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0 AMC Recap – Feb 8 – Feb 12th


Jack surprises Erica when he appears on her doorstep unexpectedly.  Erica’s relieved at first when she comes to believe Jack’s visit is in response to the attack on Fusion but he quickly lets her know he’s concerned about her relationship with Ryan.  David taunts Ryan, leading him to believe that the attack on Fusion was directed at Ryan himself.  A hidden Greenlee listens as Ryan tells David that he’s come to accept Greenlee’s death and has moved on.  Tad, Amanda and Liza are concerned about Jake’s vendetta against David and the lengths to which he’ll go to get revenge.  David stuns Tad, Liza, Jake and Amanda when he announces he’s getting married on Valentine’s Day and invites them all to the wedding.  Greenlee’s a mix of emotions as she thinks about Ryan. Erica confides to Opal that she’s questioning her relationship with Ryan and has come to the conclusion that by being together, they’re both holding each other back from finding the person they’re truly meant to be with.  Erica later tells Ryan that she can’t go away with him as planned and breaks things off.  Marissa angrily confronts David after receiving his wedding invitation.  Annie flirts with Scott as she ponders what would happen if Adam were to terminate the merit trust he’s put into effect.  Colby remains determined to get Annie out of Adam’s life.  Adam embraces JR when he learns JR’s cancer has returned.  Greenlee reveals herself to Jack.  Jack can’t believe his eyes when Greenlee appears before him.  After explaining how David hid her away for a year, Greenlee threatens to disappear from Jack’s life again if he presses charges against David.  Greenlee demands that Jack not tell anyone, especially Ryan, that she’s alive.  Using her cell phone, Colby captures a video of Scott and Annie’s smoldering kiss.  Annie later destroys Colby’s phone and the gloves are definitely off between the two adversaries.  Erica and Ryan have a bittersweet parting with each agreeing they still want to keep their friendship alive.  Ryan opens up to Erica about his lingering feelings for Greenlee.  David pushes Ryan’s buttons to the point where Ryan hauls off and slugs him.  JR tells Adam he doesn’t want or need him in his life but Adam’s determined to help JR through his health crisis.

Greenlee doesn’t tell Jack about her wedding plans but he suspects she’s hiding something from him.  When Jack refuses to leave town, Greenlee fears her plans will fall apart.  David assures Greenlee that Ryan will be at the wedding.  Ryan tells Tad they need to uncover the identity of David’s mystery bride before the wedding.  Liza once again feels like the odd man out when Tad ends their date after getting a call from Krystal telling him that Kathy is sick.  Brot’s not happy as he watches Natalia flirt with the hacker who created the virus that destroyed Fusion’s software as he works to repair the damage to the system there. Ryan feels Greenlee’s presence on what would have been their one year anniversary. Everyone gathers at the Wildwind chapel for David’s wedding.

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