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8 May 23rd, 2010

Soap expert Michael Fairman, along with his co-host, Daytime Emmy nominee, and star of General Hospital and Cougar Town, Carolyn Hennesy, and special guest co-host Days of our Lives star, Galen Gering, bring you a very special edition of the On-Air On-Soaps Podcast, honoring the nominees for The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

You will hear: exclusive interviews with the nominees, the naming of the power performance of the week, Emmy analysis, and much more – as we discuss what matters to you the soapers most - when we go 360 degrees inside, outside, and around this year’s Daytime Emmy Award nominations!

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On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #4

Welcome to the latest edition of the On-Air On-Soap Podcast, hosted by Michael Fairman with his co-hosts; Carolyn Hennesy, and Galen Gering. This month the threesome welcome special Daytime Emmy nominated guests: Jonathan Jackson and Bradford Anderson, General Hospital, Michael Park, As the World Turns, Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless, Sarah Brown, The Bold and the Beautiful ( a nominee this year for GH), and Ricky Paull Goldin, All My Children for some entertaining and revealing Emmy gossip and interviews.  Plus, TV Guide Canada’s soap critic, Nelson Branco, is on hand to give his thoughts on the high and the lows of this year’s Daytime Drama Emmy categories and the nominees! And, our co- hosts battle it out in our Daytime Emmy trivia game show segment, and find out which daytime star will be named The Power Performance of the Week, and much more.  It’s all in a jam – packed special podcast edition to celebrate this year’s Daytime Emmy nominees.

This podcast is best played on a high speed connection. However, if you have a slower speed connection, here are some tips: just wait till the buffering is complete and the audio file loads and begin playing. This is to ensure your listening pleasure.

On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #4 features the following segments:

NOTE: Due to this special edition Daytime Emmy Nominee episode, and its show length to include all of our guests, we have given users and listeners a handy guide with identifying time codes for the beginning of each segment below.  Now you can scroll through the audio player to go straight to the interview of your favorite stars and guests, or you have the option to listen to the podcast in its entirety.

  • Show Open –Michael chats with Carolyn about her Emmy nomination, and Galen about being a judge on the blue ribbon panel for Lead Actress, plus some shocking personal moments are revealed! Starts @ 10:27
  • Bradford Anderson Interview –Daytime Emmy nominee and podcast call-in guest, General Hospital’s, Spinelli, discusses being a nominee for Supporting Actor, what he chose for his reel for competition, and if Diane should be Spinelli’s mother. Starts@19:01
  • Michael Park Interview – Daytime Emmy nominee and podcast call-in guest, As the World Turns, Jack Snyder, chats about his chance to walk home with the gold for Lead Actor, taping the final episodes of ATWT, and much more. Starts@30:43
  • Power Performances of the Week – GH’s Laura Wright (Carly) tops the list, this month, and you will know and hear why! Starts@45:18
  • Doug Davidson Interview- Daytime Emmy nominee and podcast call-in guest, The Young and the Restless, Paul Williams, talks about his Emmy submission, the Stacy Haiduk Emmy snub, and what it’s like to be a nominee for the second time. Starts@51:02
  • Sarah Brown Interview – Direct from the set of The Bold and the Beautiful, Michael caught up with this three-time Daytime Emmy winner to celebrate the big news of her nomination in the Lead Actress category for her performance as Claudia Zacchara on General Hospital. Starts@ 57:54
  • Stump the Soapers – Our special Daytime Emmy trivia edition…can Michael trip up Galen and Carolyn with basic Emmy trivia 101? Play along with us. Starts@ 1:04:16
  • Ricky Paull Goldin Interview – Daytime Emmy nominee for Supporting Actor, All My Children’s, Jake Martin, drops in to chat about his shock and surprise at his nomination, the new writing regime at AMC, and some of his fellow nominees. Starts@1:10:40
  • Jonathan Jackson Interview – We took the podcast to General Hospital when we could not connect with Jonathan during our taping.   So which performance did Port Charles’ Lucky Spencer choose for competition?  Does he think there is a new love or reconciliation with Elizabeth on the horizon?  Find out. Starts@1:20:56
  • Carolyn’s Soap Thought of the Day – In her podcast staple segment Carolyn riffs on her thoughts on being one of the chosen five actresses for a Supporting Actress Emmy! Starts@1:32:00
  • Nelson Branco Interview- TV Guide Canada’s soap critic dishes the Daytime Emmy categories and nominees with Michael on who got snubbed, who deserved a nod, and who was a head-scratcher! Starts@1:33:22

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  1. toptim says:

    this is so funny and great! I can’t beleive all the people on it so many stars!!!!


  2. waldo doe says:

    I greatly enjoyed the podcast and all the various comments by the actors. I am especially pleased by Carolyn Hennessey’s nom, but, I’m sad for the deserving actors like Stacy Haiduk, Brandon Barash, Tina Sloan and Laura Wright-among others-who were left out on the nominations this year. I always hope the next year will be better, but I always get let down again.


  3. luvs2bspld says:

    Sarah Brown is awesome!! Loved her interview, hope she wins.


  4. lovestolovesoaps says:

    who doesnt love Carolyn!!!!! she is too funny!!!! i hope she wins the Emmy.


  5. Doe says:

    Wow! What fun-filled pod cast, Michael. This was very entertaining. I just think Carolyn Hennesy is witty and smart. She is a program all by herself. THe access you had to all the nominees was fabulous, because to listen to each and every one of them, you get a real sense of their true personalities. Their own reasons for their selections to submit was very interesting,,too. I’m split on some of my favorites nominated in the same category ,like the supporting actors on GH. I am also upset that Stacy Haiduk from Y&r was not nominated for best actress. After all, she had the story and was on camera more than anyone. Well, I’ll just have to wait for the Emmy show……


  6. Hertpalms says:

    Loved this podcast. Galen was hysterically funny, as usual. Can’t believe he’s there just a couple days out of surgery. I am not familiar with Carolyn but she was funny as well.

    Great job Michael.


  7. Mandel says:

    Good show. I enjoy Michael’s interviews.


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