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0 AMC Recap – July 8 – July 12th

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Brooke’s interview with Dr. David Hayward caused a sensation for Talk Tempo and Dimitri seems to be taking a liking to Brooke! Colby continues to play and bait Celia about her romp with Pete while asking her to help her plan the gala for Chandler Media. “Uri’s” remains were identified as his brothers and Zach appeared to be freed of all charges. All signs now are pointing to Jesse having a huge part in the cover up, while Uri has threatened to come after his family. David is continually hovering around Angie and comforting her which Jesse continues to happen upon.  Cassandra is trying to deal with becoming pregnant from her ordeal with the sex-traffickers and Dixie is working with her as her to help her deal with it all.  Zach and Lea’s passion ignited.

JR brought Cara’s son Oliver and mother to Pine Valley.  The two of them decide to hide their identities so no one will know they are living in town and under the Chandler roof and most importantly, so David will not find out the truth.  AJ gets jealous of his dad’s attention towards Oliver, and JR asks AJ for a new start, a second chance to be his father!

Bianca is visiting Kendall and the two have a heart to heart about Miranda being made fun of because Bianca is gay, and then the two discuss Kendall’s failing health.  Bianca suggests that Kendall should contact Zach and tell him what is going on with her. She refuses. Meanwhile, we learn that Lea put on the brakes with Zach hitting the sheets, because she believes Zach is not over Kendall, by the mere fact; he is still wearing his wedding ring!

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