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0 AMC Recap – Nov 15 – Nov 19th

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Ryan and Greenlee’s kiss leads to them to lovemaking. Greenlee reflects on all she’s been through. Liza spots Tad at the bar and tells him that she’s certain the jury will convict Greenlee. Opal calls Liza out on trying to exploit two people to further her career.  Tad takes Opal to the hospital when she experiences chest pains. Jake explains to Angie that the offer to work for Doctors without Borders came from his ex-wife, and he turned it down. The new doctor at the hospital, Griffin, talks with Amanda and tells her a little about himself. Once Jake recognizes Griffin he punches him in the face. Krystal offers Jackson a supportive shoulder as he beats himself up over whether or not representing Greenlee was the right thing to do. Liza interrupts to bring the news that the jury has reached a verdict.  Jake admits the reason he punched Griffin was because he was the man who stole Carolyn from him in Sudan. Damon takes Liza to the hospital for a checkup. Jackson continues to beat himself up over the fact that he let Greenlee down. Jackson smashes a picture of David and cuts his hand. Jackson gets a call from Greenlee who says they have new evidence. Ryan and Greenlee find Nick Pearson. Greenlee tells him Ryan isn’t being prosecuted for the crime, she is, and he is the only one who can help her.

Greenlee and Ryan plan to announce to everyone they are a couple again. Colby sees Asher with no shirt on and tries to hide the effect it has on her. Caleb gives Colby a locket with a picture of Sonia to give to Asher. Kendall invites Annie and JR to the big Thanksgiving dinner she is planning. When Annie expresses to JR her desire to have someone as devoted as Zach is to Kendall, JR points out that they weren’t always a perfect love story.  Amanda asks Griffin to lunch to get the story regarding Carolyn. Griffin gives her a brief overview and she lets it slip that Jake was offered a position with Doctors without Borders. Jake talks with Tad about what Griffin did to break up his marriage. Bianca introduces Griffin to Kendall.  Kendall feels dizzy for a moment and Griffin checks her out. Upon returning home, Greenlee tells Jackson that the evidence they had has been destroyed. Erica becomes territorial when Jackson tells her how supportive Krystal has been.  Erica says she wants to apply for their marriage license before Thanksgiving.  Angie overhears Amanda telling Jake that Jesse accidentally found out the sex of their child. Angie now wants to know and Jesse says they’re having a girl. Court resumes and Jackson is worried about the verdict.  The Jury is in and renders their decision on Greenlee.

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