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March 26th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 14 ) Scott Evans Interview – One Life To Live

One Life to Live’s exiting Scott Evans (Fish) talks with Michael Fairman from the dressing room of the soap, just a few days prior to him being let-go. In this segment, Scott talks about Fish finding out he is the biological father of Sierra Rose, which happens on-air this coming Monday, March 29th. Scott also examines if he would like to be dad in real life, and we talk more on Fish’s coming out journey.

  1. Tami says:

    Thank you for posting this interview. Scott Evans seems like a very smart, insightful, humble and witty young man. I think he is immensly talented and has a very successful and bright future ahead.


    Nicole replied

    Agreed. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite people. What a bright, genuine young guy…not to mention very attractive. Thanks Michael and team bringing to us this insightful interview. Michael, you do a wonderful job interviewing. Especially, loved your question to Scott about his thoughts on real life fatherhood and what he thought of how the sex scene turned out. Thanks for doing a video interview with Scott.


  2. Poirot says:

    Oliver and Kyle should be brought to back One Life to Live A.S.A.P.


    Billy replied

    I AGREE 100%!!!!!!!!!!! :)


  3. Bliss says:

    Thanks for this interview! I’m a big fan of Scott and Brett and Kish of course. It’s a shame that ABC and OLTL have chosen to end the best story on the show and let go of two of their biggest talents. Listening to Scott talk about what he wanted for the Oliver and Sierra Rose storyline… and then they just drop it all together! So we’ll never see that at all. It’s sad.


  4. md1347 says:

    Scott and Brett should be the stars of the US remake of Chrolli….. Love both of them.


  5. Kim says:

    not sure if im the only one or not, but looking at Scott’s interview i just fell even harder for him. he made me cry and laugh looking at his oh soooo cute and sexy self;-) if OLTL/ABC knows whats best they’d reconsider this decision. plz, plz, plz bring back Kish


  6. Sandy says:

    Michael, you are so right. The writing was there to continue this beautiful romantic story into two gay men raising a child. I wanted so badly to see that play out and I am still devastated that I won’t be seeing this amazing story continue. All this said as a single, straight woman supposedly in ABC’s “mainstream” demographic.
    Love your interview and love Brett and Scott! I miss Kish!


  7. Mairead says:

    Scott is so adorable and i love how he and Brett always mention their great effection for each other….how sad that they were both so excited about their story continuing not knowing what would happen
    just a few days later….. i’m sure they must feel as cheated as the Kish fans do. but hopefully ABC will realize they have made a huge mistake and bring Scott and Brett back to continue the beautiful love story of Kyle and Oliver…the show cant afford to lose them and neither can their fans….KISH FOREVER…


  8. Jeri says:

    Scott Evans and Brett Claywell have been, by far, the best representatives for OLTL in everything they do. I am still in a total state of shock that these two brilliant young actors were so unceremoneously DUMPED by this soap. Of all the horrible characters they have on the show, I can’t believe they actually chose to terminate the two actors who were the “bright spots” for the future of OLTL. These two young men are not only wonderful serious actors, but also are great comedic actors who could have brought so much to the canvas of the show. Instead, viewers are supposed to settle for Farah Fath, the absolute WORST actress in daytime, and TPTB at OLTL expect us to sit back and let them shove her down our throats every single day. It has been long rumored that Ms. Fath is a bit of a diva and constantly complains about other actors getting more airtime than she gets. (Although I don’t know how that could be possible, especially lately). And she apparently has no qualms about trying to get other actors “canned” from the show, especially those she doesn’t particularly like (which is most of them according to rumor). Obviously, Ms. Fath MUST BE the center of attention, so anyone else that gets any attention at all better watch out as their job on the show is likely in jeopardy.

    Just take a quick look back in time over the past several months and see who is no longer on the canvas at OLTL. Every single actor/actress that has been in a storyline with Ms. Fath has either left the show, were fired, or have been put on recurring status (except, of course, her doting boyfriend John Paul Lovassier). Is this a coincidence? I think not! The Kish baby storyline was originally written for Kish. Yet who ended up being the total focus of THEIR storyline and been “front and center” on our TV screens since January? So, in essence, Kish was shoved to the back burner in what was supposed to be THEIR storyline, while Ms. Fath (and the writers on OLTL) tried to make the Gigi character look like Mother Teresa caring for her hated sister’s baby. GMAFB.

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what has been going on at OLTL. Kish did nothing wrong and were nothing but totally professional. Their only problem was, they did TOO GOOD of a job with their storylines and brought a great deal of positive attention to OLTL (something you would think they would want and that they definitely need at this point). BUT, in doing so, it obviously didn’t sit well with the one person who thinks SHE should be the Queen Bee and that everything should revolve around her. Fifi-La-Puke (as she is becoming known as on many message boards) is even more hated than the character Stacy was. The difference is, Stacy was SUPPOSED TO BE a character viewers disliked.

    This has to be one of the most monumental mistakes ever made by an EP of a soap. The saddest part is, not only was it an unbelievable mistake to let these two young men go, but the way they were let go was totally callous and unforgiving. No one else was treated the way they were, and all the others had at least two months notice prior to being let go. Kish got a kick in the gut! Mr. Valentini should be fired just for the way he handled this whole situation. And, above all, these two young men have said nothing but nice things about the show that not only fired them without notice, but then tried to trash them in the media and say they were “unprofessional” causing themselves to get fired. Obviously, TPTB at ABC and Mr. Valentini must really think viewers are stupid as hell and we were actually going to believe that crap! Both of these young men are as professional as they come. (Unlike Ms. Fath who thinks it’s cute to give OLTL fans “the finger” in public because they don’t like her. Wow, I guess that’s what OLTL thinks is professional behavior!).

    For a show that needs to improve ratings so badly to stay alive, OLTL, and Mr. Valentini in particular, may have signed its own death warrant with this move.

    Furthermore, as one of those “mainstream” viewers (married, middle-aged female from Illinois), I did NOT appreciate Mr. Valentini using ME and others like me as HIS excuse to fire these two wonderful actors. Mr. Valentini, you can kiss my “mainstream” middle-aged, lily white a**! I am a lifelong viewer of OLTL, but I can assure you that, after April 16th, I will no longer be watching OLTL, nor will I watch anything airing on the ABC network, whether it be daytime or primetime. I refuse to support a network that would treat its employees so callously and horribly as these two young men were treated. My remote will now be by-passing the ABC network completely and moving on to better things! KISH FOREVER!!!


  9. Brad says:

    I loved Scott and Brett so much on OLTL. Add my name to the list that will never EVER watch that show again for dumping Scott and Brett.


  10. AJ22Philippines says:

    I love Scott Evans his so professional and down to earth person. I just want to inform everybody that even here in the Philippines the KISH fever has wave many people especially in the gay community. The OLTL is my most favorite soap , i love scott and brett they both adorable and very hot. There both sexy in many ways i never could imagine.

    As watch the video in youtube ; I cant help my self ,
    there’s something with scott and brett that make me feel happy ,like a magic that defines that personally believe and never stop believing in the power of love no matter what situation you are in or what you are as a person because I do believe in the saying : ALWAYS DO WHAT YOU WANT, DON’T MIND WHAT OTHER PEOPLE MIGHT SAY BECAUSE WHETHER YOU DO IT OR NOT neither GOOD or BAD ; OTHER PEOPLE HAS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO SAY.

    So for Scott Evans and Brett Claywell both of you rarely adorable couple pulled it off . I’m proud of you. I’m your #1 FAN here in the Philippines , KISHernatic AJ BUENO


  11. Raymond says:

    I was really disappointed that they decided to end up the Kish story. Which, in the first place, is the greatest ever gay storyline that have been told on tv soaps. It is a realistic and inspiring story between two men who found their friendship blossom into an unconditional love that have lingered til they they reacquainted after several years. Inspite all the struggles that their relationship has gone through. All the protest from all sides. They bravely confronted the risks and profoundly expressed what is in their hearts. Even the worst circumstances cannot prostrate to defy what real love can do between two people. No matter what belief you got, or principles you uphold, or even gender you got. That is the most endearing, captivating and inspirational gay storyline i have seen on tv. I admit that I have only seen the story a month ago. But it has made a big impact not only to gay people, but also to straight people who watch the show. It was a phenomenon, to be honest. I have always been watching their scenes on You Tube. And they always bring smile and joy everytime. They have shown professionaly, what love really is. And how it works in real life. The writing was genius.
    I hope and pray that ABC will bring back Kish and tell how they have done as same sex couple bringing up a child together. I think, from where it all started, it has a great storyline to develop, that the viewers will definitely love to see.
    And I will continually applause and respect how these two great actors have portrayed and brought to life Kish. They are just meant to be together.
    I wish both Scott and Brett all the best. And praying to see them work together again. Bravo to Kish!


  12. Paul says: it is 2011 and I am late to the party again! In my defense I never really watch Soap Operas as I am at work during the day. I recently found Kish by accident on YouTube and fell hard for the storyline. Then I found out that they had been written out of the show in April 2010. It was kind of crushing to see that this beautiful storyline had been ended. I especially love Oliver’s character and the more I see and learn about Scott Evans, I love him even more. I have been reading a lot of things from tired old queens about Scott using his brother’s fame and his own good looks to score the role of Oliver and it makes me crazy mad! Scott is a great actor and I hope to see him in more roles soon. The fact that he is a gay man and that he played a gay character just makes me respect him even more.


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