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March 26th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 4 ) Ron Carlivati (Part 4) – One Life To Live

One Life to Live’s, head writer Ron Carlivati chats with Michael Fairman in Part Four of his interview series. In this segment, Ron details the issues and challenges being the lead scribe on a soap including: listening to, and reading message boards and fan feeback, writing for and balancing a cast of characters of over 30 people, and trying to stay afloat in a genre that has fallen on some very difficult times.

  1. Sarah Bliss says:

    It is very ironic to hear Ron speak about ratings and decision making about storylines that the writers or the show believe in especially now that we know that this interview happened right before the KISH annoucement. I definitely think Ron, Frank, and other OLTL executives should have continued to tell this story of KISH despite homophobia, concern regarding ratings. I know myself and many other fans believe better to stay true to your story, your characters, and story telling (telling the story that they want to tell) than to drop a story out of fear regarding the opinions of bigots or fear regarding the genre and ratings. ABC Daytime and OLTL need to reconsider regarding this storyline and the firing of Brett Claywell and Scott Evans. They need to bring KISH back. The fans continue to fight for this.


    md1347 replied

    Totally agree.


  2. Cam says:

    I’m glad OLTL is hanging in there. and I believe RC has hard job. but as a fan I like to see him spread the SL’s around STOP pounding us with certain characters and trying to force us to SEE what is just not there. with certain characters.
    as a fan of OLTL Id like to see:
    Blair background past SL
    Oliver Fish, single gay fatherhood
    Natalie staying the force she is and John wooing her for a change
    more women friendships.

    Just a few thing other wishe THANK YOU for the interview! lookinf more to good stuff on OLTL!!


  3. Torrey says:

    I agree with you both. But I must tell you, the one thing that I would like to see more, on all of the daytime soap operas, are a more diverse cast. If anyone scans through all the networks and all the shows, there is a lack of minorities featured in daytime. Very few African-American Families, Very few Latino Families and Virtually no Asian Families featured at all….These shows are supposedly set in cities all across the United States, but we never see the true representation of this country. And I don’t mean sprinkle minorities in here and there for a scene every blue moon. Why not feature them in an important story. I love OLTL…it is by far my favorite show, but we never sese enough diversity on this show, and I find that troublesome. Soaps have been doing this for years, and I think it would be nice if someone finally broke the mold.


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