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0 AMC Recap – Nov 16-20th



Ryan, Zach and Erica are taken by surprise when Jake announces that Annie really is pregnant.  Forming a new plan, Zach, Erica and Ryan start to plant the seeds of doubt with Adam as they lead him to believe that Scott might be the father of Annie’s baby.  .  Annie warns Ryan that she and Adam are going after full custody of Emma.  Aidan and Kat continue to manipulate Kendall and Zach with their phony e-mail messages.  Suspecting something isn’t quite right, Zach contacts Jesse.  Amanda’s wracked with guilt after having sex with David.   Ryan succeeds in leading Adam to believe Annie has been cheating on him with Scott.  Adam sets out to test Annie and activates the hidden surveillance camera. As the camera records their every move, Scott suddenly pulls Annie into a kiss.  Ryan sees that David has Greenlee’s medical records on his computer. Madison’s father, summons Jesse, Frankie, Randi and Natalia together and claims he’s getting Madison the help she needs because she suffers from schizophrenia.  Madison, who’s obviously been drugged, manages to secretly slip Jesse a note asking him to help her.     Scott’s tortured by his desire for Annie.  Ryan admits to Erica that he can’t stop thinking about Greenlee.  David makes a cryptic phone call.  Adam accuses a devastated Annie of having never really loved him.  Alone, Annie suffers severe abdominal pains.  Adam tells Erica he’s going to confess to killing Stuart so that Kendall can come home     Aidan drugs Kendall’s wine in order to further his plan.  After getting Kendall’s location from his private investigator, Zach gets a very unpleasant surprise when he arrives at the boarding house.  Scott calls for help after finding Annie in a pool of blood in the parlor at the mansion.  Meanwhile, Adam confesses to Jesse and the District Attorney to having killed Stuart.  David informs Scott that Annie lost the baby and also tells him that her condition remains quite serious.  Amanda continues to be a bundle of nerves around Jake.  Jake begins to suspect that David might have raped Amanda but she denies the accusation.

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