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0 AMC Recap – Nov 9-13th

AMC Nov 9 recap


Zach works zealously to keep Adam alive as everyone looks on while waiting for the paramedics to arrive.  Annie emerges victorious when Adam bolts awake and the minister pronounces them husband and wife.  At the hospital, Marissa figures out that Annie’s been protecting Adam because he shot Stuart. At the boarding house, Kendall and Aidan spin a story for the local sheriff, claiming they’re a couple on the run from Kendall’s husband.  Frankie’s stunned to discover Madison hiding in his apartment. – JR refuses to help Erica, Zach and Ryan get a confession out of Adam and stuns the trio when he tells them that Annie’s pregnant.  Aidan becomes angry when Kendall resolves to end their life on the run and turn herself in.  Aidan vows to Kat that he’s not going to lose Kendall to another man again. Ryan’s confident his plan is working out perfectly when Annie’s taken to the hospital claiming to have suffered a miscarriage.  Amanda makes a deal with the devil when she reluctantly agrees to have sex with David, who promises that Jake will never find out.

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