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0 AMC Recap – Dec 7-11th



Aidan leads a bound and gagged Kendall to believe that he murdered Kat in cold blood and would do the same to her.  When Erica tracks them down at their hotel, Aidan warns Kendall he’ll kill Erica if Kendall doesn’t do as he says and pretend to want to stay with him.  Fearing for Erica’s life, Kendall pushes her away. David drugs himself to keep up the ruse that he’s dying in front of Jake and Amanda.  Amanda overhears Jake telling David he hopes he suffers until his dying day.  Liza agrees not to stand in Bailey’s way when she wants Stuart but later breaks down in Tad’s arms.   Adam assures Annie everything will work out for both of them as his trial approaches.  Scott, Angie, Jesse and Zach all testify at Adam’s murder trial.  Liza regrets having to go after Zach on the witness stand but has no other choice as she has to provide Adam with the best possible defense she can.  Annie hides her discomfort when Ryan points out that Adam may very well turn on her.

The jury reaches a verdict at Adam’s murder trial.  Adam delivers an emotional statement in the courtroom. Annie fears that Adam is going to end up throwing her to the wolves at her upcoming trial. Bailey learns her parents won’t let her stay with them if she keeps Stuart.  Bailey’s surprised by Damon’s support.  As they’re driving home, Ryan and Erica almost run over Madison, whose face has been badly beaten.

Erica learns that the battered woman she took to the Miranda Center after she and Ryan almost ran her down is actually Madison.  Erica realizes that Madison’s father is the man who beat her.  Frankie’s shocked to see Madison at the Miranda Center.

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