with this couple. And I was saddened when they were broken up in 2007 for no good reason, and paired with people I didn’t want to see.
    I was sickened to see that Natalie and John barely had any scenes for more than 2 years. This is a couple that had gone through so many things together, and to end them over “drugged soup”, was just PLAIN RIDICULOUS. And to pair John with a psychiatrist was the most hideous thing I’d ever heard of. This character hates psychiatrists! And to pair Natalie with a gold-digging faux uncle was hideous in itself. And I was THRILLED when Jared was killed. Infact, so thrilled I had popcorn while watching his death scenes. And sayng “thank you soap gods”.
    As for Marty, she’s okay as a character, BUT SHE DOES NOT BELONG WITH JOHN. Her and John are beyond boring. During their scenes, I find myself sleeping as I am put to absolute naptime. End this farce of a couple sooner than later!
    With Natalie, John comes to life. She is the light at the end of the dark tunnel for John. She breathes life into him. They are truly meant to be together, and I, for one, hope that at the end of this long-suffering road, he and Natalie are back where they both belong–in each other’s arms.
    As for Marty’s pregnancy, it is a ridiculous plot point as their “love story” took place off-screen(Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that it was. Because it meant the viewers wouldn’t have to be sickedended watching it). But NATALIE is the one John dreamed of having a family with. It should be NATALIE pregnant with John’s baby. It should be NATALIE where Marty is with John.
    As a John/Natalie fan, I want the payoff every other pairing has had. I want a real proposal, a real wedding(and not a 13 second one)-and I want a John/Natalie baby. I want the TOTAL package that we were robbed of three years ago!


    Shelby replied

    Wow….I couldn’t of said it better myself!!!

    As a die hard JOLIE(John and Natalie) Fan I’m soooooooooo looking forward to them reuniting for good this time!!!

    I have only watched reg. again since Feb..Thank God for DVR…cause when their not on I can ff thru most of the show or just not watch at all……and I have to say I absolutly LOVE watching them two on screen again!!! Now just if they’d speed up this Marty crap…….

    I’m like you I want our due payoff for being loyal to a fault * at times*, die hard fans of this couple!!!


    Christina replied

    Hi Shelby
    Thanks for the response. I felt a little long-winded after I wrote the post, but realized I meant every word I said! Ron has done fantastic thus far, and I just hope he continues the great writing for this couple. I have enjoyed every scene. Every line was delivered with the knowledge of their shared history. It’s been amazing thus far. But the one thing I enjoy most with this pregnancy plot point are the longing glances shared between these two. No one does angst better than Natalie and John! Bring on the eye sex! My pretties can do it justice!!

  12. suzanne says:

    Starting watching OLTL again in October after hearing that Natalie and John would be sharing scenes again. I stopped watching after their horrible breakup. ME and MA still have such great on-screen chemistry after so long apart. Looking forward to a long awaited reunion. I feel there is still so much story that can be told for this couple especially since both have grown and matured. I think John finally is at peace over his father’s death and can now focus on committing to someone he loves. Hopefully that someone will be Natalie.


  13. Tanya says:

    i agree totally with christine, i want the total package with john and natalie. we have been waiting seven years for them to get back together, i want proposal, wedding, baby! i want it all with them, i stopped watching when they broke up and started back when bo and nora got back together and now with jolie getting back together one life is getting better and better. that is just my opion everyone is aloud and i’m sorry for the jared fans i really liked him but i love natalie and john together. melissa and michael just have great chemistry together.


  14. Crissy says:

    OLTL right now is not as good of a show as it has been in the past. A lot of the storylines right now are not working. But there are 2 things that are working right now and that is the pairings of Bo/Nora and John/Natalie.

    Bo/Nora have finally been reunited after 10 years apart. RSW and HBS have the chemistry that every soap producer dreams of. And after 10 years of horrible forced pairings for both Bo and Nora Ron got it right and he reunited them.

    John/Natalie have not been reunited but they are on their way to finding their way back to each other. This is one couple that Ron knows how to write. ME And MA have an explosive chemistry. If given the right storylines they could become a supercouple. John/Natalie can be amazing if given the right material. Ron has given them great material this year. The Feb blizzard scenes as well as the Lanfair second kiss scenes shows us that Ron knows how to write them. Ron just needs to end this contrived Marty/John/Natalie tri and give this couple the payoff that they should have had 3 years ago. John/Natalie need a full reunion complete with marriage and a baby.


  15. Shelby says:

    Thanks for sharing this!!! I’m excited about the reunion of John and Natalie and cannot wait to see them as a couple again!!! They bring the chemistry,angst,love,passion back to OLTL….I look forward to watching again, when I know their going to be on. ;-)


  16. Jenna says:

    I, too, am a huge John/Natalie fan and love this interview with Ron. I am hoping with baited breath that this means John and Natalie will be reunited. Like many others, I stopped watching after they broke up, and recently started watching again with the Stalker Storyline when I stood in line one day at the grocery store and pcked up a copy of SID, and turned to OLTL fall previews and saw John/Natalie would be back in a story together.
    Since then, I put OLTL back on my DVR! The scenes these past few months have NOT disappointed me, but I want MORE!!
    This latest plot twist with Marty being pregnant, although ridiculous, is giving me what I have loved about the John/Natalie relationship and that’s the longing, the eye sex and the angst. NO ONE, and I do mean NO ONE, does angst quite like Natalie and John. ME and MA have amazing chemistry and it should be showcased and built upon.


  17. Killington Princess says:

    Really good interview overall.

    Love that RC comments on how FL is a wonderful actress and he makes it a point to say that TnT is just as wonderful a love story as T/B. ICAM. In fact, as far as I am concerned, TnT are the best, period. But it is nice that he showed respect to TnT. So tired of the T/B merry go round. There has been nothing “super” about that couple in a decade, IMHO.

    Really hoping to get my TnT back. Not even going to deal with the possibility they may be releasing FL. That would just set me off and after losing DD, this is not a good time to be messing with me, lol.


  18. Chontil says:

    I am a HUGE Jolie fan. I been waiting years for these two to reconnect!

    I just can’t stand that they paired John and Marty, that was definately a HUGE mistake. Natalie and Jared, I couldn’t stand, Jared just was blah! I am just annoyed that they don’t pair John and Natalie up instead of having all these wrenches thrown in between them. The writeers know that more than half of the viewers are rooting for this couple. I hope they do bring Patrick back for Marty, cause thats the only person she had chemistry with.


  19. jackye54 says:

    I have been a OLTL fan since Vicky/Joe and Clint, Ed and Carla, Dorian/David/Jenny, Jenny/Brad, Karen/Larry, Tina/Cord and I say Jolie is the best couple they have EVER HAD IMHO. From the beginning, their scenes just jumped off the screen and their scenes were great especially the non-verbal ones, what they do with their eyes should be rated “R.” Like so many others after 5 years, I felt gipped by the horrible ending and hated that they were never on screen together although now “Others” get it, you could never put them in a scene together with other characters, the other characters just faded away. My question has always been if you have a couple with that much chemistry, why not use it? I am holding bated breath for the Jolie reunion and true love story that these two can tell. Although here to now, OLTL has not indicated that they listen to fans, but Jolie had jumpstarted all the boards, magazines, they have that buzz and imagine what a really good love story could do. That is why we or at least I watch for love in the afternoon and NO ONE does it better than Michael Easton and Melissa Archer, so as Natalie told John on the plane to Thailand “Bring It On.”


  20. Dean says:

    Fantastic, detailed interviews Michael, i’m trying to get thru all of them. I love this show and i hope Ron sticks around. GREAT JOB and great questions! Good provocative discussions had in the Ron C. interviews.


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