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0 AMC Recap – Dec 21- 25th



Kendall talks Zach down from killing Aidan, who tells Kendall he just wanted her to love him.  Zach and Kendall are finally reunited and put their wedding rings back on as a symbol of their love.  Jake knows David is trying to manipulate Amanda.  David gives Liza the power to destroy District Attorney Willis’ career.  Willis accuses Liza of trying blackmail him into resigning.  Tad’s proud of Liza when she refuses to stoop to David’s level and destroys the incriminating photos of Willis.   When Marissa suggests going away on vacation, JR confesses that his cancer has returned.   As they try to make their way home, Zach and Kendall’s plane is forced to land at the nearest airport due to the storm.  Kendall gives up the rental car she and Zach were going to use to drive the rest of the way so that she can make a little boy’s Christmas wish come true.  Taking their chances on a car that’s ill equipped for the weather, Zach and Kendall become stranded in the middle of nowhere.  James warns Jesse he’ll destroy him if he pursues the case against him.  Meanwhile, Angie encourages Madison to end the abuse and find the strength and courage to testify against James.  Madison confronts James with an ultimatum.  Liza reels from the news that Willis was killed in a car crash and guiltily wonders to Tad if he committed suicide because of the photos she confronted him with.

Jake’s angered when Amanda defends David.  Nurse Gayle contacts David asking him to come to Gloucester immediately as there’s been a change in his patient’s condition.  Tad and Jake’s curiosities are piqued when Amanda tells them she heard David making plans to go to Gloucester.  Thinking he’s about to watch a Christmas DVD, Ryan’s surprised when Greenlee’s final message to him begins to play instead.  On the DVD, Greenlee tells Ryan to move on with his life which prompts him to pay Erica a surprise visit.  Kendall and Zach both have the same dream about Father Clarence and awaken to realize that things will be fine between them.  Zach and Kendall make it home in time for Christmas.

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