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March 30th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 4 ) Ron Carlivati & Tuc Watkins (Part 2) – One Life To Live

One Life to Live’s Tuc Watkins (David) and One Life’s head writer, Ron Carlivati chat with Michael Fairman in part two of this two part interview. In part two, Tuc tells his favorite David moment and storyline, the duo discuss Gina Tognoni’s, Kelly and Erika Slezak’s, Viki as romantic pairings for David, and more on the process of writing and creating, David.

  1. bottomchef says:

    Really good second half of the interview also. Watkins has a hella cute face and a sexy bod.
    As for Carlivati, it’s interesting how he mentioned that AMC’s Erica’s cougar arc is similar to Viki/David. It’s funny how soaps plagiarize each other since there’s no way to really control that, since they’re diff characters on soaps. Carlivati calling out AMC was amusing. AMC isn’t OLTL’s timeslot competitor but a competitor nonetheless.


  2. Doe says:

    These two interviews with Ron and Tuc were so much fun and really entertaining. One of the best ones yet, Michael. I love the character of David Vickers and after watching Tuc talk about him, I think he and the character of David seem to be interchangeable. He seems very sharp and his personality has given the life to David Vickers. Ron is the best writer in all of daytime. All his characters are developed so completely. I’m glad that Tuc is back. I can understand why Desperate Housewives grabbed him up. Give us more, Ron…..


  3. Scott says:

    My favorite David Vickers moment from the last year was when David, Matthew and Bo were at the diner. Matthew left and David and Bo sat and talked. David opened up and said he had always dreamed of having a dad like Bo. Perhaps the deepest feeling David had ever shared and the way he shared it, punctuated with nervous laughs, was lovely.


  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you so much for all of the interviews with the amazing people from OLTL. I enjoyed your efforts and behind the scenes actions you captured through these interviews.

    As earnest and well-meaning as the headwriter appears to be about Llanview and its citizens, I find that his stories too often lack an emotional believability; too often he is careless with the nuance of story, the relationships between important characters, and he is careless with the characters themselves. Just because he can do a story or because part of the story requires doing somehting out of left field does NOT mean he should do it.

    Case in point Todd raping Marty again. Horrible. Dorian pretending to be gay. NO way Dorian would do this as she has always been mindful of appearances and wanting respect. This was careless storytelling. Langston going at it with Ford plays like a male fantasy to this viewer. While I appreciate my favorite actress Robin Strasser pointing out that Mr. Carlivati goes from A to B to G, as a viewer, I think it is bad storytelling.

    I was one of the biggest Dorian and David fans; “someday” does not play. Talking about romances for David with Dorian’s family (Kelly) or with Viki (what?) would be another example of careless storytelling and just plain wrong. Honestly, why are we discussing romantic possibilities for an actor and character who is not in town nor on contract when Dorian should be the character that gets a romance (how about Ray or RJ)? I do not understand that idea.

    There is so much talent on this show. I hope to see that talent grace our screens in the years to come. I think for that to happen the foundation or the storytelling must improve.


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