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13 April 15th, 2010

Soap expert Michael Fairman, General Hospital and Cougar Town’s Carolyn Hennesy, and the star of SOAPnet’s, MVP and Being Erica, Dillon Casey, are back for another edition of the On-Air On-Soaps Podcast. What do these three have in common? Maybe nothing or maybe everything! Find out when these three co-host the latest episode.

You will hear: soap celebrity surprise guests, exclusive interviews, hot topics, the power performance of the week, and commentary on the latest storylines and what matters to you the soapers most - as we go 360 degrees inside, outside, and around the wide world of soaps!

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On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #3

Welcome to the latest edition of the On-Air On-Soap Podcast, hosted by Michael Fairman with his co-hosts; Carolyn Hennesy, and Dillon Casey. This month the threesome welcome special guests: Shawn Christian, Days of our Lives, Gina Tognoni, One Life to Live, and Steve Burton, General Hospital for some entertaining and revealing interviews. Plus, soap fan, Jenna Michelle stops by to tell us about her campaign to bring back Kish to One Life to Live! And, our hosts discuss soap’s hottest topics and news, perform a soap scene from Melrose Place, battle in out in our soap trivia game show segment, name the Power Performance of the week, and much more.  It’s all in a jam – packed unique hour plus new episode!

On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #3 features the following segments:

  • News & Views – Was OLTL’s Kish too gay for America? Jean Passanante named co-head writer of One Life, Julianne Moore’s return to ATWT, GH replaces Drew Garrett with Chad Duell as the new Michael Corinthos, Ex-Y&R’s Brenda Dickons’s legal troubles, and AMC announces Michael Nouri as the new love interest for Susan Lucci, are discussed and highlighted.
  • Shawn Christian Interview – Our podcast call-in guest, Salem favorite Shawn Christian discusses the hilarious rigors of playing “hottie” Dr. Daniel Jonas on DAYS, working with Crystal Chappell as Carly, and the trouble in the relationship between Daniel and Chloe.
  • Power Performances of the Week – GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn with Carolyn Hennesy tops our list, and you will know and hear why!
  • Stump the Soapers - Can Dillon trip up Carolyn and Michael with soap trivia?  What happens when he throws these two soapers a curve ball during the game?  Play along with us.
  • Jenna Michelle Interview – Jenna who has created the Fish4Kish campaign, and rallied in front of GMA last month in her efforts to save the same-sex couple, Kish, discusses why the storyline resonated with her, why it was hard to say goodbye to the couple on OLTL this week, and why she will continue the fight to get the duo back on-air.
  • Soap Thought of the Day – Carolyn offers up what would happen if GH’s Diane got a hold of Kiefer?  Let’s say he did not die, but got beaten and abused instead as retribution for smacking around Kristina.
  • Steve Burton Interview – GH’s Jason discusses the end of Sonny’s trial, Chad Duell replacing Drew Garrett as Michael, the looming “Franco”, flying around the country with Carolyn Hennesy, Soap Nation’s upcoming Stagecoach Festival country and fan event, and JaSam.
  • Podcast Theatre – An audition scene from Melrose Place is featured, and played by co-hosts, Carolyn Hennesy and Dillon Casey in a very unique way!
  • Gina Tognoni Interview – Michael chats with OLTL’s Kelly and Venice’s Sami; about her return as Kelly to Llanview after many years, her remarkable run as Dinah on GL, playing opposite Galen Gering in Venice, and winning two Daytime Emmy Awards.

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  1. Jenna Michelle says:

    Great podcast. It’s good to hear that Dillion Casey will be returning to Being Erica. I loved all the General Hospital talk, that soap is on fire. I have really been loving all of the Krisitina hospital scenes, and Carolyn is great. The Drew Garrett recast talk was very interesting, and I have been l-o-v-i-n-g Dakin Matthews as the judge. I think GH is going to sweep the Emmy’s next year. Really funny ep. And, can I just say how much I adore all of the old-school music clips you use for the segments? I so, have the urge to watch the Game Show Network right now. And, haha: “Brian, why’d you get rid of Kish? And we have an idea for a book!” Concerning Kish, I just want to add a bit to my response…

    Why it struck a chord with me: I had been watching One Life to Live, and I had seen Kyle and Oliver around town, but when they embarked on the Kish love story, I just fell madly in love with it, and the characters, and the actors, and OLTL became my favorite show on TV. I just think Kish was one of the best love stories I’ve ever had the pleasure to see. The acting and writing was just incredible, and it is very nice that ABCD did bring this story to daytime viewers.

    Regarding an ABC response, there’s been none given to me directly. Monmouth University’s Hawk TV News was there covering the rally, ABC took notice and sent the station a press release with their side of the story.

    I have not really seen any anti-Kish people, anyone really being actively vocal about their pleasure at having Kish written off. Because they just don’t care. Kish fans *do* care, so we are actively trying to save this storyline.

    For more information about how to support the storyline, and actors Scott Evans and Brett Claywell, please visit:

    (PS-Sorry for the several times I breathed into the phone, my bad, lol.)


    kara anderson replied

    long story


  2. Doe says:

    Michael, I’m so glad you continued your podcast.It’s so much fun to listen to.Your guests were very informated or not..They only tease the fans. I love when Carolyn and Dillon do the script reading, especially Dillon with his Canadian accent…shades of Fargo.. you betcha.. It was great to hear Gina and I am so glad she returned to OLTL. Now the writers should give her a big story. Steve Burton is one of my all time favorites., and he is quite funny, I know what Jason is planning to do to save Sonny, But, I think Sonny should go instead of Michael and Jason. Sonny should be going to therapy for his claustrophobia and his bi-polar disorder by now, don’t you think? They should address that subject on the show as a service to others. Good be good story and not be for Sonny, but some one younger. Michael, I like your interim program bites, also. I support Jenna in her efforts to bring back Kish to OLTL. Good podcast…


  3. Rae Lynn Cuddihy says:

    With the huge push to get Drew Garett back as Michael Cortinthos, do you think there is any chance at all that this could happen? I thought he was a great actor and can’t understand why they replaced him. I have been reading all the “Keep Drew Garrett” websites and hope the powers that be hear what the fans want.


  4. Jeri says:

    I know exactly how Jenna Michelle felt when Kish was “booted” from the show. I, too, felt like someone had ripped my guts out. Kish was probably the best storyline on any of the soaps this past year. I honestly cannot understand how a soap that is struggling so badly with ratings would want to “kill” one of the best storylines to come along in years. Scott Evans and Brett Claywell had such amazing chemistry together, better than any heterosexual couple I have ever seen on daytime! Not only was the chemistry there, but they put their hearts and souls into the storyline which obviously resonated with viewers based on their tremendous popularity. How OLTL and Mr. Valentini can dump such a tremendously popular couple like KISH and basically replace them in their own storyline with another couple who just happen to be the WORST actors on the show (RIGI), is unbelievable! To see a couple like Kish get pushed into the background of their OWN storyline, and then get unceremoneously dumped by the show without any notice and so abruptly, tells me that OLTL is a show I don’t want anything to do with any longer. Not only was it horrible treatment of the actors (Kish), but they obviously have NO respect for viewers and what THEY want to see. Nobody cares about RIGI. They are to mediocre actors, at best, that are just sucking the life out of the show. Rigi is the couple that should have been fired as they contribute NOTHING to the show and are very unpopular among viewers.

    As I said, I no longer want anything to do with OLTL, nor do I want anything to do with the ABC network in general. I refuse support a bigot-minded network that treats its employees the way Scott Evans and Brett Claywell were treated in this situation. These two actors put everything they had into their storyline and didn’t deserve to be “kicked to the curb” in such a horrible fashion.

    As a “mainstream” viewer (married, middle-aged female from the midwest), I will no longer watch OLTL (after watching for over 30 years), nor will I be watching any programming on the ABC network from now on. The ABC network will now and forever be bypassed by my TV remote.

    GO KISH! You may no longer be seen on OLTL, but you will NEVER be forgotten!


  5. Polly says:

    Not sure I agree with the “middle America doesn’t accept a male couple raising a child” idea. “Modern Family” is a huge hit for ABC, and Cam and Mitchell are getting raves from all the critics. Sounds like the OLTL producers needed an excuse to can the story. Can daytime audiences really be that different from nighttime viewers?


    richard replied

    Love It!!


  6. kelltwomyn says:

    Dillon Casey will be in Baton Rouge, LA? HA! He is in for some good food..that’s my neck of the woods.

    Great podcast, Michael & Co. Keep up the great work!


  7. steve says:

    i believe quote from brett shows his & scott’s love of the fans we may never why oltl
    shutdown kish it a story that was beautifully played by brett & scott they still should get
    a daytime emmy for ground breaking story. i ask will abc say they were wrong ? i say
    they did get from mainstream viewers. my wife & i watched daily any show that brett &
    scott taped they gave 110% each to it true to life great for a gay man & straight man.
    i live in the south some except the gay lifestyle would tag some as focus
    wife & i have a gay friend so how does oltl view us ?
    heart of dixie


  8. L.A. Dude says:

    I wish Dillon Casey would become a personal trainer… I’d pay a lot to learn what he does to look so good!


  9. bottomchef says:

    Michael Fairman:

    Please invite Lesli Kay onto a podcast. Ask her if she’ll be back on B&B once ATWT wraps up. Let her clarify her status w/ B&B. There were online reports that she’s off contract from B&B only as a technicality w/ accounting or something like that, because she was appearing on ATWT. So will she be back on B&B when ATWT is finished?

    Or better yet, invite Susan Flannery to a podcast. Her interviews are interesting.


  10. anonymous says:

    Not sure I agree with the “middle America doesn’t accept a male couple raising a child” idea.”

    I’m not sure I agree with that either. That same-sex female couple on Guiding Light were looking after a kid and I did not hear many complaints about that aspect of the story. Although maybe people have different opinions when it is two men as opposed to two women raising children but I doubt it was the main issue people had with the story.


  11. lovestolovesoaps says:

    i agree Dillon should become a trainer!!!! HOT


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